I know that no one really reads this because I have never posted anything in a while but I'll write in it just to blow off some steam

I've taken on too many portable games. I haven't finished Crisis Core. I just started playing and almost beating PMD2:EoD, I started playing The World Ends with you, and to top it all off I finally forced myself to play FFT:WoL and I got Ramza, just Ramza, to level 99. My friend Dane to me that World Ends With You wasn't very long, though imo this is one of the worse battle system ever employed by Squeenix. I don't care how innovated or different this is to NDS, I don't even care that it puts full usage of all of it's features! The battle system in this game solely exists to give people ADD.

(here comes another rant) My friend got into UH Manoa, which really pisses me off. How in the name of christ did he get in. He is smart, I'll give him that, but he's failing 3 of his classes, and I would think that goes on the "de-admissions" category considering you need to keep your grades up to about a C.

My real issue in all of this is the fact that I didn't get in. My parents (specifically my mom) got all pissy at me cause I fucked up my Sophmore year and I'm off to a community college. I more or less got through high school without really trying, and I mean without REALLY trying. Hell even now I do homework 30 minutes before my next class starts. I wrote my english final in the 45 minutes of lunch that we are alloted and as for my, I've managed to BS my way through that. I guess it's my fault, I mean yeah I failed my sophmore year which screwed up my cumulative, but Ive managed to keep a 3.0 average since then.

I think my biggest headache was the fact that the last F that I need to make up, my P.E. grade which I'm doing right now, is enough to offset me into a 2.8 enabling me to enter into UH, and the only reason why I failed it was because they made me do homework. What the hell, it's P.E. You show up, you exercise, you leave, you get the A. No NO NO doing homework for that kind of class is just wrong. Damn you Bush and your No Child Left Behind Act. That Act shouldn't even apply to Hawaii. We have a deparment of education that runs our entire educational system.


In any case this next week I hope to reach some sense of catharsis, because I'm entering my school's talent night which is more or less an open mike night, which includes the attendance rate of 20-30 people.

One thing that I can say that has made me just a tiny iota happier is the fact that my hair has grown back by a little, even more is the fact by end of the month my hair should be exactly what I want it to look like. that's life you just gotta deal with it...