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Feb 23, 2020 at 11:34 AM
Apr 9, 2012
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Oct 24, 1988 (Age: 31)
Some place


The Bored Lolmaster, Male, 31, from Some place

Merry Christmas NF :) Dec 26, 2019

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Viewing thread Pokemon Sword & Shield, Feb 23, 2020 at 11:34 AM
    1. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      King of your world, maybe. :maybe

      Sorry, it's the PS1 Castlevania game. Apologies. I'm used to abbreviations. Well, I never got into Sonic. I don't really like the speed. It seems like you can't really enjoy the levels... :I You gotta play past the pain. :catcry But isn't the game kinda set? Wait nevermind, I remember you can add things to newer games. In the older days, what you got was what you got. :I

      Well, there goes my plans of using a Scizor. Oh well. Scyther is good enough. But it'll feel a bit incomplete not using a Scizor. Oh well, Scyther is suppose to be really powerful as is in-game. Card thieves. I wish they arrest people for that. :angry

      I guess the games for handheld devices are quicker to make. Console games take forever because of the HD graphics. They take the most time so I guess 3DS games can avoid that. For the most part, they use the same engines, so they don't have to start from scratch for those games, I think. IDK how programming works too much though... :I I think game testing is quite serious now. In the past, they didn't take it as seriously. I guess since the game industry is bigger than ever, they have to make sure the product is good.

      Yeah, that's true. I always loved Mr. Parker's one liners. It's a part of Spider-Man. He wouldn't be the same without them. Batman actually killed people in the earlier comics IIRC so yeah, he's a lot more serious. I think trying to be funny is what made Batman 3 and 4 really mad in the original movies... :I I see, I guess DC has to try to be different. It wouldn't be a good idea to look like a Marvel ripoff now. They need to get their own identity for their movies. And they can't afford to mess up. Marvel is dominating as is. Superman can't say one liners. His character is more serious. Plus, it wouldn't fit his personality. The recent TMNT movie wasn't bad at all. I think you'll like it. :> I know there's gonna be a Sinister 6 and a Venom movie. IDK how that's gonna work out. I think Marvel might be pushing it a lil... :I Yeah, it was weird seeing three different Batmans in the same series... :I

      Split into two parts... Harry Potter's influence again... :angry But Marvel needs to be careful that they don't overdo it. Over saturated markets tend to collapse after a while. I guess they're trying to dominate DC atm though. Well, maybe I'll watch it later on. What about Arrow? You watch that too? :catsupine I don't want to wait around a decade for a series to finish now. It feels satisfying to finish a long series. With stuff still coming out, you never get that great feeling you feel when you finally read the last chapter or finish the last movie or episode. :I
    2. Odwaga
      Thank you.
    3. Odwaga
      What are the interesting places here? :hmm

      I like convo threads. :ignoramus
    4. Odwaga
      Lee Bermejo, yes, I know his pics.

      But didn't saw this one, till now.

    5. Odwaga
    6. Legion Of Chaos
      Legion Of Chaos

      Just want to know your opinion here, sorry for the little spam. Really want to read other thoughts on it.
    7. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I am a hero in training, man. :maybe

      That's too easy. The easiest game I ever played is probably... like SOTN or Super Mario World. There may have been easier ones but those come to mind. lulz The frustration factor must be lower than the fun factor. Most really hard games aren't fun enough to keep playing. :geg Can the patch apply to older games or do they just fix the later releases? : O

      Well, my desire to play the 4th generation lowered a bit when I realized I can't use the wifi trading feature anymore... :geg Some people also steal cards. I prefer sore losers over thieves. It's just a game. I don't mind losing too badly. I do however take stealing quite seriously... :angry

      Don't most games take at least a few number of years to develop now? I realize glitches will still be there but they should at least not break the game or make it unplayable without something drastic happening.

      That's true, I suppose. I guess the superhero movies are more comedic before. Just look at the trailers. The trailers for the first three Spider-Man movies were all serious. The first trailer for Avengers 2 was quite comedic in the beginning. Winter Soldier had some comedic moments. I like the part where Black Widow asked Captain America if he didn't get kissed in decades or something. That part was funny. :lmao Darker movies are fine. But I think you need a bit of comedy otherwise the movie takes itself too seriously. It's a movie about a superhero (there's gotta be moments where it doesn't take itself too seriously). I suppose the newest Batman and Superman movies were quite serious in tone. Man of Steel had almost no comedic moments unlike the Reeve moments. Have you watched the recent TMNT movie yet? I think I will soon. Sheer curiosity will get the best of me. lulz So Mr. Garfield won't be around for Spider-Man 4? Too bad. A change of Spider-Man after three movies will be so weird... @___@ The earlier Batman series was so strange because it had three different Batmans... (Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney) :sag

      Yeah, I'm gonna watch it, I guess. But IDU the phase thing too much. Is it named after a comic arc or something? : O There's gonna be at least 4 Avengers movies? : O Think Marvel will ever stop making MCU movies? XD If they make too much, it might really make the later movies less successful cause audiences will not want to keep paying to get tickets to see it. Do you like the Flash series so far? I don't do well with weekly releases. That's why I like to watch things that have already finished airing. :catsupine I don't want to follow weekly shows for too long... :ippy

      I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's too. :hug
    8. Freechoice
      It's a christmas miracle!
    9. DemonDragonJ
      Yes, I thought that he looked familiar.

