working for a company aint fun~
besides doing the robotic work as usual
manager also tosses u down some other things to take care of.....because she herself is overwhelmed with her own the easy things like calling and faxing things over are handed down to us.....but wat pisses me off is wen the clearing companies we call......ARE TOO BUSY TO ANSWER and we have to leave a voicemail...making more work for both parties..they have to pm back to manager-->manager will have to write back..etc~ all this work for ......measily...wat?..15 dollar DRAFT?! 69 dollar DRAFT!?.....ugh just ...stop the payment pm that is done. and move on with business.....the world needs to make money.

another thing, signature cards.......i wished all signatures were all digitized, so we at the frontline dont have to waste time and file them. even teh new girl said its boring......well hun, ur gonna have to do it sooner or later.....not avoiding shit. i wish ppl can grow up and accept their tasks, they may not expect that working at a bank....but w/e bosses throw at u.. TAKE it and be proactive bout it. i know i used to be lazy but man i had been running around all day and didnt even get to deal with so many customers. im starting to miss just standingn there dealing with customers instead.
rant part: wish i was a newbie again, less responsibility. less to take care of.
i have to do so much now compared to before. mail everything to send out for clearing, close and open teh branch, THIS and KEYs to that, CALL this place and CALL so and so on THAT. never ends.....its torture working at a bank. torture.......:notrust and then my hun txts and calls me needing some backup .....well ill take care of that TMR. cuz im gonna be at a bank anyways working.....also..its nearing the RSP deadline.....PPL are all cramming for appointments..well guess what?!!? for PROCRASTINATING like that~ U DONT DESERVE an appointment...too bad, our agendas are now all booked... ur loss on income tax.

now im energy and then my good friend calls and it turns out i was in a three way call bout this lil side business thing......yes i understand they are like practically full fledged followers of this product..and its growing fast...but im just doing this as a side thing and get healthy on my body here. im not praising it that much.....honestly....its too soon to get excited bout. i have so much to take care of.