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Aug 23, 2019 at 3:19 PM
Apr 9, 2012
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Oct 24, 1988 (Age: 30)
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The Bored Lolmaster, Male, 30, from Some place

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Aug 23, 2019 at 3:19 PM
    1. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, but I don't think I would have the patience to do it again. When I replayed GS again... I just didn't bother with catching any of the 3. Felt good to not worry about that actually. Probably saved me about 5 hours and stuff. It took me a while to catch Entei and Raikou. I should say about 2 and I was extremely lucky that time. At least you have more options in later generations. That's still cheap. That's for noobish players, man. Real men never use legendaries. :ippy Aerodactyl is quite good in generation 3 if you could stand grinding it (quite bad before Gen 3 though). I did it and I didn't regret it as he and Snorlax were my best Pokemon in the end of my blind Fire Red play through. It's too bad I didn't learn until after I struggled to beat the 2nd Elite Four already that I learned Snorlax could learn Shadow Ball. Boy, would Agatha have been quite easy if I knew that... @__@ I know Groudon and Kyogre have the same catch rates, but I have heard people complain about trying to catch Groudon a lot more than they do Kyogre. :hmm I used mostly Ultra Balls with legendaries. It just feels right seeing them in an Ultra Ball. Yep. Old Rod. Surfed from the bottom left and went tile by tile. It was... kinda worth it since I don't have to wonder about how using Milotic feels like now. I suppose catching Feebas is in a way "completing" the game. I know you think Gen 4 will be remade and you probably know more about Gen 4 than me who has not played it yet but based on the features listed... I cannot see enough of a difference between Gen 4 and Gen 6 to justify a remake of it yet. Yep. I will use a Raichu with Thunderpunch. GSC tradebacks FTW. :yay Gengar/Alakazam would be beastly with the elemental punches in Gen 1. Might be fun to try in the future. :hehee Yeah, Pikachu/Raichu is pretty helpless against Geodude/Onix so you basically have to switch out if you don't want to Slam/Quick Attack for 5 minutes. Surf OHKOs them. It's pretty easy to hack the move unto Pikachu with a Gamefreak. That's not legit though... :sag But I would imagine people who could do would do it since I hear Pokemon Stadium is quite fun. :> On another note, Raichu with Surf is still pretty helpless against Grass types in Gen 1.
    2. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Tbph, I caught them all in Gold but I duplicated Master Balls to do it. Semi-legit, I suppose. I did it totally legit on Crystal though. Master Ball on Raikou and Heavy Ball on Entei (got quite lucky). I used to use nothing almost but legendaries in-game when I was younger. Now I avoid them at all cost. They make the game too easy. Stop using legendaries, man. You'll feel better when you beat the games without them. :ippy Well, that one isn't really important. I mean, GSC didn't even have fossils. They had an Aerodactyl for trade in Kanto, but that's it. I guess they wanted Kabuto/Omanyte to be RBY exclusives. Too bad. GSC could use some variety. The number of GSC Pokemon that are actually not a pain in the butt in-game to use are quite low. 100 extra Pokemon and yet it seems your options actually went down. :sag Did you happen to use it on one of the Regis? They each have the lowest catch rates possible so if it's not Lati@s or Rayquaza, it's probably one of the three Regis. Yeah, I wish I was that lucky in Emerald. Took me about... 3 hours and 50 different spots to finally find it. Yeah, I think I said it best... you'll spend less time running around trying to catch all of these things than the time and effort it'll take to win the lottery without extreme luck. I don't really want another Gen 1 remake, but I just feel it in my bones that it's going to happen. I really hope that if that one truly gets released, there won't be anymore remakes. Time to make original games. :C Although Pokemon games themselves are extremely formulaic. lulz I think I might replay Yellow quite soon. Although I kinda want to evolve the starter Pikachu. Would ruin the following around part, but I've seen it enough to not miss it too much. I just wish Pikachu/Raichu could get Surf without having to own an N64. :mad It would make it much better in game since you wouldn't even need to worry about switching out on Ground types. But no, you need to jump through 1000 hoops to make it happen. Thanks Gamefreak. :angry
