Maybe, I will start using this. :mikebatman

Oct 13:


What I bought:

I have 10/36 stocks that reached 1%.
DIS = ~20%
2 are above 10% and close to 15%.
3 are ~10%
2 are above 5%
and the rest.

Today I doubled my dividents on this account, in Dec I will double what I have now.

LCA is a merging IPO, I hope to double my investment.

Gladstone and AGNC are 2 different REITs that are close to 10% dividends, also they pay monthly.

Oct 23:

Added AT&T, historically low.
Weekly update:

The holdings have changed quite a bit since last time.

RDS and Gazprom have fallen as a percentage and now make up around 14.8% of my portfolio.

I've increased my positons in Slack and Dropbox and will continue to increase them. They seem to display major upside potential, over the next few years. Once they hit my targets, I should sell them and put the money towards quality dividend paying stocks.

Metro Bank has also increased as a percentage, up at 8.51%. I expect it to 10x once it sorts itself out, it could go bankrupt though. We always run that risk, don't we.

I sold my Rolls-Royce shares to free up money so I could buy more of the 3 I mentioned. I made a healthy profit, so thought why not.

I went up to 9%+ and now am down to 4.20%

@Ren. @Sloan

The election season seems to be a good season, it's giving opportunities to buy some other stocks:bury

Until next week

The goal reached 83%.

My high for the past 2 weeks is +1.7%.

I decided to add more Tesla in the long 2-5%.