I will demonstrate three premises and then demonstrate how these three cannot exist in the same entity.

Christians like to say that their god is:

But, these cannot exist in the same entity and still match reality. Why?

If he is all-powerful and all-knowing, then he is capable of anything that is logically possible, and knows how to do it. So, since he is all-powerful and all-knowing, he has the power and knowledge of how to stop natural disasters, human disasters and any number of catastrophes. (Why they happen in the first place, in a world 'designed' by him is beyond me.)

Yet they say he is good, which is a problem. You see, if you have the ability to prevent something terrible from happening, yet do not, you cannot be called 'good' any longer.

There have been attempted apologetics on this front that fail horribly. One person claimed that these are simply god showing his power so that people may convert. Yet, this is simply a misdirection: for one thing, what of those that died? They have no chance to convert now. What of those who follow other deities, and attribute these action to their deity? Those that believe in none already know the natural explanation. If it is a show of power, it is a useless one, thus bringing me back to the point of senseless death that could have been prevented.

One claimed that God will not or can not intervene for various reasons, which only proves my point: if he cannot intervene, he is not omnipotent, and if he will not intervene, then he is not good.