Thanks for the late nights and the laughter and the soft voices, the rainstorms and paintings and heart-to-hearts, the honesty and the trust (and the distrust, even!)... the purple-penned script and the slightly shaky pencil strokes.
Thanks for sharing the nights.
It may be over, but it's not unappreciated.

Never forget the differences you've made in the lives of others. Good people help those around them in ways they never get the chance to see.
And sometimes they screw up. And sometimes that can't be undone or taken back, and it sucks. But it's a part of life. You learn to move on, reflect a bit, and appreciate how you've been changed.

You've already been dealt your hand. All you can do is decide how to look at it. It can bring you happiness or it can bring you pain, but in the end, it's entirely up to you.

Enjoy life.