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  • Can you write an essay about the entire manga how it seemed to be messed up to where it never seem to be about Naruto but rather Sasuke?
    I was referring to why I hate Itachi. First he murders his family and gives Sasuke a lifetime of torture and abuse. When he is Edo'd and discovers that his attempts to push him away have failed, he CONTINUES to ignore Sasuke, while giving Naruto and Bee plenty of talking time and won't even answer a question? It doesnt even make sense. My YouTube signature should fill in anything I haven't properly explained.
    If you read the last chapter (Naruto 588) and still don't get it, I will explain it to you.
    Can totally feel you. Haha. We just have to deal with all the shit here in NF... it's better to have freedom to do shit than to be restricted from almost everything at all.

    Actually Kabuto is an okay character. I actually like him more than Minato hahaha. It's just that Kishi had to clash him with my favorite character so of course I have to take sides. Plus when you look at threads every after chapter, all of them are all about the 1001 ways how the Uchiha will be defeated. I am pissed with that but I have to live with it and wait until Kishi crushes them hopes. If the Uchiha happens to lose, then I have to live with it too. You'll get the hang of it. You've been around the forums longer than I have though I became a member first haha.
    Heeey why the neg? Chill brah. It's just a prediction. We are all fanboys and fangirls here. No need to spoil other people's fun.
    This can't be the end for Kabuto, I don't see Sasuke kill him after the Edo Tensai. That would not make him stronger than Kabuto.

    Also Kabuto realized about whats happening and he might figure out a way by avoiding 3 little things, horn cut, drip water and step feather.
    I'm with you hoping Kabuto doesn't die because he hasn't met Naruto with his new form. He is likely the final villain like Bakura from Yugioh and Revolver Ocelot from MGS.

    Kabuto will likely kill Itachi and then take a sample from Sasuke and leave.
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