    3. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      See, that's the horror of it all. If you don't catch them, the game wins. If you do catch them, you lose. :( Do you use legendaries in-game? If you do, it'll be more worthwhile. Since I don't, it feels like such a chore. You talking about GSC? I hate GSC. Kanto post-game is really rushed and most of the trainers are underleveled. GSC is a grindfest that I really don't enjoy that much. Easily the worst of the first 3 generations. What Pokemon did you use it on? Groundon? Groundon's catch rate isn't that low. Rayquaza's is a lot lower. But it's still stationary. Lati@s is low and roamning. @__@ Oh! Did you not know about Lati@s until you already used it? That's what happened to me and Entei in FR. :I I think they fixed that problem in Emerald in that the Aqua Base will always stay open. Still, it's a bit tough to miss the Master Ball if you actually like item exploring. Yeah, the Old Rod is actually the best idea since you'll only catch Magikarp and Feebas with it. I'm not saying it was worth it, but Milotic was useful. Sharpedo's also in the slow experience group while Milotic is in the quickest one. I figured it would even out a bit in the end. You didn't get it until 4th gen? I hear catching Feebas in 4th generation was even tougher because it changes spots every day. Do you have enough Master Balls to catch all the roaming Pokemon in Gen 5 and 6? Gen 3 is the only gen that got it correctly. :ippy But I don't think they can remake FRLG. I think Yellow would be a better idea. I just hope if a remake of Yellow is a success, they don't remake Crystal too... Oh no... Mega Johto starters in the Crystal remake... That could happen now that I think about it. :sag I kind of want to replay Yellow now. I'm gonna trade in Pokemon that I never really used before. :yay
    4. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      So you're just gonna let these things run around in the wild? Yeah, that's catching them all, man. :ippy No, just one of the legendary Johto beasts in the post-game of FRLG. Which one depends on your starter. The birds are stationary. Well, I think they're worth playing. I actually liked the idea of the 2nd Elite Four. I wasn't in love with the Sevii Islands sidequest though. It feels too long sometimes... There's a pretty simple way to catch Lati@s though. It's the same way you catch the legendary beast in FRLG. Enter/leave building near a patch of grass. It resets where they are. Why didn't you just Master Ball it? : O Did you forget to get it? It is actually possible to miss the Master Ball in RS. I actually managed to get a Milotic. Took me about 2 hours to finally find Feebas. Took me a little bit of time to grow the berries beforehand too since you can only use a certain amount of Pokeblocks on Feebas. Kinda glad I did though. Milotic is really useful. Much better than Sharpedo. It's not hard to catch, just long and annoying. :sag You only caught one of the roamers in Sinnoh, right? Man, you need to catch 3 in Platinum. I wonder how long that would take. :giogio Well, I suppose as long as there's enough variety and the game is fun, I'll still play it eventually. But I still don't like the idea of only a few new Pokemon each generation. :ippy I think if they remake Gen 1 again, they might just remake Pokemon Yellow. They could get away with it if you think about it. I don't really care too much about the Pokemon following you. It's cool but it adds nothing to the game really. Hmm, you were clever. :maybe Would there be any other three type combo that would work? I'm not one hundred sure on that Pal Park thing though. I think that's how it works though. Gamefreak designed the NDS games to be able to recognize GBA fake carts.
