It's all been seen, with the exception for what could be.


I wondered last night, at length, if I deleted everything that I had ever left online if I would cease to really exist. There wouldn't be any actual concrete proof of my existence.

What would it be? A set of numbers in a phone log? A set of conversations over MSN that someone could claim were cooked up by the one claiming to have interacted with me? A set of words typed by a set of hands, with maybe the notion of a person behind those keystrokes?

I could say I would be a memory and that is proof enough.

Our memory changes things though as time progresses. Events and dates change and our impressions of those events changes.

Memory is not proof enough. You cannot take a memory and give it to someone else, and give them your same, exact experience.

I don't know any of the answers though to those questions. It was just a set of passing thoughts.