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Oct 11, 2018
Oct 11, 2008
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abcd was last seen:
Oct 11, 2018
    1. Mider T
      Mider T

      And you're needed http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=44780592&postcount=13
    2. Mider T
      Mider T
      Why haven't you gotten a VM in 2 years?:wha Want a VM?:hurr

    3. Mider T
      Mider T
      Nemesis becoming you?:lmao
    4. Mider T
      Mider T
      Here we go again:awesome
    5. Ky Hakubi
      Ky Hakubi
      By King fantasy series, do you mean the Dark Tower? That was a great one, though it seemed to lose something in the last book or two. I would recommend staying away from 'It'. The movie was great, but the book is just too long and drawn out. 1000+ pages, and after reading half of it, there were only a small handful of interesting parts. The Stand was awesome, and is probably one of my favorite books by King, but most all of his writting is good.

      Tom Clancy isn't bad either, though I've only had the occasion to read one or two if his books.
    6. Ky Hakubi
      Ky Hakubi
      Besides those books I listed, I've read a whole lot of Stephen King, the Resident Evil books, the Doom books (That's right, old school FPS Doom by id.), Sherlock Homes, and a whole lotta manga.

      I'm looking to get into the Star Wars book series, and I'm needing to get the Liveship Traders and Tawny Man trilogies.
    7. chan
      awsome sig dude...

      that comic is just awsome xD
    8. S
      Google is your friend, my friend. Thank's for the rep.
    9. -= Ziggy Stardust =-
      -= Ziggy Stardust =-
      That's depressing... muhaha I only finished the first one at the moment am reading other books by the time I reach the fourth the fifth will be out... oh yeah :p I can't believe Eddard Stark dies :( I loved that mofo :( ah well hopefully Tyrion, Robb and Daenrys won't disappoint.
    10. -= Ziggy Stardust =-
      -= Ziggy Stardust =-
      Which book are you reading at the moment or have finished all 5 and waiting for the 6th?
    11. -= Ziggy Stardust =-
      -= Ziggy Stardust =-
      A song of Ice and Fire ! FUCK YEAH!
    12. FieryRose
      :cool aight i gochu i gochu
    13. FieryRose
      ah ok thank you I love reading I will definitley check it out

      thanks for all the info :love frienddddd
    14. FieryRose
      I like your Ava it's very cute, where is it from? or is it just a random dog lol XD
    15. LoboFTW
      damn, I thought that you were arguing against it. I'll rep you when i get the chance.
    16. LoboFTW
      Did you mean that the argument against the big bang was ridiculous or the argument for was ridiculous? The picture was confusing, but if you are in favour of the Big bang, then I'm sorry for the neg.
    17. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      o i c.............
    18. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      true i guess especially naruto the original series was completely ruined by the awful dub whereas shippuden is a lot more serious
    19. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      great, i just looked at a list of top 100 animes and DBZ was 1st, then naruto then bleach, one piece was pretty low :S
    20. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      lol fairplay, seeing as its summer now i'll have plenty of time to read :D whats the basic storyline?
    21. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      it does have alot more chapters tho...
    22. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      should i? i only read bleach and naruto atm
    23. Mαri
      You haven't been on :hmpf .
    24. Mαri
    25. Mαri
      That's not information :uwah
    26. Mαri
    27. Mαri
    28. Mαri
      :argh .

      He looks like a newspaper
    29. Mαri
      Do. Not. Want.
    30. Mαri
      I don't even know someone named travis :hmpf .
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