      That .gif image is also an excellent response for much of what is posted on the internet, so I definitely like it.
    10. DemonDragonJ
      Who is that character in your avatar, and where did you find that image in your signature?
    11. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Heroes gotta hero, man. :catcry

      Probably. I mean, I think a game where a player doesn't lose once is a poorly designed game. That's way too easy. I mean, what's the difficultly if you just plow through the game? I mean... there are really easy games but... those are longer games. I suppose a long game without game overs is fine... You should try it, man. Maybe you'll like it. :hehee Most hard modes aren't even too hard if you really know what you're doing. :> There's a glitch like that? They didn't find it during game testing? DX

      I'm not sure. I think he said the concept of Kadabra was based on him or something. He probably didn't win. Well, I guess he wanted some cash. But it was enough for the trading card company to stop making Kadabra cards. >.< Anyways, I would still imagine the game is quite fun. :catsupine People always try to make up stuff when they're losing. It's just a card game, man. :mad

      Hmm... IDK. Modern games are very complex in design and stuff. Most older games are quite simple. But game testing is common today while it wasn't as common back then, I think. I guess it's a push.

      Well, check out Spider-Man 1 and 2. Tell me there weren't comedic moments in both movies. :hurr Maybe Spider-Man 3 tried to be too dark at certain times and too comedic at other times, giving the movie a strange feeling to it all. Well, tbf, superhero movies can't be taken too seriously... I mean, they're people in costumes fighting crime. There's only a certain level of seriousness you can go to. I guess your point is correct. But do you feel that maybe DC being too serious has hurt their sales possibly? I mean, I would imagine the younger viewers would prefer comedy over darkness... Well, at this point, I don't mind either way. Spidey or no Spidey, I will watch them. :> X-Men Days of Future Past was certainly a great movie. It felt much shorter than over 2 hours which is a sign of a good movie. :lmao IDK. I guess TMNT and Spider-Man appealed to me more as a kid. I can't exactly tell you why though... : O I heard they want two more sequels for the current Spidey series.

      There's a phase 3? Is there gonna be a Phase 4? Never really heard of those two... D: Well, I guess I'll wait and see. I do think over saturation is bad. You don't want to make too many cause it'll hurt the sales of each other. I mean, I doubt the casual movie goer wants to pay to see 4 superhero movies in one year. :lmao Really...? What video games have you really liked? : O The Flash doesn't look bad but I don't like waiting for weekly releases. :ippy I might check it out in the future though. : O
    12. SAFFF
      they try to cut corners too hard with the cgi like they've done with animation (i mean cutting corners is one of anime's charms when done right)so I wish they'd use it as little as possible until they really get it down like they did with digital animation. But I don't think japanese animation studios will ever get CG right, it even looks bad in their high budget anime movies. Would rather have something badly drawn than have it replaced with lazy CG.
    13. SAFFF
      yea I usually enjoy the writing, style and music more in the 90s anime and a few 80s classics like fist of the north star and space adventure cobra. they also got away with more in the battle shonen anime adaptions compared to now.
    14. SAFFF
      Definitely check out Outlaw Star when you get the time, its a definite classic.
    15. SAFFF
      my sets from this old anime Angel Links that's kinda a spin-off to the much more famous Outlaw Star. Her dog that was hidin in her titties stopped dude from coppin a feel.
    16. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hey man... I always respond in full. Heroes go all the way. :catprone

      I would say dying a couple of times is a a good thing. If you never "lose," the game is probably way too easy. Well, if you really enjoy the game, hard mode is a great idea. It's basically an enhanced version of the game. :hehee You could always try an easy mode. Decently programmed games will be quite different under easy or hard mode. You kinda just keep struggling, man. Unlimited continues! Has there been any big glitches in Gen 6 yet? : O

      Parents just don't understand. :ippy The guy apparently said Kadabra was based on him and sued for a lot of money. Case got dismissed. Go figure. :noworries One complain about ORAS by IGN was that there was too much water. :haha I'll still play it through. :> Yeah, the programs might be wrong sometimes but hey, it's better than people who think they know it all but are actually quite ignorant of it all.

      First gen programming was kinda bad. Like, let's say you have a Snorlax and a Rhydon. You choose Snorlax but other person's game thinks you sent out Rhydon. Eventually, the battle cancels itself because it knows something went wrong.

      Spider-Man has some comedic elements. Most superhero movies do. That might have been a better idea. There was a Spider-Man 4 planned but I guess 3 kinda killed the franchise. But having 3 villains and the symbiote was probably too much. Eh, IDK either way. I suppose it couldn't hurt. But is Spider-Man an Avenger himself? I quite like X-Men movies although I never liked the animated show when I was younger. I'm looking forward to the next movie of both. :> Man... a reboot already? Well, I'll probably still watch it. lulz

      Now, that's a lot of movies... Do you think they're trying to do too much? :catprone 10 in a span of 5 years might be a bit excessive. I might watch the Flash show if it gets picked up for more seasons. It seems popular enough so far. WW pilot was bad. Aquaman was nice actually. But I guess they thought it wouldn't get enough viewers or something. Well, aren't most video game movies disasters? :geg I might play them in the future, but I have other stuff that I wanna do first though. : O
    17. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Even after I finish this one, I still got one more left to do... I need to stop with the tl'drs... :geg

      I'm thinking two years is probably an exaggeration. Either way... I don't think this is worth thinking too much about. lulz

      Ah, well, that's good. I can't speak for everyone but dying all the time is really disheartening for me. There's only so many game overs a person can take... :D: Not even one? Really great games that are short really benefit from a hard core. It adds some cheap replay value if nothing else. :lmao Most hard modes aren't that bad if you get used to it. Castlevania III's hard mode isn't too bad if you get used to it. I loved it. :> You can sometimes exploit certain glitches to make the game easier (ex. Mega Man).

