since reading naruto forums I have come to find out that yondaime is underestimated and while some would be thick headed and look at the evidence given soo far of his a bilities and nothing else I could see where the ignorance is coming from
yondaime is the father of the main charector naruto and so the creators of naruto will probably give him a big image the same as inuyashas father being the strongest demon of his time

second there has been little mentioned of yondaime and so his abilities are not fully understood and am pretty sure his abilities are not limited to those previously told

third yondaime abilities soo far are impresive enough

fourth yondaimes only given credited for one deadly ability that being the ability to summon a shinigame and most of the time dont even take into cinsideration his thundergod tecnique

over view we can expect lot from yondaime as naruto series progreses