This is the beginning.

After a number of false starts, innumerable delays and despite the comforting grasp of Ennui it begins.

From here on in, things move forward.

Flexibility, ingenuity, creativity and receptivity are the key-words of ED!sm.

Spirituality in the new age needs to be one that can adapt, that can grow, and that will be free of the corruption inherent in organized religion, or dictatorial atheism.

It needs to appreciate and accept human nature, yet to continue to enforce morality, ethics and evolution.

So, where Abraham created an empire, Jesus preached peace, Mohammed unity and Buddha serenity, I step in a different direction.

I seek above all things education and understanding, to allow everyone a framework from which they can explore the magnitude and complexity we call the Universe, so they can be brought to tears by the very ability to think of themselves as 'I'.

I want people to have the choice to CHOOSE their spirituality, not to have it indoctrinated into them.

This means forst and foremost that the educational process needs to be brought to children around the world.

I do not know how I can manage this, yet. Give me time, ad a circle of intelligent people, and by ED!s metaphorical left testicle I WILL find an answer.

What say ye?