Minion Template
May be applied to any creature whose base CR is at least five lower than the party's level.

HD/HP: A minion has 1 hp. Do not change the minion's Hit Dice; for purposes of spells, skills, and effects, use the base creature's HD.

Armor Class: increase armor class to equal party level +10. If the base creature's armor class is higher, do not change it. Half of this increase should be an increase to Natural Armor, the other half Insight bonus. (so half applies to Touch attacks, the other does not)

Attacks: the creature gains an bonus to attacks that is enough to bring the total attack bonus to equal the party level +5. If the base creature's attack bonus is higher, do not change it. This bonus applies only to the Attack Action, and Full Attack action. It does not apply when trying to resist Disarm/Sunder/Bluffing in combat or other effects based on attack bonus or opposed attack rolls.

Damage: Minions deal 1d4 damage, plus (party level / 2). Their attack form is unchanged from the base creature.

Special Attacks: add the following special attacks

*Improved Aid Another: when using the Aid Another action, for every 10 points over DC 10 reached, the minion adds another +2 to either Armor Class or Attack bonus

*Aid Combat Maneuver: minions may use the Aid Another action to improve Strength checks for Trips, Bull Rushes, Overruns, and combat manuevers that use either Strength or Dexterity checks. For every 10 points over DC 10 reached, the minion adds +1 to the opposed roll.

Special Qualities: add the following special qualities

*Improved Flanking: As a move action, the minion may select one adjacent square; for purposes of determining flanking, they are treated as occupying both squares.

*Evasion, Mettle: Minions suffer no damage on a successful saving throw.

Feats: add Mobility as a bonus feat. Minions frequently move around enemies to flank or for other purposes. Additionally, add one combat manuver feat, such as Improved Overrun, Improved Trip, Improved Disarm, or a similar feat as a bonus feat.

CR: the creature's CR is equal to the party's level minus 7. (thus, sixteen minions create an EL equal to the party)