      IDK man. Once you cross that line, parents everywhere won't ever stop mentioning it. Just look at Kadabra. Apparently some guy sued them over Kadabra and apparently they haven't made a single Kadabra trading card since then. The gameplay is more suited for adults actually. There is a lot of strategy involved that kids won't think about. MK without blood is like... cereal without milk... it's doable but so much less enjoyable and so awkward. Well, I want to play ORAS in the future. However, I'm not looking forward to all the water again... :sag I like the games. I know some of the rules are wrong... but when real life people play with actual cards, there are so many wrong card effect interpretations. It's cheaper too. Yes, I've had a number of good cards stolen. I mean... thieves will always be thieves. :reallymad

      I'll let you know about Gen IV trading when I finally do it. I know I will to at least trade a few Pokemon at least. I remember that weird things could happen in Gen 1 with the link cables. I mean, they would send out the wrong Pokemon and stuff. Either way, I think WiFi trading is quite easy in Gen V and VI right? I mean, it's gotta be easier than the older days.

      Spider-Man 3 is a fun movie. The problem was all the hype and the first two movies. There was no way it could live up to that level of hype. And I think they tried to do too much. IIRC, Venom was a bit forced by certain people so it made sense that it made things awkward. As for Spider-Man possibly being in the MCU, IDK what to think about it. Doesn't Sony have the rights to Spider-Man or something? It would have to be another version that isn't related to the current movies.

      There isn't one planned atm. A bit of a shame really. :< Yeah, Flash is catching up now. He even has his own Smallville-style TV show atm. So does Batman as well atm. I think they wanted to make a Wonder Woman one too but it didn't get picked up. Aquaman isn't too popular so he might have trouble getting a movie not to mention making a decent profit. IDK, man. DC can't afford to screw up like they did with the Green Lantern movie. If they screw up again, they may never catch up to Marvel. They're already way behind. Does Marvel make good animated films? I think DC still dominates in that area. I think DC TV show animations are more popular than Marvel TV show animations for the most part... : O Nope. I haven't seen a single RE movie. Not really planning to. I only played the 2nd game for like 30 minutes. That's it. I might try it again in the future though. :>
    18. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Sorry for taking so long. Had some stuff going on. Plus... a guy only has so much tl'dr energy. :I

      I think 2 years is probably an exaggeration. It probably took at least hundreds of hours though, I think... I mean, people do shit things with their time. Maybe they made some money off of it? : O

      I see. Did you have a lot of game overs? : O I heard OoE was much more old school in terms of difficulty. Most games from SotN to PoR were all quite easy. Hmm, maybe you were just kinda good at it. Or maybe it's just hard compared to the easier Metroidvanias. Circle of the Moon was an exception. That game was quite hard because of how cheap it was. It was hard to figure out where you were going. -_- HoD was easier... but wow, so much backtracking. 0.0 AoS got it. :> I usually don't play the Metroidvanias on hard core. It's just level limits and stuff. It's not really a different game per se. Well, no game is perfect. As long as the glitches aren't insanely bad, it's fine.

      It would be kinda risky though. Once you make Pokemon for an older audience, it might cause some controversy. In fact, there is some controversy already with Pokemon. I doubt it'll happen. Since the current style works well, there's no reason for GameFreak to change it. Well, I think it wasn't considered as good as the other MK games. MK without blood and gore is just... not MK. :lmao Primal Groundon under his ability > Primal Kyogre under his ability. Still... Primal Groundon under rain will get OHKOed by Water Gun. lulz If you're gonna play YGO and other trading card games, I suggest the video games or programs. It'll be cheaper and you don't have to worry about people stealing your cards which is extremely common. :geg

      Ah, I see. So basically instead of discussing trades before you do, you instead have a wanted ad and you answer wanted ads yourself. I like it. It sounds cool. Older generations had to worry about connection problems when trading. If the link cable got disconnected or the wireless connectors (forgot what they call it but new FRLG games came with a wireless connector or something?) had issues, all kind of things could happen. GTS makes things smoother, it seems.

      It was kinda disappointing compared to the first two but if you just watched that one movie and didn't know about the first two, I still think it's entertaining. I think the biggest problem with the movie was all the pre-release hype. Jane Lavy... : O I saw the new Evil Dead movie. She was cool in it. :> IDK if she's MJ material or not though. But uh, the Mary Jane in the new series might be completely different than the MJ from the older ones. But at this point... Jane Levy could be her so keep hope alive. :maybe

      I really hope so... :I It sucks seeing all these other Marvel movies get sequels but not one for Hulk. I never liked the Thor movies that much tbph. I heard there will be a solo GL movie in 2020. That's so long into the future. XD But uh, I hope the Justice League movies do well. If they don't... DC live actions might be done. Marvel live action movies are making big money. I hear the DC animated films are superior to the Marvel ones though (I don't watch them myself so I can't judge firsthand). But the animated movies don't get released in theaters and therefore don't make as much money which is unfortunate for DC. I actually haven't seen any of Milla's movies... : O Well, I think Scarlet is fine enough. I can't say she's a weakness, that's for sure.

