So, I'll be doing nothing but watching anime and shows I recorded on my DVR receiver yesterday.

Yesterday, I ended watching a bevy of college games on TV...none we're interesting. The good games ended up being the ones I wasn't able to see >__>

Saturday's not a bad day for anime on TV. I ended up watching:

Yugioh GX
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
Dragonball Z
Blood Plus

Tenjou tenge

On my Laptop I ended watching:

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai episode 9
Tactical Roar 13
Raimuiro Senkitan 13

And a few H-titles >___>
I completed my anime list on AniDB.

Here's my list set-up on NF

Currently Watching

Later this morning, I'm going to watch Umisho 7, Code-E 9, Zombie Loans 9, Mai-Otome.Zwei.04., and Pretty Cure Splash Star movie.

I'm also downloading the torrent for Zegapain series.

Not sure what else I'll do today to pass the day (since NFL Sunday doesn't start till Sept9).

Well, I guess I can run some Bath house and Senior Membership requests :oh

Well, like I said any questions for me can be posted in the comments section....bye-be :nod


Two new episodes of Idol Master is anyone cares...>_>