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  1. Category 1

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    1. Rezsheep

    2. Bad Idea

      Bad Idea Contest Winner

  2. DB Members Awards

    1. 1st Place Budokai Awards

    2. 2nd Place Budokai Awards

    3. 3rd Place Budokai Awards

  3. GoT- Special Edition

    1. GoT

    2. House Stark

    3. House Lannister

    4. House Targaryen

    5. Night King

  4. The Alley Medals

    1. Dumpster Fire

      1 Dumpstered Thread

    2. It's Garbage Day

      5 Dumpstered Threads

    3. Trash King

      10 Dumpstered Threads

    4. Alleyversary

      Participated in Alleyversary

    5. Bread Festival

      Complete the Thread Festival challenge

    6. You're an All Star

      Win a category of the Alley Awards/Win an Alley Award

  5. Mafia

    1. Mafia MVP - Red

      Won MVP in Mafia 3 times

    2. Mafia MVP - Green

      Won MVP in Mafia 3 times

    3. Mafia MVP - Purple

      Won MVP in Mafia 3 times

    4. Mafia MVP - Blue

      Won MVP in Mafia 3 times

    5. Scumhunter

    6. Godfather

    7. Werewolf

    8. Non-Hostile Indie

  6. Personal Custom Medals

    1. Kuroneko


    2. Dice Master

      Dice Master

    3. Nat Medal

      Nat Medal

  7. OL Awards

    OL Awards

    1. 1st Place OL Awards

      1st Place OL Awards

    2. 2nd Place OL Awards

      2nd Place OL Awards

    3. 3rd Place OL Awards

      3rd Place OL Awards

  8. Official Forums Events

    1. Let It Snow 2019: Santa's Helper

      Christmas Event-Let It Snow 2019

  9. General

    1. J-jam it in

      Received 500 likes

    2. Straight laces

      Go 5 years without being banned

    3. NF Tenure

      NF member for ten years

    4. Cookie

      Mr. Obvious type

    5. 10k Post Medal

      For having made 10,000 quality posts

    6. Broke through heaven

      Has achieved 2m rep

    7. Social Butterfly

      Received 1000 ratings

    8. 1st place

      Win first place in a contest in the forum

  10. Lewd/Shrooms

    1. Contributor

      Helped the betterment of NF

    2. 1st Place

    3. J-Jam it in