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Last Activity:
Sep 23, 2019 at 10:56 PM
Nov 1, 2013
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Rainbow Hell
Red Gaijin


Red Gaijin Blood, Male, from Rainbow Hell

1337RedGlitchFox was last seen:
Sep 23, 2019 at 10:56 PM
    1. Louis-954
      Talk a bunch of garbage and then go running to the mods when it gets thrown back in your face? :lmao don’t dish it if you can’t take it, lol.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. 1337RedGlitchFox
        Werent you the one who didnt listen and got the thread closed?



        Let's make this part of the discussion reasonable.

        If you had listened instead of literaly going against what a mod said and blowing up some more, thingsd been fine.

        So essentially its "Thanks for locking everyone else down for my Sasuke ego"

        When the one who "started it" left hours ago.
        Aug 1, 2019
      3. 1337RedGlitchFox
        If you had half the decency to actually listen not only in a debate but to rules, thingsd be fine, but you wanted to be a special snowflake.
        Aug 1, 2019
      4. 1337RedGlitchFox
        So legitimately speaking if i were to be a 3rd party.

        You ruined the thread even after the mod said stop.

        Blew up.

        Had to edit your post.

        Went to the mod like "Sorry, daddy. Thank you for ruining it for everyone cause of me, very fair."

        And youre here complaining over your rep being spread enough that it reached a mod.

        FUCK. 420 limit is a retarded amount.
        Aug 1, 2019
    2. Lurker
      I think Edward Nygma did the calcs. There was more than on. You would have to hit him up and it was The Flash.
    3. Yamato
    4. Esano
      1. 1337RedGlitchFox
        How are you currently doing at the time you read this message on this forum?
        Dec 13, 2018
    5. geeknerd22ducks
      No one's posted on your profile since 2014. That's sad.
      1. 1337RedGlitchFox
        I was awol for a portion of it, to be fair.

        otherwise, i have no real presence and I lurk more.

        Fair enough though, i'm not realizing how sad it is to see this place. oh well.
        Oct 3, 2018
    6. Jakers
      did you have a good halloween?
    7. Jakers
      Hey man what's up?
    8. Red Angel
    9. TheForgottenPen
      No problem. Btw, how do you check your Rep notifications?
    10. Jakers
      That's much better, even though still a bit low. Bugs still stomps. I think Bugs could stomp universals/at least most multiversals just fine.
    11. Jakers
      Bro... HST? You are setting the bar WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too low for someone like motherfuckin' Bugs here. Try and think much MUCH bigger than that.

      And yes to everything else you said.
    12. Jakers
      toonforce itself isn't tiered. You can't tier a general ability/power/concept as a whole (unless you are doing a tier list of which attacks/powers are the deadliest). You have to tier whoever uses them individually, user by user.

      Though normally, toonforce is one of the most hax powers in existence and is at least pretty high-tier in the totem-pole of abilities/powers to have. But it depends on who's using it and how they use it and to what shown or implied degree/level (the highest is universal/multiversal and theoretically even megaversal and above, but the latter is probably restricted to a rare few, but with more and more new toon series coming out, who knows?).

      And Toonforce IS a major style and variation of reality-warping (or whatever you want to call it), but either in a more funny and comical or weird way OR mainly from sillier and brighter cartoon/animation characters, usually American/Western animation.
    13. Jakers
      The one reaction I get from everyone... toonforce is an ability/power just like every other power there is, a very unique one that can be amazingly used and displayed for both combat-like and non-combat situations alike... just because being funny and comical is its main trait does not mean you should just dismiss the power. -_____-

      you think Solid Snake is an upgrade from Master Chief? how?
    14. Jakers
      Wouldn't Mario stomp Solid Snake? Since y'know, if you made it Composite Mario or give Mario a shit-ton of his stronger powers and canon feats, he would be the definition of a massively superhuman/superpowered character with a bit of toonforce behind him.

      speaking of toonforce, are you a fan of toons? Cause I know I am.
    15. Jakers
      why would you even get mad at his streak?

      I don't know wtf Jozu is.

      i wish to know... what are some characters you believe regular Mario can defeat... other than Sasuke and Master Chief?
    16. Jakers
      metal mario is certainly winning a few more matches now isn't he?
    17. Jakers
      I've already done and went through plenty of my "Mario" phase in the OBD back in most of 2011. I'm just making sure that all my efforts for successfully attaining my current peace from this "Mario vs ____" thing is not all in vain.

      Although, I do agree Mario still needs to be defended and respected more, I think he's doing pretty fine and has enough praise to sustain.
    18. Jakers
      yeah I know...
    19. Jakers
      so you're a mario fan I take it? nice to meet you.
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