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Adamant soul
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Aug 21, 2019 at 6:37 PM
Feb 12, 2012
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Adamant soul

Well-Known Member

Adamant soul was last seen:
Aug 21, 2019 at 6:37 PM
    1. Zeromaru
      Hey man. I can't rep you at the moment, but you have one bitchin' set.
    2. Calamity
      Nice Beelzebumon set! :gar
      Can't rep cause of lolrules.
    3. Calamity
      I too didn't realize the epicness of that moment back then but I think that was probably cause of watching the dub.
    4. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      where is your set from ?
    5. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      I thought it was awesome, and it personally had the most rewarding final boss battle I've ever had. Max difficulty with underleveled characters is a pain in the ass to pull off. I'm also in love with Lightning :hurr

      *cough* 02 and Hunters *cough*

      Digimon is awesome though.
    6. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      Glad to see another FF13 fan :maybe

      And a Digimon fan to boot :LOS
    7. Calamity
      Amusingly, I spent ages searching for a FF7 copy back here (internet was hugely overpriced back then). When I finally realized RPGs were the stuff to play and all, PS1 was already dead and the best I could find with regards to RPGs was FFV, Chrono Trigger and Digimon games.
      FInally managed to got a pirated copy after months of searching and I had hyped up everyone in the house beforehand. Everyone gathered when I popped the disk and lol...massive disappointment followed. I overcame the shoddy graphics and managed to beat the game though. The music and the battle system were the main things I enjoyed but rest was meh.
      Perhaps the remake will be better. If there is going to be a remake that is as they teased earlier...:lmao
      Finally got around to playing DIssidia so I'm kinda in the FF fever these days.
      FFX was kinda fun and all until you get to the last part of the game grinding for those Dark Aeons, Nemesis and stuff. Yeah, the PAL version. NOt much wrong but the cut scenes kinda got on my nerves. :maybe X-2 made the game characters look even worse. :maybe

      The terminology is kinda putting me off as well like La'cie and all. How long did it take you to familiarize yourself with the game lore and stuff? You seem to be hunting for feats now so I take it you beat the game a few times already. :maybe
      Doesn't 13 have a prequel on the PSP and a new upcoming game called Lightning REturns? Sure is getting popular. :maybe
    8. Calamity
      It does seem so at first but the way the whole stuff is pulled off is kinda remarkable. Did I mention the 'monsters' in SMT games are all figures from religion, fairy tales, folktales, history, mythologies, etc? Yeah, you don't need to play the others to get the stuff here. After this, might wanna try Persona 3:FES as its mostly similar in style. Then you can head on to the others (which are the true SMT games with all the stuff I mentioned earlier).
      Of late, Atlus has been milking P4 a lot as well. Sequels, ports, anime and even a movie. Those stuff are best watched after beating the game though since they kinda dilute the experience a lot. A bad way to be introduced to the series IMO.
      XIII, eh? How good is the game? It's received pretty scathing reviews from people but I thought of giving it a chance.
      Just wanted to ask since I don't wanna be disappointed like with FF7 and FF10. Those games were hyped to the extreme and when I finally played them...FF7 was all polygons (with a somewhat nice battle-system and OST) whereas FF10 was full of hour long cut scenes. I kinda oversimplified the whole thing but you get the drift, right? :maybe

      Sorry about the tl;dr posts. :zaru
    9. Calamity
      You didn't reply back. After all the trouble I had taken to pour that knowledge for you... :pek
    10. Calamity
      No problem. I'd explain. Cause I'm one of the more 'patient' ones here. :maybe :lmao
      SMT=Shin Megami Tensei.
      One of the top gaming verses, likely tied (or untied) with two others for the title of the strongest gamingverse. But that's not the only good stuff about it.
      Stories are great, games have a really ominous atmosphere, death and shit everywhere, etc. That's for the main games though.
      There are spinoffs like DDS(the one we are talking about), Persona(the most popular of the series) and others.
      SMT games (the main ones) have a reputation of being frustratingly difficult and challenging. So much that there's an entire page on TVTropes :lmao
      And usually much better than FF games. THe first game in the series was also released a year before FF1 IIRC. So, they're also old.
      And at this point, I'm pretty sure you can see Persona 4 and other persona games plastered everywhere due to Atlus aggressive marketing. :maybe

      Speaking of which, P4 might be the best place to start for a newcomer as it isn't frustratingly difficult and a nice intro to the series with a surprisingly good story. I also started with it and got hooked to the rest.
    11. Calamity
      Digital Devil Saga might not be the best place to enter into SMT. :maybe
    12. EmptyHearted
      Thank you for asking my question. YOU ROCKS!!!!

      but since we on the same topic how about I give you a good fight. Cauis Vs Aizen... What you think on that fight???

