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Adamant soul
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Aug 18, 2019 at 6:40 AM
Feb 12, 2012
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Adamant soul

Well-Known Member

Adamant soul was last seen:
Aug 18, 2019 at 6:40 AM
    1. Zeromaru
      Wow! That's one perfect list! I think any sane person can see Tamers is the best season. My list goes;

      Tamers, Adventure-Savers (Tie), Xros Wars, Frontier and 02.

      I don't count Young Hunters as a season 'cause technically it's not but if I did it would be at the bottom.

      Generally when asked what my favourite season is I'l say Savers. I feel it needs more love.

      Have you read any of the Manga?
    2. Zeromaru
      Hey, you seem to know a lot about Digimon. What's your favourite season?
    3. Calamity
      Just asking cause you seem to be well versed with stuff. How long have you lurked here?

      DarknessBagramon is the most powerful villain to be animated. Have you seen this guy though? :maybe
    4. Calamity
      Hey man, are you a regular at some other digimon forums? Or any other battle forums?:maybe
    5. Calamity
      V-Tamer. It is solid.
      Then go for Next.
      I haven't read D-Cyber or the others myself. :maybe
    6. Calamity
      You should read the manga.
    7. Raid3r2010
      Adamant from TMF ? :LOS
    8. sweeeetty
      You can participate with us in toptitleweb
      And solicit opinions on the relevant subject areas of romance and happiness, is also all about women's makeup and hair and skin, we hope your stay with us at the following link

    9. Francesco.

      Ask this question, how many PX do you think can defeat these verse?
    10. Calamity
      Are you a member of some digimon forum? :maybe
    11. Francesco.
      Quick little question: in a fight Witch Hunter-verse vs Narutoverse, who wins and why?
    12. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Glad to have a new friend.
    13. butcher50
      lol kakashi vs x-men :noworries
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