      I suppose. I would imagine the stores or something somehow make some money. I know somehow... someone profits from all of that... :I
    19. Freechoice

      Forgot to add to my rep message - thanks for clearing up the f/z thing.
    20. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Alright dude, we gotta start writing in paragraphs cause I always get lost in all of that. :geg

      Yep, the tool assisted runs take way longer than normal runs. Cause they use save states. For example, before every attack, they save it, and then repeat the attack to make sure the quick claw activates, they don't get paralyzed and it's a critical hit. Basically, save states to RNG abuse for speed. So yeah, it takes way longer than regular playthrough. I heard a SMB3 sped run took like 2 years to put together... IDK how true it is, but it made me think... :geg

      Which Castlevania game did you start with? The NES ones were quite hard. Castlevania III and Ninja Gaiden 3... :D: Nevermind, just read your next sentence. :lmao I did hear OoE was one of the harder Metroidvanias (Metroid-style Castlevania game). I know they take game testing much more seriously now than they used to. Still, a lot of the glitches in Pokemon games are quite... unlikely to occur in normal circumstances.

      Yeah, Pokemon with blood...? I don't think it would look right... :I I don't think MK vs DC was considered good. The heroic brutalities are quite funny though. XD Primal Groudon under his strong sunlight > Primal Kyogre under his strong rain. :datass I do like luck based games now and then though. You don't need to think about them as much. Brainless fun is what you need sometimes. And sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good. :> Yugi's deck was pretty cookie cutter though. He needed a lot of luck to win. lulz I suppose that's true. It doesn't seem like that much money when you just buy a single pack. But those add up to lots of money. You can use programs now though. I think there's a pretty good YGO TCG computer program for online play.

      Um, do you need the GTS to trade over Wi-fi? I mean... is the GTS just another name for link cable trading using Wi-fi...? Sorry, I still haven't really played much since Gen III. Gen III's trading was so much more complex than the first two gens.

      I liked Spider-Man 3. : O It's definitely the worst one but it's not as bad as people make it out to be. It's still fun watching it. Maybe... but at this point, I couldn't picture the new Gwen as anyone else. Who do you want as MJ? I thought Dunst was fine as her. Obviously, they aren't going to use her again. I wonder if Tobey will make a cameo or not in the newer series. Might be fun to put him in one short scene.

      Hulk didn't make enough money. People liked the new actor (is it spelled Ruffalo?) for the Hulk so there's still a good chance it could happen. But I'm guessing they won't do one until the other movies start making less money since Hulk is less profitable... :ippy Too bad really. I always liked the Hulk. :( They have to show Sinestro in the 2nd one if they make it. I mean, he got the yellow ring on at the end of the first movie. And since the firsts movie didn't do well, they need him if they make a second movie. Don't screw around when you can't afford to screw up. Use Green Lantern's worst enemy! IDK... maybe I just didn't like the retro setting of Captain America. I think that might be it. The colors were also quite weird throughout the entire story. Who would you have preferred as Black Widow? : O I'm not really a comics guy, so IDK anything about her really. Hmm... well, it is Scarlet... but Black Widow isn't exactly a big name superhero... Who knows? :noworries Special events Pokemon? It was just a way to make money by those greedy bastards. Even Gen 1 and 2 were not exceptions with Mew and Celebi respectively. :mad
    21. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, it's actually faster if you just do an efficient run. Speed runs are really luck based more often than not. I'll show you another video. Did you see the last like 40 minutes? That takes so much luck. You need Quick Claw every turn to activate, never get paralyzed and get a critical hit all the time. That would take you like... 100 hours to accomplish using save states. :giogio Speed runs take much longer than normal gameplay to actually beat. lulz Yeah... I guess they didn't think too much about it. I mean, it's a game based on a kids' movie. Of course, it was targeted to kids. Kids and difficult games do not mix well. Kids want easy games. :lmao Even teenagers don't love difficult games. Hmm... well, I'm a big Castlevania fan. In the older days, the games were notoriously difficult to beat. Ever since the PS1 game that came out in like... 1997, the games have been so much easier. I think as games got more mainstream, it just got harder. I'm a big fan of JRPGs, so I like long games. :lmao Well, I'm not too sure about the newer games, but I would imagine almost every game has some glitch of some sort. You just hope the glitch doesn't screw up the game like Gen 1 does. Ugh... violent Pokemon fighting... that usually doesn't happen in the anime or the games. Pokemon fighting has always been... non-violent? Irony. Removing blood. That's like Mortal Kombat vs. DC. It's weird. XD It does look pretty cool actually. The new Mega Pokemon have really strong abilities now. Mega Groudon's ability is pretty OP. I suppose. I mean, I lose in poker all the time due to luck. I guess all card games are somewhat luck based. : O Well... I don't like energy cards because I feel it's a cheap way to not release enough decent cards and fill up the booster packs with filler cards <like all trading card games though>. Well, when you're younger, you just play the coolest looking cards and don't think about efficiency as much. I know I did that in YGO! Besides, I'm sure our card choices were limited by what we had so you had to make do. Ah, I see. Trading restrictions have existed since Gen II, so it's not surprise that even Wifi trading had restrictions. I know each game has different limitations when it comes to trading with a game that isn't the other versions of the same new gen. I guess you can still trade with people you know, right? But like... you lose group features and stuff? :hmm That's true. You don't want it to be exactly like Raimi's movies. Doctor Octopus was the main villain in the second Raimi movie. I liked him. It was my favorite Spider-Man movie and probably still is. I think the human aspect of Spider-Man was done extremely well in that movie. Well, Mary Jane's actress might not even come back for the third film so it may have been a good thing in the end. So they might will just get someone new for Mary Jane. You should watch the Norton Hulk. The action scenes were quite good and I think Norton was quite good as Bruce Banner. I think they don't focus much on Hulk cause the 2008 film didn't make enough money to inspire confidence that a sequel would be a financial success. Too bad. Even changed main actors... :sag Well, I wanna see Sinestro in live action. He's the main enemy of Green Lantern after all. I didn't like CA1 cause I felt the character interactions were quite awkward. Honestly... these movies work better when they don't try too hard to force character relationships. That's why Spider-Man 2 was so surprising. : O Black Widow was great in the 2nd movie and her chemistry with Captain America was excellent in the 2nd film. So much sexual tension. :kloff Yeah... well, nowadays, you can find out almost everything about Pokemon moves with a simple Bulbapedia or Serebii search. It's much better than leveling up and hoping for something at least. Completing the Pokedex just wouldn't be worth it these days. Wasn't too bad actually first two gens but it got really hard in Gen III because there wasn't Wifi trading. I mean... wow... Gen III only could trade with other Gen III games and so many Pokemon were event exclusives or stuff you had to buy as "add-ons" to the game. It was ridiculous. :geg