      Cauis base form take on Aizen base form. Then cauis use his Chaos Bahamut form Vs Aizen final form known as Evolved Aizen

      Ps>>> I wonder would Aizen able to fool Cauis with his illusions trick? I know Anyone looking at Aizen Kyōka Suigetsu while it is released will be placed under a state of hypnosis that affects all five senses, with illusions that Aizen can control.

      I hope I am not bothering you with so much question
    13. EmptyHearted
      Damn you reply fast XDD. what about we took away Cauis stop time and just make them fight in brawl in their base form.

      also I was thinking Cauis go to his chaos form monster while Ulquiorra transform into his powerful form known as Segunda Etapa.
    14. EmptyHearted
      Hey sir I was reading on Your thread on Caius Ballad Vs everyone in bleach.

      I made a thread on other site about Caius Ballad Vs Ulquiorra Cifer. Nobody seem to know the answer.. well body even post anything. so what you think about Caius Ballad Vs Ulquiorra Cifer??
    15. DarkSlayerZero
      Done with the Feat thread.
    16. Hououin Kyouma
      Hououin Kyouma
      Hi, i noticed how we both created accounts on this forum in february and both of us enjoy digimon, so i'm sending a friend request.
    17. DarkSlayerZero
      Im willing to help you with the FF13 feat thread if you like. I'll post the vids and you reply with the feats.
    18. ~Avant~
      Where is your sig from?
    19. Zeromaru
      Ah, about the Fate Zero vs Fate Stay Night, I'm just going by MyAnimeList.com and what Kanade said.

      From what I've heard Beyblade actually had a pretty good soundtrack, just a terrible opening theme. :p

      Even though I haven't seen any Yu Gi Oh season entirely, Gx seemed pretty good, but yes, it definitely had a terrible theme.

      Have you heard of the Agapio Racing Team? There dub of Digimon Adventure was so bad it put them out of business! :rofl
    20. Zeromaru
      Ha, I've barely watched any anime besides Dgimon, and the ones I have you haven't seen!
      Anyway I was encouraged to watch Fate/Zero first because it's better and helps set up Fate Stay Night.

      I've noticed you've seen Dragon Ball Z but not Dragon Ball?

      I think we can agree Beyblade had the worst dub theme ever. :maybe
    21. Zeromaru
      Have you watched Fate/Zero, then? I'm currently on episode 16 and it's pretty awesome. If not, then what have you seen?
    22. Zeromaru
      Have you seen Angel Beats?
    23. Zeromaru
      D-Reaper was an amazing villain. I liked how it was based off the reaper virus, a well researched event. Yggdrasil was a good villain but nothing on Kurata. I liked the Idea of an imperfect God.

      Leviamon is my second favourite Demon Lord. :)
      I liked the appearance in Xros Wars but I was under the impression that all Demon Lords had a big part in Digimon Savers: Another Mission.

      If the Demon Lords all appear I want it to be in a separate season revolving around them. I fit gets too cluttered it would end up like 02 though. :zaru
    24. Zeromaru
      Tactimon is easily one of the coolest designs Digimon, up there with Beelzemon and Diaboromon. After making him "The Atoner" in two seasons I doubt they're ever going to make him a true villain. Chiaki Konaka originally intended Beelzemon to be the "Big Bad" but later changed his mind and came up with the D-Reaper.

      I love how in Tamers they explain all of the technological aspects. It beats ever other season in these terms.
    25. Zeromaru
      I know he awesome!

      When I first saw some of the Xros Wars redesigns like Cyberdramon (Shudders) I though they would all suck. Beelzemons 2010 design was surprisingly cool though.
    26. Zeromaru
      God I can't even begin to list my favourite Digimon! If pushed I'd say Devimon and his evolution line (Skullsatamon - Beelzemon.) My favourite Royal knight is definitely Ulfoceveedramon.
    27. Zeromaru
      Yeah I like 'em both. The Adventure English dub actually had some good orchestral pieces. Too bad they never released them though.

      Who's your favourite lead character? Mine would be Masaru, Takato and Taichi (V-Tamer)
    28. Zeromaru
      Eh, I kind of disagree; Tamers and Adventure easily had the best openings but Going Going my Soul" is awesome too."

      Have you heard "The Last Element" who knew one of the best Digimon songs would come from Frontier. :zaru
    29. Zeromaru
      My favourite opening themes would be Butterfly and Biggest Dreamer.

      The thing with Deathnote is the book is just a plot device but without initial appeal you probably wouldn't like it anyway. :maybe
    30. Zeromaru
      Ah, when you get around to it I highly recommend V-Tamer. I'ts probably the best. Next is very good as well. I have a problem with D-Cyber; It's incredibly short. They could've expanded on it much more.

      Savers just had an awesome soundtrack. Believer, Hirari, Going Going My Soul and not to mention the main orchestral theme.

      Anyway, have you seen Deathnote?
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