[No pictars were taken, unfortunately. However, my incredibly vivid descriptions should suffice.]

A lot of things seemed to warrant my not attending: incredibly bad city planning, the fact that my car battery died right when I got there, and the person who was to help me jump was coming all the way from where I lived. I almost missed it. However, he showed up just as the last song ended. I am that good.

Band Member Pictures

The BlueBird Theater is one unbelievably run down, worn down, downtrodden little hole in the wall; there are no seats, it holds at most 150-200 people, it smells like pee, and just about everything looks like it's about to fall apart. But, that's what makes it so cool, it just has this feeling of awesome about it, there were no fancy lights, equipment or shows, just the music and the crowd. Now, this was a small show. A very small show; totalling just around 30 people in the whole theater, small. In fact, I think I may have been the most energetic and excited person in the crowd, and that says something. But Unexpect did not dissapoint.

Playing first was a band called Sacralea, hailing from Colorado/Denver area. A 3 piece Metalcore/Death Metal band, and while they were nothing new or special, they sure weren't bad, and were awesome people. They had some nice bass work, and some interesting Dragonforce meets Allan Holdworth noodling during some songs; as I said, not mindblowing, but certainly talented.

After a 15 minute break, Unexpect came on stage. Now, I know they're no Gwar/Sleepytime Gorilla Museum/Idiot Flesh/Lordi, but they had some of the strangest clothing on: Artogoth and Syriak had simple [Both on Guitars and Vocals]dark t-shirts and jeans, but Leilindel [Vocals] had one some sort of mutilated gothic dress on, with 3 inch heeled boots; Exod [Keyboards/Piano] had some sort of bondage thing going on; then we have Chaoth [9 Sting Bass], who easily takes the cake, having some sort of maligned dress/baggy pants deal, complete with striped garter and elbow length amr socks, some crazy shoes and fucking ace dreads; and Landryx [Drums], from what I could see was in a white t-shirt, shorts and this kickin' beanie. Sadly, La Bateleur [Violins] was unable to continue the tour, and did not make this show.

The music starts softly, the intro to Chromatic Chimera has me and like 3 other people freaking out, and the rest acting confused (Is this a metal concert?) And then, BAM! - It begins. The music is loud, and the fact that I could physically touch the players if I wanted to wasn't helping. Now, if there is one thing about stage presence that Unexpect get right, it's appropriate stage presence: It's crazy, funny and energetic and interesting. Leilindel would do robot like spasms during the intense and fling her arms every which way just about all the time, both the guitarists were rather busy staying by the mics, but they managed to make me laugh, using some Meshuggah-esque head banging techniques, and what I thout was some Jack Black facial moves. Chaoth, who again takes the cake was a monster, I'm suprised he was able to keep the notes flowin' the way he was having convulsions on stage, jumping around, rolling around, he even managed to pull of a leap across stage, which was both hilarious and cool at the same time: chords and waterbottles flew, his dreads went every which way and he ran into the guitarists, but still not a note was missed. Landryx and ExoD were confined to their areas, but were energetic and the jokesters of the band, making sure were going crazy during the music (In reality, it was me and about 5 other people, the rest were just nodding with the music). The band managed to actually bounce their stage personalities off eachother, playfully shoving eachother during the songs.

They only played 7 songs, and I'm not entirely sure what all of them were, to be honest, however, they were all spectacular: You almost forgot there was a Violinist was in the band, they managed to carry the music without that vital part of the formula quite well; they had sound problems, especially the Bass, but still, I could hardly tell. After Chromatic Chimera, they started off Novae, and again, the band does their thing. The guitars going crazy with the head banging, Leilindel doing her robotic spasms and flailing her arms, Chaoth going nuts, running around the stage and whatnot, it was all so awesome to watch. Yes, it is rather rediculous, but so is the musc. Next was Desert Urbania, the best song played that night: the intro had me all giddy, and when the notes finally hit, I jumped in the air, it was incredible. The sound is so cohesive, and yet so technical and energetic; this is probably where Chaoth went insane, with his infamous leap across the stage, and where he was kicked back by one of the guitarists; the drummer constantly reminding us to keep it up, and ExoD acting like the Piano was the most fucking metal instrument ever.

The rest of the show was just as amazing, and suffice it to say, they put on one of the best shows I've seen, without the aid of fancy light shows, equipment, a huge crowd or stage; they were missing a band member, the instruments were having sound problems, and the crowd was almost dead, but they fucking rocked, plain and simple. If you get a chance, go see them. I met ExoD personally, to buy a CD and a Shirt, and he's the nicest guy ever; I was tempted to buy more, just because I wanted to support them, but I was out of money.

Funny story: I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time, when, amongst all the serious metal atmosphere, Artogoth asked Syriak something, I don't think I even heard it, finishing with "Is there even an answer to that?" To which Syriak answered - "Of course there is." He looks at the crowd angrily. "Dolphins are so fucking metal." Had me in stitches.