So We Had Our Trip To The Highschool, And Well They Started Off Playing Some Blues/Jazz Crap, And I Was Saying To My Friend, WTF?????!!!!! WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WALKING AROUND THE FUCKING SCHOOL NOT LISTENING TO JAZZ :yell , Then They Had Chamber Singers Came Up And Sang, They Were Good, But I Was About To Fall Asleep Around That Point, Then We Watched Some Movie, And I Was Like, Put The Projecter Down Retards, And I Got Yelled At By My School's Cousiler... Bitch:pek, And Then We Got The Tour, Which We Only Had Like 5 Minutes To Do, Then We Get To The Weight Room, And We See We Should've Been Back At The Auditorium, So I Say "OH CRAP!" And I Make One Of Our (STUDENT) Tour Guides Laugh, So Yeah :woo (A Chick Student Tour Guide Too, A Hot One At That :LOS) And Yeah, That Would Be It,

They Also Said They Had Good Pizza At The High School So Im Looking Forward To That