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Oct 19, 2018
Sep 29, 2007
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December 27
    1. Yin
      I ship your Chopper/Ace avi so hard.
    2. PikaCheeka
      You were here a lot more recently than I'd ever expect. Well if you get this, hi! :<3
      1. αce
        Yo are you still around, shoot me a private message if you are
        Apr 7, 2018
        PikaCheeka likes this.
      2. PikaCheeka
        Annnnd done.
        Apr 9, 2018
    3. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Dealing with Bernie or Bust + Trump idiots on Facebook is annoying.
    4. Nello
      Helluuu :skysun
      I noticed your ava looks pretty rough with a dark background, so I made you a hopefully cleaner one: SvDU2CN
    5. A Optimistic
      A Optimistic
      do you still remember pops and MC and Z?
    6. Reyes
      Might find this useful, plus 93% same voting record: http://static6.businessinsider.com/image/56463a6d11231404018b4fdc-1200-4750/bi_graphics_hillary-clinton-vs-bernie-sanders_updated.png
    7. PikaCheeka
      I forgot you're Canadian. It's been too long. I miss you.
    8. PikaCheeka
      DAMN ACE! You vote for Bernie too? :catlove
    9. Zyrax
      How are you?
    10. Zyrax
    11. Ryuzaki
      where you at these days?
    12. PikaCheeka

      It's been too long. I thought you left the forum... (I kind of did). How's life?

      What happened in OP? I still have not read the whole thing. :lmao Just random arcs here and there. I started JJBA last week and have been working on that lately. And yea Boruto is garbage. I can't believe people are excited about the movie....
    13. SuperSaiyaMan12
      "the author isn't addind feats to characters in order for you to debate this on a forum
      he's drawing feats because its a shonen manga and he needs to add cool shit

      at the end of the day, he clearly wants you to believe they are equals and that the reason naruto was superior was because of his ninja way or whatever bullshit that was and not his strength"

      Dude, if Naruto and Sasuke were fresh and it was still equals, you'd have a point. Yet the final battle goes OVER AND OVER AND OVER again that Naruto is not only exhausted at the start, but Naruto was HOLDING BACK. Hell Sasuke had to power up mid-battle to just equal Naruto's holding back level!
    14. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm

      I saw you on Skype yesterday. You're still around?
    15. Melodie
      Eh. Just returned a bit to the forum for some mafia games and stuff, but other than that I've been nerding League since I'm on summer break, will travel somewhere else eventually.
    16. Melodie
      Wow, you still exist.
    17. PikaCheeka
      UGHHHHHH YES....what a terrible day that was.

      How are you? It's been a while. :hug
    18. Jagger
      Sabo is already taken.

      not to mention ace was more interesting than Sabo.
    19. Jagger
      ace, what are doing in here.

      Aren't you supposed to be dead and replaced by Sabo?
    20. PikaCheeka
      Well this has been a wild ride.
    21. PikaCheeka
      Evidently Naruto is ending in 5 weeks? :rotfl What a disgrace.
    22. PikaCheeka
      After that fiasco in May I really started to distance myself from the actual manga and began to stick more with the Madara/HashiMada fandom. Now that they're both out of the manga, I'm pretty much only here to a) keep in touch with old friends and b) laugh at the people still reading it and expecting it to be good.

      I just decided an hour or two ago that I wanted to try to kickstart-revive the HashiMada (and maybe Madara) fanclubs here because I really do miss the intensity of NF discussions, but that will require some group effort and I'm not sure if others will be up for it.

      Are you even reading OP anymore?
    23. PikaCheeka
    24. Vaeny
      Say your prayers bitch, cause you're a dead man.

      God damn unreliable Canadians.
    25. CA182
      woah caps everywhere. :lmao

      How've you been man?
    26. CA182
      Long time to see ace.

      Just checking though, is the image in your sig meant to be the triangle?
    27. celebrei
      Kaguya solo'ed Madara :rofl :rofl
    28. blackguyinpinksuit
      Yeah that thread is jokes. Thanks for the reps.
    29. PikaCheeka
      Wowww haven't seen you in a while! You should send me a message on the phone sometimes. I never know when you're around.

      But sure, I'll marry you. :hurr
    30. Melodie
      Pretty good. Games and other things been consuming it though. Felt like coming back, after being consumed by just sitting on Skype with people whom I have already gotten to know here.

      Looking at the last conversation we had..Did you start Magi yet?
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