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Jun 3, 2020 at 7:07 PM
Nov 11, 2013
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Halfway to anywhere
I promise I'm not a supervillain.


Definitely not a villain., from Halfway to anywhere

Aduro was last seen:
Jun 3, 2020 at 7:07 PM
    1. SoulFire!
      Thank you much fellow anime movie fan! :ohyou
      1. Mad Scientist and Aduro like this.
    2. blackguyinpinksuit
      Alright i'm ready.

      What's the link code gonna be?
      1. Aduro
        Dec 29, 2019
      2. Aduro
        The Applin is holding the item to evolve it. Thought you might want to IV and nature breed it.
        Dec 29, 2019
    3. Xiammes
      Its not a problem, I am glad you are interested.
    4. Xiammes
      Sorry nothing is being run right now, my post was to see if there was any interest, I'm still planning things out.
    5. Rinoa
      Moved your thread to KLsince it's a spoiler thread in the HoU.
    6. Hero
      :lmao Oh ok. Plue is just everywhere then. I can accept that. And it's been a while since I've watch rave masters so I don't remember any deaths but that's perfect. There has to be some tragedy.

      And I find that hard to believe lol. Really?
    7. Hero
      I like Fairy Tail. Well at first I didn't but then you force yourself to like it and then you like it. That's what happened with me lol. It's too cheesy. There are any deaths (from where I am) and it's never serious ever.

      And I didn't know that. How can Plue just cross universes lol
    8. Hero
      I've heard of it. I watched the anime. I just couldn't remember the name of the show. Isn't that creature in fairy tail too
    9. Hero
      What is your ava from
    10. Roƅ
      I wouldn't want that.

      Because that would just be horrible writing and a waste of our time.

      Plus I kind of like Sabo, though his eating of Ace's fruit was rushed :geg
    11. Roƅ
      Yea. Oda needs to really do that.

      But honestly, I don't think he could at this point.

      It would be too much of a drastic change for One Piece.

      The manga has been going on for almost 17 years with only 2 major deaths.

      Killing of characters out of nowhere wouldn't be "One Piece-like" if you get me.

      (Though I do want some deaths)
    12. Roƅ
      Well, to be fair, there are a ton of MC's (9) so giving all of them too much focus would take up a lot of time.

      But it's all good.
    13. Roƅ
      Well, if the story can't be random or predictable, what exactly are you looking for? :lmao

      And I agree, Shanks is fucking great.

      He came 2nd in this http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=934742

      But are you up to date? Can you really not stand OP, or is it just those few things?
    14. Roƅ
      You hate One Piece?! :sniff
    15. Nep Nep
      Nep Nep
      I never watched too many episodes of the Simpsons.
    16. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Glad to find a like-minded individual on the calcs issue. :quite
    17. Lyanna
      Hi :33

      Dropping by to inform you that the final face-off for the FINALS of Miss 'Naruto' 2013/1024 Competition: Hinata vs Konan, has already started


      Click the link and vote now! :iria
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  • About

    Halfway to anywhere
    I promise I'm not a supervillain.
    Favorite Character(s):
    Teuchi, the real Masked Man! (Kakashi's awesome too)
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 133
    Chapter: 442
    Massive bookworm
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