Hi there! Guess I'll start with the basics of introducion ^^'​

My name is Tiffany (Though I perfer to go by Tifa, Baka, or Lockie) and I'm your average, 16 year old High school student trying to get by the daily routines of life. I'm quite the day dreamer and thanks to my creative imagination, many new ideas for fanfictions are blossomed from my boredom (though because of my laziness, I haven't written a single one XD). My favorite anime/manga are (in order) Detective Conan, Mahou Sensei Negima, and Naruto. I like many others but like I said, those are my favorites -w- I'm kinda short (5'3") and my hair is a mild golden chocolate color. My eye sight is terrible (+3.75... that means I'm near sighted and without my glasses, my range of vision is limited to within 6 inches away from my face)! I'm very dexterous and have a unique ability to learn any kind of physical discipline in a shorter amount of time than most. My favorite pass time activities are origami, sculpting, reading FFs (hehe nerd), playing MMORPGs (cough Maple Story), and cuddling with my obnoxiously fat dog and just obnoxious skinny dog.

Currently unemployed and unable to drive 8D Yeyz! (Not that I need to go anywhere... I mean, I do live in my house >.> )

If you want to know anything else about just ask XD (Yes I am single so don't ask about that cause I'll blow you off XP jk )

  • Here's a picture of me (don't worry, they didn't let me have any alcohol at the luah XD shucks!)

If you really want to see pics of me.... I guess go ahead =.='
http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb98/xxBakaAkki/pictures of me/