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Nov 7, 2014
Aug 18, 2006
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Aeld was last seen:
Nov 7, 2014
    1. ane
      Hi ^^

      I'm updating The Artist List in the Artist's Gallery section. The link to your gallery is broken, so I'm going to delete your name from the list. When you come back, if you wish to be added to the list again, please post in the thread a working link

      Thank you, and have a great 2013 !!
    2. Naruko
      Shrym: TekJounin passed away July 23, 2012. I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I don't know any other way to reach you. Sorry to bear bad news. Hope you're doing ok. :hug
    3. Naruko
      SHRYMMY!? You changed your name. All I ever hear of you anymore is virusspam from your old MSN acct. I see your name on MSN pop up, get some spam trying to phish me and I think of you <3

      Miss you, chica, be well :hug
    4. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine

      i love ya to death :squish
    5. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      supermoderator, shrympy :p

      that's why I told you to talk to Gooba (one of our admins; or Taxman or Pek or anyone, they're all real swell) because I don't possess complete power on nf XD
    6. Para
    7. Aeld
    8. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      you know i love you, rite? :buri
    9. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      fuckit :ruri

      you can make only Light if it's so terrible :cry
    10. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
    11. Para
    12. Mael
      I like where this is going. :ho
    13. pet
      omg i know how u feel
      2 of my sisters are sick and i think i'm gettin their germies! XP
    14. myr
      liar. :LOS
      No SS fan who hasn't read Color Theory.
      Even I believe Kishi himself subscribing to it, and told one of his poor assistant to translate it to Japanese. :pimp
    15. Faye Valentine
    16. myr
      *spank jooo*
    17. Naruto
    18. myr
      I'm on hiatus shrym -__-;
      workload (ARGH!), the cliche but true reason.

      btw, I read what Luna said to you on this guestbook, and I agree : read Bleach. put those big boobies girl aside, KT gave us many MANY MANY hot guys to drool after :ho

      well, at least read until you found a villain named Ulquiorra. He alone could rival Sasuke in my fangirling-meter. :high
    19. sook
      don't worry, i'm not returning to deviantart, but i still watch you and rama and some other assholes. and that is how i know you like hetalia.
      UGH HETALIA IS SO GOOD, SO GAY. did you get to grandpa rome's HELL SONG?? it's a glorious drinking song
    20. pet
      your set <3
    21. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      fuck it, I'm making it my official goal! I'll make you read bleach :C

      you know you can trust me, you gonna LOVE it :ruri
      naruto has no yaoi-ness compared to bleach :LOS
    22. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      *eats* :pleased


      we should totally write a lemon together XD

      and if you'd just read bleach... :cry
    23. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      ha ha... I am not!
    24. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      now I look like an itasasu fan :ruri
    25. Mael
      Oh snap! :LOS

      You will no longer haz intertubes for a while? Not good. :pek

      But I guess if it helps with work...
    26. Mael
      'Tis I, WalkingMaelstrom, from deviantArt! :gar
    27. Mael
      So...finally you reappear...:pek
    28. Ivyn
      Try again then... and you can ask others to make you them :hurr

      :lmao I want to get drunk as hell too :D To me celebrating new years is stupid, but every occasion to get pissed is alright. >:D

      Whaaat? omg Alex, studying abroad is so much fun, do it! :spaz Belgium sounds awesome, my friend was studying there for one year, she loved it. Maybe they have some international departments there or something? I mean, you don't have to speak Dutch fluently to study there, right?

      Don't stress that much, you'll be alright :3 xxx
    29. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      added you... still nothing >.>
    30. Faye Valentine
      Faye Valentine
      shrym get the fuck on msn now
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