    22. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, it could be done. I'll show you the video in the bottom. It's suppose to be totally legit too. No cheats, no save states, no glitches involved. Literally started from the beginning, never saved and simply played to the end. It's totally possible but you have to plan it perfectly and not run into any horrible luck. Tool assisted speed runs take way longer. 23 minutes probably took like 100 hours to get to. It'll be easier to just finish the game normally more often than not. :lmao That 2 hour thing probably took like 50 hours to plan and work out perfectly. lulz Older games made so many little kids rage. The Lion King for SNES is a game marketed for kids. But the difficulty is insanely high so... that was a terrible idea, I think. Games for kids should be on the easier side. Most games do take it too far. If you're dying 95 percent of the time you're playing, that's far too high... :sag But yeah, newer games these days are too easy. But at least they're long. I guess long and easy > short and hard for me. Yeah, they probably didn't test glitches that stuff back then. Pokemon games are notorious for being full of glitches. I mean even 4th gen had some, I think. I remember there was a glitch to get Darkrai without any events. IDK about 5th or 6th though. But isn't Tekken a really serious fighting game? I mean, the storylines are all kinda dark and the tone of the games are quite serious. Pokemon card game was very luck based. I mean... flip a coin was in the text of like... 40 percent of the cards. You know what was awful about Pokemon cards...? Half a booster pack were energy cards. :sag x 1000 It's just... crazy. The really great decks a while back must have cost nearly a thousand dollars to put together. It's like... all foil cards. It's not so bad these days though. I haven't played it for many years. My deck was poor man's cookie cutter beatdown. I had to use 1700 attackers when 1800 was the norm. :haha But yeah, so much wasted money on cards now that I look at it... :I Yeah, if there were so many problems... no one would buy digital copies but it seems popular enough so there must be at least some features that allowed you to recover it if something goes wrong. I know you can even let people borrow your downloaded games... these days... I suppose that makes sense. I kinda wished I could transfer my Fire Red Pokemon but the game already was deleted, so it's a moot point now... What is the GTS exactly? Is it in the 4th or 5th gen that it debuted? And I hear wifi support or whatever ended for gen 4 recently... is that true? I know you can still trade with people you know... but it doesn't support the more advanced stuff or something. Well, the first one wasn't that great. The Lizard was a bit weird as the main villain. Spider-Man and Lizard just don't have that much... tension between them. Neither does him and Electro. It's certainly far weaker than the original trilogy's Green Goblin/Green Goblin/Sandman/Hobgoblin/Venom where Spider-Man has a big history with 4 of the 5 villains. Mary Jane is gonna debut in the third movie. Was suppose to be in the second but they decided to delete her scenes since they wanted to focus on Peter/Gwen. Yeah, MCU stuff isn't bad at all. I really want a Hulk 2. I want to see the Leader in live action. I want Green Lantern 2 as well. :yay Captain America 1 is a bit boring but 2 was pretty good. I think Black Widow's character was really interesting. You could just have googled that. That was before internet was huge though, I guess. I did similar stuff. XD Well, you can never be sure if the traded Pokemon are totally legit or not... Still... it's the best way to do it. And it's not like you can get everything in one game only.

