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Sep 14, 2020
Jul 28, 2006
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Village Hidden in da hood


THE PUPPET MASTER/SNAKE SAGE, Male, from Village Hidden in da hood

(510)THIZZ was last seen:
Sep 14, 2020
    1. MagicalMiraclesOfWater65
      Seems to me great at theories, Stay fab.

      Keep up the noice figgie.
    2. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Only one way to find out :catbed
    3. V i r u s
    4. Hayn
      It just looks stupid. Normal font, bolded and red.
    5. Hayn
      About what? Whated i say?
    6. bearzerger
      I'm not really following Bleach, but from what I can make out his name isn't german. While a lot of the Quincy stuff is based on german, his name doesn't appear to be. If you ask me his name is a bastardisation of the word Yahweh, the original hebrew name for the god of the bible.
      From what I can make out on wiki it would fit his god complex. Perhaps you should ask someone who speaks hebrew instead. My best guess would be something like [Ei-woχ]. I hope I got that correctly in the phonetical alphabet. Like Ewok only with a guttural "h" like in Loc Ness for example
    7. DarQDawG
      Point taken.

      1) Minato/Tobirama have no way of sensing their mark in other peoples' sealed dimensions. If they can't sense their marks they can't travel there. This would be true in their home dimension as well. If someone could hide their marks from them, they wouldn't be able to port to them.

      2) Edo Tensei does reach into the pure world without the user dying and calls the subject via their DNA, like a regular summoning jutsu.

      3) Sasuke summoned his hawk (he clearly utilized subspace to do this since he used a regular Kuchiyose) to Kaguya's dimension.

      4) No. The teleportation Shino was talking about was the body flicker, which oft times is also referred to as teleportation. We know this because he says "it wasn't teleportation... because teleportation is merely high speed movement".Kakashi then says "which means he used a space-time jutsu in that situation?" He clearly used the fact that it WASN'T teleportation to figure out that it WAS a space-time jutsu. He only differentiates Kamui from Hiraishin and other space-time jutsu due to Obito needing no hand seals or marks to port to, not because it can be followed as you suggest. Hiraishin is not "merely high speed movement" and so cannot be followed in such a manner, although it's true that if Hiraishin is used to port to a close destination then chakra sensors can reacquire a fix on the user's chakra the same way they can look in any close area and find the people in it. However, he would not have been "followed" by any stretch of the imagination.

      5) I agree that Obito visually "marks" locations. He does so by opening up a wormhole through subspace and peering through it. He then yawns that wormhole wide to allow penetration into his destination. I don't know why you expect Kishi to draw subspace Kamui, when he's never drawn it for Hiraishin, Kuchiyose, or Edo Tensei. Kishi could've easily drawn as the anime did during Naruto's infant hostage situation, Minato moving through a dark space. He never has. Therefore, Kishi not drawing subspace is not proof of its disuse during Kamui. IMO Sasuke was looking through a rift in subspace, a wormhole. At the other end of that wormhole was Obito and Sakura.

      6) It's merely speculation that there is a subspace for all dimensions and that dimensions are layered together. Nothing like that has ever been stated. It's an interesting theory though. I just seriously doubt the evidence for it.
    8. DarQDawG
      That's fine if that's what you believe. However, you have no evidence at all for this belief and so you cannot convince me of it at all. Your theory also has several problems that should be addressed.

      Kamui is defined as a space-time jutsu. Space-time jutsu are defined as travel through subspace. Space-time jutsu are also associated with pocket dimensions, such as that used by Jiraiya's toads. In other words, Jiraiya's toad has a "sealed dimension" accessible only through its body, just as Obito has a "sealed dimension" accessible only through his Sharingan.

      The term subspace was popularized by Star Trek. There is no other reason to use this word in this way but for some influence from there. In Star Trek subspace is a part of the space-time continuum itself, similar to modern notions of the vacuum at Plank scales. In Star Trek pocket universes can spring forth from the subspace. In modern theoretical physics, baby universes can spring from false vacuums created in our own vacuum at the Plank scale. That's actually where I got that photo from a depiction of the formation of a baby universe from a false vacuum within the true vacuum. Kishi has clearly drawn from Star Trek, the Matrix, and many other modern works of science fiction when creating his manga. The Kamui dimension is described as a "sealed dimension." My interpretation of what Kishi has presented is Kamuiland is most likely a pocket dimension or pocket universe that sprang forth from subspace.

