August 18 12:51

School is about to begin. It is as if I wasted my summer. My current goal is to try to finish the video I'm making, but Vista is a little problematic. Hopefully my uncle will finish with his laptop so I can put my old drive in it.

That old computer... apparently it was the CPU that overheat (my dad says this). It looks that way, since I can sometimes turn it on and get five minutes or so to use it. Yeah, I did use it too much.

But at least I can get Virtualdub working on this laptop.

Well, I will probably be getting my uniform in the morning. Last school year, we could either wear the old uniform or the new one (I should take some pictures). I believe this is known as a "grace period"? The blazer material is pretty cheap; I ripped the old one actually. Perhaps I didn't take enough care of it though.

The school I go to is actually a private school. To be honest, it was different from what I was expecting. There are some good teachers, but there isn't a wide selection of courses. Most teachers are new because many tend to leave, some after just a year. We even share the campus with elementary. There are maybe less than 300 or even 200 students in high school. Clubs aren't done too well either, for the most part. (I want to start a filming club but I doubt it will get through)

If there is none thing I like though, it is probably security. Yes, things happen. But it is at a smaller scale, and it would be less likely for me. I am, truthfully, a wimp. I am also very inexperienced and don't fit in well, which restrict each other somehow. It's almost embarrassing to show that I somewhat care for my looks, but I'm not bold enough to try anything new, and I'm inexperienced and knowledgeable. And it is an important thing, I think. To feel confident, and looks the way you want to be judged. Because this is all people who don't know me well enough will judge me by. I shouldn't care, but I do. I'm not very bold though, I do what I've always been doing.

I also realize how socially anxious I am. Perhaps even before, when I was a little more outgoing and outspoken and less shy (I still am outspoken, sometimes... maybe). Do they classify this as a mental illness? I believe I read that things like these are not thought of as disorders unless they are disruptive or become disruptive in a person's life. If I go to the library this week, I should try to do some research. I haven't been there in a while.

(Note to self: Eat an apple.)
(Also: MUCC)
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(This is the first time in a long while I felt like listening to something like this: :arg [see below])