    23. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      You can actually finish Pokemon Blue in 2 hours. I've seen it. It was a single segment too. Apparently, there was no save states involved. Took a few tries though since a critical hit can ruin you. : O Older games were short so the difficulties were extremely high. My guess is that it increases game length. ;33 One of my guilty pleasures is playing games that are extremely easy. Nothing like a game where you don't even need to think about to beat. :hehee Yeah, RBY has poor programming. If you swim in the black line areas right after you start surfing, you could encounter stuff like that... My game was old so I thought maybe it was due to damage over time. It could be good. It's just that... Pokemon isn't something that's suited for serious stuff. It's more cartoonish and over the top fun. Not serious business where people stress out over it. I wasn't good at it either. I think the better cards were too expensive IIRC. YGO was fun and simple. It's a lot more complex now with so many effect monsters to think about. There's even a new monster type which I still don't even completely understand. When I played it, it was mostly just burn decks vs. beatdown decks. There are so many variables to consider now. @__@ I still like playing it now and then... but yeah, don't think I can get too into it now. Yeah, each card can be like half a hundred dollars for really expensive decks. That makes sense too. I guess it makes sense since the copies are probably coded to only work on a certain system or something. It's like PC software that can only be installed certain times, I would guess. Could be wrong though since IDK much about the newer systems. Digital copies are cheaper to buy too. I do think there are ways to recover games if the system itself is still working if something happens to the game or you lose data somehow. That's just a guess though... Hmm... you restarted Ruby to get all the starters from third gen? Well, that makes sense. Once you transfer all your Pokemon, you save file is basically... well, it's got nothing of value left really so you might as well start over. :distracted The first ASM movie was weird as heck. I thought Andrew and Emma were so awkward on-screen together more often than not. On the other hand... they were great together in the 2nd movie. IDK... but Marvel sequels tend to be better than the originals in my experience. I often find myself enjoying the sequels far more than the original movie. I would recommend ASM2 personally. I will definitely watch ASM3 when it comes out. Aw, alright... Still, level 65... that must have been annoying... Why did you keep using Eevee until level 65? Didn't it get annoying after a while to use something with lower base stats than the rest of your team? It must have been limited compared to the rest of your team. D: I do know it's possible to get a full Gen 3 Pokedex but it was quite tough... It's probably not too hard post Gen IV because all the Wifi made trading much easier. If you had a message board with people who wanted to trade, you'll manage to get everything you need sooner or later if you have the patience to do it all... :noworries
    24. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Well, I prefer fair challenges. Besides, the only way to make Pokemon harder would be insanely high AI levels or giving them extremely powerful movesets all game. That might be a bit excessive pre-endgame. Sticking with medium difficulty is best. Especially for longer games. : O Short and really difficult can work though. But newer games these days go for mainstream so difficulty can't be too high. Yeah, if you do the Missingno glitch, stuff like that happens. I even encountered a Ponyta in water by accident. Might have made my save file somewhat corrupt. :I If you get any experience, they go down to level 100 though. Just play less video games of the fighting genre. :> Is this real and not just a joke? Tekken is suppose to be a serious fighting game. Pokemon is a game that is over the top and can't be taken too seriously. They're things caught in a ball to fight each other and they can always be healed back to full health. You can't take that concept too seriously. Oh yeah... I have a bad feeling about that game. Yeah, I think most people didn't know how to play and just wanted to collect the cards. I spent much money on them. I spent even more on YuGiOh but I know how to play that one. YGO! is quite easy to play though. But you need massive amounts of cash to be good at it. I liked SSB somewhat. But I never got too into it. Well, if you think about it, you are buying the game. You're just not buying a physical copy of it. It's just a easier way for them to make money since they just need to give up some bandwidth. Uh, I think the 3DS has DL-able content. I remember the older DS did. I know the Wii and Wii U did. I think they're pretty safe though. Ah, I see. But isn't Pal Park quite late into the game. By that time, you probably would have used most of your in-game Pokemon already. :lmao I think it makes sense. It has been 11 years. That's enough time for a remake. I mean, the Spider-Man movies got a reboot in 10 years. lulz I guess. Maybe I didn't use it enough. My Gold Eevee needed to get to over level 50 to evolve into an Espeon and an Umbreon. @__@ Yeah, the coding is completely different. You know that box thing in the first two gens where it gets full? It's because coding was a lot more limited on the GB and GBC than it was for the GBA. That's one reason. But the real reason is for the money. ;D Another reason was that you can't get a full Pokedex with just RSE. It is actually possible to get a full legal Pokedex in third gen games. It would require a lot of traveling to events and buying extras though. :I
    25. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah. I mean, it's a game meant for kids. It would be unwise to make the difficultly level too high. If you make the games too tough, they won't think it's so fun and they won't buy it. :lmao Still, I do admit that I prefer too easy over too hard. I used to play things on easy mode all the time. :cat Hmm, one thing that the Missingno glitch that I saw on Red was level 137 Charizards. I never managed to see a level 137 Blastoise or Charizard on Blue though. I did find a Abra at a really high level though... Caught it and rare candied it to see what happens. It evolved. I suck at fighting games. You know those guys that look cool at arcades doing awesome moves? Yeah, I can't be one of those guys. :ruri I just don't think my reactions are quick enough for fighting games. I tend to think about stuff and not just react. There's a new Pokemon fighting game? : O I only played Pokemon Pinball for a bit years back. I do remember playing the actual card game but I was never great at it. It might be fun though. If it's like Super Smash Bros, could be fun. It shouldn't look too violent. It should be over the top stuff. :lmao Yeah, I keep everything that comes with the games now. I mean, why not? It came with it for a reason. And hey, it could be valuable eventually. I think they don't do that anymore though since the company officially releases them as downloadables now. Breloom is cool in Gen 3. I just don't want to use it again in Gen VI if I do play ORAS since I like using different Pokemon. It makes the experience different. I suppose that's true. It'll be nice to not worry too much about one time TMs later on. I hated that about the earlier games. I guess that's true. Umbreon is tankish though and I like ultra offensive Pokemon for in-game teams. Espeon has high special attack so it's more suited for me. But... getting Eevee to evolve through happiness can be a real pain. :I It still had the Metal Coat. Well, I didn't restart the game. Maybe if you reset the Yellow, the Metal Coat might just disappear. I'm not sure what would happen. I doubt the developers considered items too much in Gen 1 since they didn't even think about that yet. I'm probably thinking about this too much. It's not like I'm gonna replay it again so I don't need to worry about this. Post Gen 3 uses completely different coding than the first two gens. :haha
