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Mar 4, 2010
May 19, 2007
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72x was last seen:
Mar 4, 2010
    1. julath4u
      From: Ms.julath Kone,
      Greetings, it is my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile. I was convinced and decided to select you among others for my assistance with the believe that you will never disappoint me in any way.However,it is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour this proposal,against your will, but first let me introduce myself to you.
      My name is Ms.julath Kone from West Africa.I am the only child of my late parents and that has made me to run away from our family house because my uncles and my step Mother are after my life as they want to have full access to my inheritance.
      My entire dream is to find somebody overseas whom I can trust with my future life and inheritance and also who will be able to assist for my relocation abroad and also assist me in my investment plans abroad.I am seriously searching for a very reliable person, who will assist me in my investment plans over there in your base.
      I have some reasonable amount worth $6,500,000USD which I inherited from my late father who was a traditional ruler and an international business man before his death, now I am ready and wanted to relocate out of this country and come over there to your area so that I will secure a business opportunity.I wish to invest in Hospital Equipment, Transportation, Agricultural Project and Real Estate.
      I need to invest the money in your base because of my situation here, besides we do not have fair investment opportunities here in our country because of frequent political crisis.Please your assistance is highly needed to enable me achieve my educational career in your country.
      Your urgent response is needed so that I will give you full details on my plans for relocating to your country for these establishment.Please in case if you are not in a good position to work with me on this aspect.I will appreciate you inform me immediately so that I will start making an urgent alternative arrangement with another person without much delay waiting for your response.
      I am eagerly waiting for your urgent response.this is my private email;julathkone@ymail.com
      Remain Blessed.
      Faithfully Yours,
      Ms.julath Kone
    2. DarkAngelSakuraMea
      nice to meet u:) u know Gongasgreen?
    3. PlayStation
      Who are you? :O
    4. Tyger
      well 72 with an x, would you mind explaining to me how you came to the conclusion that you would tell me that my overdose of smiley usage is bothering you? :hmm
      i dont even recall seeing you anywhere
    5. PlayStation
      OMG This is scary :O
    6. DarkAngelSakuraMea
      hi i'm mea i saw u on my page.....
    7. Tyger
      and just who are you, again?
    8. PlayStation
    9. Tyger
      do you find something wrong with that?
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