I had no idea what Soul Eater was going into this, but I saw the post count and views for the thread shoot up in a very short amount of time, so I figured I would give it a shot since it seems really popular.

I must say episode one has hooked me. The opening is fantastic; It's really high powered and has a lot of energy and action. I've been replaying it for a while now, and I'm really not getting tired of it like I do some other OP's, it's really good. I liked the ED a lot as well. I thought it was going to be slow paced but it really kicked it up a notch, which, pleasantly, took me by surprise.

The action seems really great, Maka really knows how to handle a scythe; the fight scene with Jack the Ripper was very sexy and I can't wait to see what they do next.

The scenes were pretty good with Blair. They didn't make me laugh out loud, but I chuckled a bit. I did laugh out loud however on some of the scenes involving Maka's dad, and when Soul called Maka by her nickname, those were pretty funny moments.

Shinigami-sama so far is cool, and I like his voice a lot. At times to me, it kind of had a Curly Howard-esque feel to it, which went along well with his personality which kind of had the same feel to it at times. It was really good. Soul's voice surprised me, I saw the kid and didn't expect something that sounded so deep and mature, but after watching the episode, I thought it fit him pretty well.

I wasn't big on Maka's voice however. I don't know how to explain it, because it didn't seem to be quite monotone yet didn't evoke some of the emotion or range I thought it should. It didn't annoy me however, just felt a bit odd, but I think it will grow on me as the series goes on.

I liked this so much that I couldn't help but go out and read a bit of the manga and man, this is some good stuff. The way Maka is drawn in the manga and in the anime throws me a bit but I really love it and can't wait for more.

One thing I love about this series is that it knows how to do the comedy/action thing right, like Bleach. It isn't one thing here and one thing there, it's everything it sets out to be all at once. It isn't like Naruto where it's just drama, drama, flashback, flashback, flashback, drama, episode that's supposed to be funny but doesn't really hit stride well enough, drama, action, flashback.

I found myself doing the same thing I did with Bleach when I first got into it, and what mainly got me hooked, in that I would be staring intently at what was taking place expecting something heavy to come, and then, out of no where something funny happens. Maybe it's the spontaneity that does it for me but it really gets me rolling.

I don't know how they do it but the blending of all the elements like comedy, and action just come together so smoothly and I truly think it's done extraordinarily well. I really like how every flavor is present and never completely taken out.

Which is another reason I like this stuff, it's actually funny. So many times I've seen some of these stories try to do their jokes and all I can really do is squeeze out a pity laugh. Reading the manga had me rolling, and I can't wait to see some of that stuff animated because I know it's going to be as funny if not funnier to me and have me really feeling good (as the first episode did).

Oh and reading the manga:

Death the Kid is now on my list, and damn near the top at that, of my favorite characters of all time. He's hilarious and he kicks ass, he's the total package. A truly awesome character. If he were to run for president he would definitely get my vote

Really glad I looked into this one, and I can't wait for more.