    26. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      It's actually really simple to hack Pokemon if you have the tools necessary. It takes seconds if you know the codes and stuff. The thing about the Missingno glitch that I found weird was that I never had any problem with it on a Pokemon Red cart I borrowed but it killed my own Pokemon Blue cart. I didn't even save it and it deleted my save file. It was... quite surprising. Yeah, I would never do too well in a fighting game tournament with many people. I also suck with analog controls. I'm more of a thinker than a reactor. I also think my fingers are a bit slower than what is needed to be really great at fighting games. Ah, I see. I'll let you know when I finally play Gen IV on that matter. Have you ever tried Pokemon Showdown? When people lose there, they start cursing out the other player. It's... ridiculous. Just play it for some fun. It's not life or death. Ah, well, that's good. I feel really stupid for getting rid of the boxes now. If I kept them, the games I have would be higher value. You never think about this stuff when you're younger though. :< Still, I think just having the items along with the game nearly doubles the value. Well, I wanted to use Slaking, but I didn't find the room for it cause I feel there's better Pokemon to use. If I knew there would be a Gen 3 remake, I would have used Slaking instead of Breloom. Breloom in Gen 6 is probably better than Breloom in Gen 3 cause of Bullet Seed getting a power boost and being a physical attack now. I wonder if Gen 6 Slaking will be good or not. Yeah, if you ever look at gen 1 movesets, some of them don't have any new moves until the level 30s and stuff since you can't legally get them a lower levels. Gen 2 couldn't do that because they had to consider bred Pokemon. Well, that's good. Espeon > Umbreon in-game Gen II for sure. Umbreon is more tankish while Espeon is a good special attacker. Espeon/Umbreon seem too annoying to get in HGSS though... Hmm, it doesn't work with tradebacks. Tried Scyther with Metal Coat. Traded it to Yellow, traded right back. Didn't work. I think both games need to "know" there's an item attached. Do you mean items disappear if the game gets reset or something in Yellow? : O I didn't know that. I guess it makes sense. Held items are recorded using a code. I suppose the first gen games just don't have the code. I wonder if Pokemon re-get items though... Like, a Snorlax from Gen 1 has leftovers as a held item if you trade it over. If you trade back a traded Snorlax without leftovers to the original Gen 1 game you got it from in the first place, and that Gen 1 player restart his/her game before trading again, does that Snorlax "find" another Leftovers? Maybe I'm thinking too much about this. It's not like it's that important to me now...
    27. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, even if someone wants to hack, that's their business. It's your game, play it the way you want to. I mean, I don't support hacked Pokemon in legit competitive battling (not acceptable in this case), but if you're just playing by yourself, what's wrong with hacking? If it makes the game more fun for you, do it. I just don't like to cause I feel the game is easy enough for the most part. I suck at fighting games. I've never been good at pressing buttons quickly and doing combos and stuff so I struggle in those type of games. I'm more about RPGs. I'm better at slower paced stuff that you need to think about. I'm more about planning and less about reaction. Yeah, Snorlax without a fighting attack is a lot worse than Snorlax with a fighting attack. I've only used heart scales three times so far... (Hitmonlee's Meditate, Nidoqueen's Body Slam, Camerupt's Rock Slide). I hear it's kinda annoying to get those in 4th gen though. :I Competitive battling is fun but most people take it too seriously. :< Ah, I see. I never knew that. : O I never actually brought a 3rd gen game new. That Braille dictionary if you still have it is a Pokemon collectable now. :ruri Yeah, Regigigas is probably the worst legendary in-game ever. Most legendaries either OHKO things easily or absorb so many things that they won't die easily to anything other than 4x super effective hits. Regigigas is annoying. Who wants to wait out Slow Start in-game? :sag Have you ever used Slaking? I thought about it in 3rd generation, but I ultimately decided not to. They have almost identical stats. Nope. Genders and breeding were only introduced in 2nd generation. Genders were determined by DVs (a Pokemon stat) in the first two gens. So was shininess. So you could never be completely sure what your Gen 1 Pokemon's genders are unless you calculate it or you use a Gen 2 game to look it up. How did you find out they evolve through happiness in gen 2? By chance? : O I thought it had something to do with Sun Stone/Moon Stone since that's how the first gen Eeveelutions worked. Think the 4th generation Eeveelutions are worth using. The ice one looks alright but the grass one seems quite bad. Hmm, IIRC, the item held trades don't work between a Gen 1 and a Gen 2 game, right? Cause like... the Pokemon Yellow game didn't have items so the games don't "realize" they have items or something? Like, I think you needed both games to be Gen II because both games need to "understand" that the Pokemon being traded was holding the item needed to evolve. I may be wrong though but that's what I heard. Maybe I'll test it myself in the future... OK, tested it. It doesn't work on Scyther with a Metal Coat. I didn't test Haunter and company but since those don't need items, they should work fine. Anyways, try Blaziken in Gen 6 if you can. I bet it'll be quite good in-game. :>