      Summoning jutsus are also listed as space-time jutsu. Edo Tensei is listed as a summoning jutsu. Edo Tensei summons the spirit from the pure world, a whole other dimension, to the impure world. It doesn't rip any holes as you claim of Kamui. It operates similar to any other summoning jutsu or FTG. And it was introduced in part one so must hold to the original concept of a space-time jutsu as travel through subspace. While you can claim that, since Kamui came later in part two, Kishi changed the conception of that particular space-time jutsu, you have no evidence that he did.

      Dimensions do not ONLY exist right next to each other. Obito's reaction to Kaguya's dimensions demonstrate this conclusively. He states her dimensions are incredibly far apart. He then questions what kind of being she is to utilize her own distant dimensions. This tells us conclusively that Obito's dimension must be "right next to the narutoverse," (or there would be no surprise) but this is simply incidental to Obito's and possibly some other more mundane pocket dimensions, and not at all applicable to every single pocket dimension as you claim. His statement also begs the question of what is between these pocket dimensions that makes them "far apart." I submit it is subspace.

      These dimensions are like bubbles in the quantum foam. Subspace is what comprises this foam and what creates the distance within and between these dimensions. Subspace is embedded within the fabric of the space-time continuum itself. Subspace is everywhere throughout all dimensions. The only way to teleport within a dimension or from someplace from one to another dimension is through subspace. This is my interpretation. You are free to disagree. However, in order to convince me otherwise you must present a counter argument with evidence as I have. As of yet you've just made assertions.

      Your last paragraph needlessly complicates my picture. You're claiming multiple subspaces and space-time techniques which still require travel through those subspaces, both that of the origin dimension and the destination dimension. There's no evidence of multiple subspaces. There is evidence that the pure world is close to EVERY dimension since Obito died in Kaguya's dimension and ended up in the same dimension as Rin. But how can that be if nothing connects these dimensions? They must be connected. And subspace is what connects them. Chakra allows the manipulation of that subspace. Hence, Obito's remarks that chakra can connect the pure world to the impure world. Obito simply opening a wormhole through subspace, period, into the other dimension is a far simpler explanation and has at least some evidence.

      Finally, the only space-time tampering that has been presented has been messing with subspace. You have no evidence of any other kind of messing with space-time other than your unfounded interpretation of certain visuals. So I'll stick with the original conception until Kishi actually bothers to present another one.

      I apologize for the wall of text, but I felt you deserved an adequate reply.
    9. DarQDawG
      No. Subspace is everywhere. It's like the space between dimensions, yet overlapping those dimensions. Obito's has to use subspace to get to and fro his dimension. Otherwise you could not call his jutsu a space-time jutsu. Since his jutsu falls under the category of space-time jutsu and such a jutsu is defined as moving through subspace.
    10. Ino x Lucy
      Ino x Lucy
      thanks bro, commented? to bump the thread? :maybe
    11. Ino x Lucy
      Ino x Lucy
    12. fallot
      My visitor messages are a catalogue of butthurt, thank you for adding yourself (and being butthurt lmao)
    13. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      No problem I've responded it is all good
    14. tkpirate
      thanks for the rep dude.and i also sometimes used to get very angry on people like them,but now i know that most of them are just ignorant kids,so i just ignore them.
    15. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Kishi is drawing inspiration for Asura and Indra from Hinduism/Buddhism. The color spread has them in their common appearances.

      As for when Hagoromo is passing on power, it's just a split image of the two.
    16. Naruto
      Okay, no problem.
    17. Naruto
      You're not supposed to have more than one account. As for senior membership, look at my signature and hit "join user groups", see if you can find senior membership in there. If not, get back to me.
    18. Milliardo
      as they say the truth hurts, i'm sure you'll get over it though. :)
    19. shyakugaun
      Nope, only the boss battle & Sage Kabuto are included in the dlc, nothing else
    20. NW
      Nah, I'm fine. :quite
    21. Rosi
      How is it bad. Peter Pan was cute :pek
    22. Rosi
      Like Obito did 20 years ago.
    23. Rosi
      Well, if you reject them being one and the same, then you are even more delusional than the "big baby" Obito himself is.
    24. Rosi
      But Tobi IS Obito, so that makes Tobi lame too, dummy.
    25. Kai
      I figured from "thizz" and the 510. Mac Dre? :p
    26. Turrin
      LOL good one.
    27. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
    28. Inferno
      Shiiit, what city? Fremont here. :hurr
    29. Inferno
      I see that (510) in your username. East Bay? :LOS
    30. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      No problem.
      Heh you're right
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