[SIZE="5"]Of heavenly looks and graceful smiles
Wings the purest of white
Skin color of the moon, eyes brighter than light
With a heart made of gold
Blood of the highest king

Lonely soul of evil heart
Looks of a dark princes
Hands tainted with the blood of innocent
Wings darker than the night sky
Heart dark and alone

Glides to earth on heavenly sails
Burst through the midnight air
With whom sails are of heavenly kings

Storms to earth on lighting bolts
With devils whom dance rhythmatically
Bring with, the seven pelages of Egypt

As rain fell onto the hot concert
The sound oh hissing filled the air, as he
Came to earths floor

The night sky quickly clearing as
Heavenly sails touch the earth
Graceful feet stepping in a rhyme
On the holy land

Glaring eyes react to the sight of the purity of the beings
The sight of the holy symbol
Imminently drawing there arrows
Devils laughter fills the misty air

Swords of silver are unsheathed and raised
No words spoken but the ones to protect the countess

Dark princes removes his sword and begins his command
Ten devils jump and run to fight

Nine angels fly to a quick slaughter
But all comes to a halt when the countess
Steps from the safety of the sails

The princes bewildered by her stupidly
Endangering her life for thee sake of others
Her long gold hair blew in the wind as her feet touched the unholy ground
Her white gown dancing in the light breeze

Countess, yells her knights as they rush to her side
Please return to the sails
Tis not safe my lady
Spoke one of her knights
Tis true devils be just feet away
Spoke another

Laughter feels the air
The princes jumps from his lighting bolt
My, my, countess Isis,
I would have never thought you so bold
Or is it you are just foolish
Do you wish to die so badly?

You frighten me not Seth
When I look upon you, I see nothing but a boy.
Your father may be ruler of the hells
But you have not yet taken this land.

A boy you say.
You insult me so
I could easily take your warless life, you
Have no power here, countess.
You are but a girl, when your holy feet touch such unholy grounds.
However, I have power to spare.
His laughter was as that of a thunder storm

Quickly glancing to the ground to where death has been lay
Her breath escapes her
Countess, make haste
Seth means what it is he speaks
Her knights rush to her aid

I shall not run, from such a minor announce
She draws her sword
Seth smirks
You wish to fight me countess
You will lose

The wind blows as they fly at each other
Swords ready to taste blood
As the swords meet, the countess is pushed back

Is this the best you can do?
I expected more from a goddess,
But I guess when one such as yourself is reared to
Be just a pretty face,

Hold your tong
Is true I am a pretty face
But this face has two side
I Isis have never back from a battle

A sinker slips from his lips
That quickly turns to laughter
I can?t wait to stain that pretty face with your lovely blood
He bows slightly
My lady

However, before another word is spoken she rushes him
Hopping to catch him off guard
But before she strikes the dark princes jumps up onto his
Lighting bolt

Why do you run?
She shouts to him!
Do you fear me that much?

HA, One such as I fears no one.
He shouted, as thunder rolled around him
Drawing his sword back ready to come at her once again

Her body stiffens ready for his attack
But right before he strikes
Her knights rush to her
Blocking his attack

You insolent fool?s
You think one such as you can stop me.
I?ll kill your countess, make you watch
Then kill you
As he spoke, a smile moved across his face
But, it soon vanished when her first knight spoke.

I, the knight of crowns shall never let one such as you
Lay a filthy hand on, the countess

Knight of crowns you say.
The highest of all honors
Nonetheless, not even the knight of crowns can stop me

It shall not just be the knight of crowns
But as well as the knights of the rose
He shall not stand-alone

Glancing down at the insignia on the knights chests, he saw that
All eight of the knights that declared them selves knights of the rose
Either had blue, red, or black roses on them.
Black the highest of the roses
Blue the second
And red the third

With her she brought
One-crown knight
Four black rose knights
Three blue rose knights
One red rose knight

When the countess noticed, the dark princes stiffen
She gestured to one of her knights
One of her blue rose knights noticed
Quickly he ready himself
Rushed the princes
Making him fall back in to the bolt of lighting

The lighting bolt flashed leaving the princes
Mark on the ground

Countess he has flied
Should we go after him?

No, leave him be
It is only the beginning
He will be back, and when he is, we will be ready

As the countess watched as the dark, princes escaped
Off into the sunset the wind blew once more taking her thoughts to him

?Never return, for if you do I will not hold back. I will take your life. Sending you farther than any hell. I did not wish to become your enemy, but as it seems your greed was too great. So flee now, for if I should see you once more, your resting place will be where your feet have touched.?

With that, she returned to her sails and returned home.