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Oct 9, 2005
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    1. urca
      Yoo,excuse me but whats the anime character in your personal pic?
      please answer asap :3.
    2. vexxen
      howdy there.
      I been trying to get ahold of you.
      I know its been a while since the naruto rivals project, but i was wondering if you could help me.
      COuld you give me any information on that?
      like what happened and all that?
      I would like to revive it, and yes i am serious about it.
      please, lets have a chat.
      pm me, or chat with me on msn,
    3. Prince Leon
      Prince Leon
      What the hell are you and Gene singing? :laugh
    4. Gene
      My first love story
    5. The Red Gil
    6. Prince Leon
    7. Prince Leon
      Prince Leon
      Wild Shea spotted!
    8. Innocence
      btw, the steel leader in the intropost skeets might be banned since i searched the name and stuff
      and if death is the one who had the steel spot, then i should be able to have my priveliges to open the gym up whenever he agrees right?
    9. Innocence
      WOOPS i take that back, since someone had the normal spot, but me and death-kun agreed that if he can get the water spot, i can take his steel spot.

      innocence: hey death
      innocence: the gym thread, 2sheas back, notifty him that if you get the water spot, i get the steel
      Death-kun: Why don't you notify him? :hurr
      Death-kun: I'm kinda busy at the moment.
      Death-kun: Just tell him I said so.
      Death-kun: He's gonna look throughout the thread, so he should see the stuff.
    10. Innocence
      since your the OP of the gym thread now, ill take the normal gym spot.
    11. Kitsune
      Thank you :hurr

      Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!! :<3
    12. Oujisama
      Oh that'd be great. I should be placing your site on my blogroll too, right?
    13. Kitsune
    14. Kitsune
    15. IchiTenshou
      Sure thing ^^
      just take your time xD
    16. IchiTenshou
      Sweet ^^
      Cant wait
      Thanks Shea :ruri
    17. Silent Storm
      Silent Storm
      Its cool.

      Though do you still have any Lucario fanart saved on your PC?
    18. SolidBoss
      lovely set :hurr
    19. Ephemere
      Arrested Development all the way
    20. Silent Storm
      Silent Storm
      Any luck so far?
    21. Silent Storm
      Silent Storm
      Thanks, if you manage to find it could you also try and see if you have the original image used to make it?
    22. Silent Storm
      Silent Storm
      Do you still have that Lucario avvy?
    23. Kitsune
    24. Altron
      Yeah, though Twitting strangers is kinda weird for me. I am just checking around seeing if anyone here as Twitter that i know of. :zaru
    25. Altron
      thanks for the follow on Twitter. I definitely do follow your blog with Leon and co. You guys do an awesome job.
    26. SolidBoss
      i love your set:love
    27. Shiron
      Yeah, Cyzir did a great job on the art for it.

      And yeah; it's a community project there. The members work together through a structured process to create a Pokemon, then test it out on their ShoddyBattle server, and then start working on another one once the testing period is over. So far, there are seven CAPs that have been made (Syclant, an Ice-Bug Sweeper; Revenankh, a Ghost-Fighting tank; Pyroak, a Grass/Fire tank; Fidgit, a Ground/Poison Utility Pokemon; Stratagem, a Rock Special Sweeper; Arghonaut, a Water/Fighting tank; and Kitsunoh, a Ghost/Steel scouting-Pokemon). The eighth CAP, which my current set is from, is an Electric/Dragon special-tank, that's still in process of being made, though it's getting toward the final steps.

      If you want to learn more about the process and such, take a look at this sticky:
    28. Altron
      be sure to post more dl's on REVO since my speed is really good compared to megaupload. :zaru
    29. Rainney
      I know, I just found it funny how you said she was interesting. :lmao

      She reminds me a lot of Asakura Ryoko from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. They both act really nice when in reality they aren't, but they do have some moments where they really are nice. And on top of that, they look alike. :lmao
    30. Rainney
      LOL, interesting. :LOS

      Taiga is the most interesting, IMO. :hurr
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