As I've finally been able to receive enough endorsements to fund my various habits - most of which can be found at the local 7-11 - I have been convinced (paid off) to let the world into the Bat Cave.

As the weeks and months trickle by, I am positive that my advertising will increase. The various company logos have been sewn onto my costume with the benefit of an increase in style points. This is in exchange for being the voice of reason for the Anime community. Something has to be done. The truth must be legitimized, yet people fear the retribution of their peers. They are right to fear them. Their peers are bigger than they are and probably carry concealed weapons. So to keep from getting shanked/stabbed, Batman will be the vessel through which the truth can be funneled.

I'm talking hard truths, steadfast discoveries based on pint point logic, and well lubed sources. I'm talking about scandals that have plagued the various Anime communities for generations. I'm talking about uncovering the misconceptions of good hearted stories, peeling back the tough chocolaty coating to reveal the long soaked almost vinegary cherry of fact.

This is the Batcave, and I'm Batman - selling out one logo at a time.