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0ne Winged Angel
Last Activity:
Dec 29, 2017
Sep 19, 2006
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Following 1

0ne Winged Angel

Between insane and crazy

0ne Winged Angel was last seen:
Dec 29, 2017
    1. RemChu
      ya left you a rebuttal there
    2. RemChu
      I see you following the debate? any concerns mr.one winged angel?
    3. RemChu
      Are you thinking of voting Sephiroth?
    4. Archlord Falcon
      Archlord Falcon
    5. Daylight
      Hey, just thought I'd let you know that I've responded to your vote. Maybe you want to check it out? :amuse
    6. Archlord Falcon
      Archlord Falcon
      Hope to see you post your thoughts on the match at least, if you have any difficulties or confusion let me know.
    7. nick1689
      Hey man, i posted a rebuttal for your vote, hopefully you can check it out before the match closes in 12hrs. thanks for voting as well, you put an effort into your vote that is above and beyond what is normally expected
    8. BluesQueen
      I responded to some of your concerns here!
      And both strategies are finally up!

      I urge you to continue to comment on anything you have concerns with and drop a vote if you have time! Thank you for the participation thus far! :love
    9. Wonder_Y
      Hello, I'd like to encourage you to reconsider your vote good sir.
    10. R
      I hope you do know in Spartans match there is no LOS, kn3 can't blitz, hence why no one has mentioned he could.
    11. Bryan Paulsen
      Bryan Paulsen
      In the Arizona bill it doesn't require it at all stops, only if there is reasonable suspicion does immigration status get questioned.

      Realistically the bill could've just said any detention or arrest and discarded the "lawful stop" language, because legally a stop is a detainment.

      That aside, Muehler versus Mena set the precedent that reasonable suspicion is unnecessary to inquire as to immigration status during a lawful detention.
    12. Dr. Obvious
      Dr. Obvious
      -What a retarded comment. Also, tabacco CEOs don't have a $50mil reward

      I think you're missing the point: What is the real issue, money or mortality? Bin Laden is a media pet, barely a danger to the vast majority of us. The media only magnifies in on him to make him look big and scary, partly to keep us watching for the "latest developments" so the station can rack up the ratings (which means more sponsor money), and if you're paranoid, they do it to push a government agenda. Regardless, fear of Bin Laden is like being afraid of sharks if you live in a landlocked area. It's pointless. There are so many more "real" fears to be afraid of (if that's your personality).

      Meanwhile, tobacco companies have a sizeable percentage of the world's population hooked on their products, and many of those people are going to end up developing lung health issues and die from it. Why is that more tolerable than the scary ol' boogie man that lives in a Pakistani cave? It's still murder, and in much greater numbers on a much more frequent basis.
    13. ShadowLordZ
    14. oturan ikamuzu
      oturan ikamuzu

      *a little early, but who cares*
    15. oturan ikamuzu
      oturan ikamuzu
      hello. i haven't been on for a long while...it turns out that i don't have any friends yet..haha!! kinda sad huh??
      well, i just wanted to say hi!!
      how are you??
    16. 0ne Winged Angel
      0ne Winged Angel
      Thanks daviddd, glad you like it :)
    17. David
      Dude... your sig is win :ryoma
    18. Kenneth
      You're arguing over the semantics of dead vs. alive for tier level when that was clearly not the discussion in the thread. It's not funny or cute, it's annoying.

      Didn't read any of this in the OP.
      Mind being a normal, tolerant person for a change, instead of negging for an opinion? That, was very lame. I could have negged you for your opinion too, but did I? Nope. Because I don't need to neg someone for that.

      Kids these days.
    19. Shiranui
      You're back, how are you?
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    Episode: 101
    Chapter: Current one ;D


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