To start off last Friday April 25 I had surgery on my right knee. I had damaged some cartilage and needed it repaired. I was a quick out patient surgery and I would only be on crutches for about 2 days.

Well on Monday the 28th I went in to set a schedule with the doctor on my rehab. He says we have to push back rehab and he wants me to stay on crutches for a week. I was fucking pissed. I hate crutches and my boss said that if I was still on crutches to take the week off with pay and wait for the doctor to ok me.

Now I wouldn't have minded at all if I was able to move around easily but I have a brace on my knee and my gf has been like a hawk making sure I stay on my crutches. After the doctors appointment Monday I went home an napped a little which was nice and the same was for Tuesday.

But come Wednesday I was ready to kill. I can't stand just sitting around and not doing anything. So I have watched movie after movie and been really active on the forums the last few days. I am just unbelievably bored. I can't handle it.

Anyhow, I have to go to the doctors again this coming Monday and I am praying he oks me for rehab. My boss has already told me I am able to work from home next week so I should be ok either way.