    28. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      But Pokemon is pretty easy though. There's no real reason to cheat in it. The only real difficulty if you know what you're doing and planned out your plan is being underleveled which be easily solved by grinding. Pretty easy stuff. :> Yeah, if you actually practice the game legit, you'll get better at it. Like Ninja Gaiden. After a while, you get much better. It feels more satisfying if you beat it legit. :> I'm not really good at fighting games. :I Yeah, Shadow Tag is the only thing that works on things are airborne. Yeah, Magnet Pull forces Steel types to stay in. Well, just doesn't the rival's Snorlax can't, doesn't mean your own Snorlax can't. :maybe Check to see if there are any ghost or dark type physical moves in his learnset. Even if he could, it might be one time only TMs, so... yeah, Snorlax probably got worse in Gen IV. Looking it up, Snorlax learns Crunch through leveling up but it needs really hard to get or one time only TMs to get a good fighting move. Yeah, it's a competitive battling term, but you can do that in-game too. If you're underleveled, sometimes, it's all you can do to not lose the battle. But yeah, in-game and competitive are completely different things, so don't worry about competitive stuff too much if you just want to beat the game. Did you look online for the puzzle help? IDK know Braille at all, so I had to... @__@ Yeah, I don't think I can catch Regigigas then. My Sapphire save file already got deleted so... a moot point now. There is Regigigas in Platnium that you can get through an event that unlocks the three Regis. That's a moot point now too though. Well, I don't care about genders now. I just want good stats. :distracted Mr. Mime's original Japanese name is completely gender neutral. That was the English translation team's fault. :zaru But Machamp being female seems fine? The sprites are identical. It would be a bad idea for them if it wasn't. lulz Ah, I see. Did you get Umbreon and Espeon too? : O What about some of the traded with a certain item Pokemon? A lot of those were weird ideas... -_- Yeah, they're good competitive-wise, but I feel that it's not worth using it in-game. It's kinda annoying to get and train all the way to a Dragonite. There would've been easier Pokemon to use is what I mean. : I Hmm, IDK why you don't like Blaziken. He's probably the best fire starter in the first 3 gens. :hmm Probably the best fire Pokemon in-game in the first 3 gens now that I think about it. No other fire Pokemon is as useful as Blaziken in-game in all of the first 3 gens combined. :occa
    29. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I know you can duplicate stuff on Emerald. IDK how it works exactly since I never tried it. I try not to use glitches since I feel it makes the save file somewhat unlegit. I only want to do things legit these days. :ippy Ironically, I always found Grand Theft Auto easier without the cheats. Maybe I just had to get better when I didn't have them to work with... @__@ Arena Trap? It only works on groundbound Pokemon. It would work on the beasts but not on anything that is Flying-type or that has Levitate. Wouldn't work on a whole bunch of roaming Pokemon. Hmm, I think Snorlax got a bit worse in Gen 4 because Shadow Ball became a special move in Gen 4. Always surprised me Ghost attacks were physical in the first 3 gens. But I haven't played Gen IV enough to know. And I would imagine Snorlax has at least one Ghost or Dark physical attack in Gen IV (just a hunch so I could be wrong about that). Basically, death fodder is a Pokemon you let faint to save other Pokemon. For in-game purposes, it usually means allowing you to use items on other Pokemon by letting the one in battle take hits. Snorlax is bulky so it can do that really well. It really helped me cause I was underleveled for the 2nd Elite Four. The Regis were really annoying. The puzzles? You had to make sure you didn't waste the Dig TM? You needed to get a Wailord? Ugh. Lots of work for very little reward. Two of the Regis would suck pretty hard in-game too. Only Regice would be any use in-game IIRC. :ippy Yeah, it ended up being a moot point for me since I caught it quite quickly. Would be useful to those who want a certain nature or great IVs for it though. I just wanted the Pokedex data. Well, I know it doesn't matter much now but I was really anal back then. I mean, in my first Fire Red playthough, I only wanted my entire party to be all male. So it ended up with 5 male Pokemon and 1 genderless one (Magneton). I was a sexist Pokemon trainer. :lmao Yeah, the only ball that affects them after they're caught is the Friend Ball and it would only really matter if they evolve through happiness. I plan to use a Crobat in HGSS so I'll try to make it happen there. Yeah, trying to catch Feebas blind and evolving it without knowing what you're doing will be impossible. How would anyone know to do that? Thank goodness for the internet. :sag Yeah, Gengar changed a lot in 4th gen. Shadow Ball wasn't really good on Gengar until 4th gen. After 4th generation, Shadow Ball and Focus Blast was all you really needed. Maybe it's because you can't get it until really late? Unless it's a Pokemon I absolutely love, I don't bother to level it up for in-game use since it's usually not worth it. I kinda regretted using a Dragonite in LG. It was Dragonair for like 80 percent of the time... :-( Well, these days, a lot of special Pokemon are distributed through Wi-Fi, I think. Like, a certain company in a certain location will offer you a free download of a certain Pokemon if you go to their event or something. I'm not completely certain on how it works. I do know that Mega Blaziken was only obtainable that way without trading with someone else when 6th gen first came out. Usually, they come with special moves or something (ex. I think a relatively not too old one is a Tyranitar that knows Ice Punch).
    30. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Crystal at least made it more bearable since you only had to catch one with a regular ball. HGSS screwed it up again with Lati@s. :mad At least you can just Shadow Tag... still means that catching it will be annoying as heck though... I cannot recommend Snorlax enough. Being normal typing also means that it's only weak to fighting moves. I've used Snorlax as death fodder whenever I needed to heal up during the Elite Four runs. :lmao An ideal moveset for Snorlax in FRLG would be Rest/Body Slam/Brick Break/Shadow Ball for in game use. Perfect coverage for everything you'll find in-game. Yeah, it never really helped me with the Regis at least. I heard a Dive Ball was the best ball to try and catch Kyogre with in Emerald but I a few Ultra Balls was enough for me there so I never tested the theory. I actually have a pet peeve with sending things out in anything other than a Pokeball (Snorlax in a Great Ball always annoyed me a bit tbph) until I had no choice but to have 3 Safari Balls in my LG playthrough. Eh, it's quite simple in Emerald if you know beforehand what you gotta do. It was pretty simple for me. I only needed like 9 or 10 out of the 12 limit to evolve mine. Ah, Gengar. Yeah, I loved that thing in Gen 2. Was probably my best Pokemon in my Crystal playthough. High special, high speed and had pseudo-boltbeam which was enough for the entire game. Golem and Machamp (got Machop from an NPC in-game trade) were damn useful too. Yeah, the Pikachus that can Surf are notoriously difficult/annoying to get legally in the past. It's kinda simple now with Wi-Fi though. :lmao
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