    5. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Well, you're gonna have to devote hours to catching them, dummy. :33 It sucks. :sniff I played FR the first time without prior research so I had no idea that one of the legendary beasts roamed Kanto really late in the game. I was pissed when I was told Entei was roaming out there and I had no Master Ball. I didn't want to catch it... but I felt like I didn't complete the game if I didn't catch it. It's very fortunate I didn't save when it roared me and that my first Ancientpower didn't kill it and took it down to almost no health. I think I used Dugtrio with Arena Trap a bunch of times later on when it was asleep. Figured that was my best shot. If it roars, I'll just reset the game and try it again. Took me about... 5 resets to catch it when it was asleep? Yeah, I think it's one of the lake trio, right? Unless there's more than one. @__@ Wow. Researched. Even in DP, there's two so you can only master ball one of them... It's even worse in Platnium since they added a Kanto legendary bird there as well... Thank you, Gamefreak... :sag I didn't believe it could do that. I thought it would give me a few tries to Ultra Ball it. This thing can flee when it's asleep? That's ridiculous on so many levels. At the very least, Suicune so it's easier to catch (they had to change its moveset in Crystal or it would roar you out of the mandatory (I think so at least) battle... :ippy) doesn't have roar but Raikou/Entei do. Hmm... yeah, I want at least a hundred each gen. Gen 2 was the lowest with 100. Gen 7 should have at least 100. I doubt it would change though. It's tradition now. The only exception to that was Pokemon Yellow where Pikachu was the starter but they only released that game to capitalize off Pikachu and the anime. Once they realized Pokemon Yellow sold well and that Crystal didn't do bad, they milked it in all later generations. Oh, I just noticed your three suggest starters are all weak/strong against one of the other. :lmao Alright. : O I think that's about everything. The only other thing I could do is try to take a picture of my cousin's carts if it's really necessary but I don't think I would need to go to that extreme. If possible, you should take your own system with you if you're buying it in person. People who are honest sellers will let you at least test it in your own system. Pal Park is one of the best ways to test it. The 4th gen game's Pal Park will automatically delete any fake cart's data if you try to migrate IIRC. :hurr
    6. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, I always save the Master Ball for the roaming Pokemon. I have no desire to run around the place looking for them. Mean Look is still a good idea, I think. If they don't pick roar, you can slowly damage them. IDK how it works in 4th gen, but in 3rd gen, the beasts always fled ASAP. I had Entei at red and asleep and it literally ran from battle when it was asleep! Mindblown! I forgot all about Entei and I used my Master Ball on Mewtwo... Took me like 3 hours to finally get Entei. I believe Roar doesn't work on a Soundproof Pokemon but I could be wrong. But they could simply just flee unless you Mean Look (at least I think that's how it works) them so IDK how effective that would be... I do remember even the Pokeflute doesn't work on Soundproof Pokemon in FRLG. It didn't affect my Mr. Mime. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would be interested in using Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise, but it's still gimmicky to me. I think Gen VI only had like 50 new Pokemon? I fear that will be the new norm. I mean, so far in gen vi, there may be as many new Mega forms as there are few new Pokemon soon. The grass Pokemon starters do tend to be pretty bad. I hope the 6th gen one is better (the fighting type is good in game at least). Chikorita is suppose to be terrible in HGSS as well. The 5th gen snake grass starters seems terrible as well. Well, there are ways to tell the difference. I can Skype you more links later if you really need them. I mean, I borrowed copies from someone who didn't care since he restarts the game all the time so he didn't mind that I wanted to play them for a bit. I didn't have to worry about that. Anyways, even if you buy it in person, be sure to examine the cart thoroughly.
    7. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hey, I feel you. 3 roaming Pokemon and one master ball. What's wrong with this picture, GameFreak? This same problem happens again in HGSS because they also added one of the Lati@s roaming Kanto (diffrent one in each version). So once again, you have only one master ball... :sag At least you can Shadow Tag the Lati@s but I believe both Raikou and Entei still have Roar. :I And they have the lowest catch rate too (3 each). Fuck you, Gamefreak! :angry Trying to add replay value to a game without one... :ippy They do evolve somewhat. Their stats go way up and they stay the same form until the end of the battle where they change back. That's Digivolving 101. :lmao Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. They're only going to introduce like 50 new Pokemon only each generation now (9 Starters, your basic birds, legendaries, the pseudo legendary and just like... 30 other Pokemon). I hope 7th generation introduces a lot of Pokemon. I quite liked 3rd generation for that reason. Plus, the designs were decent for the most part. Yeah, they're probably gonna introduce the Mega forms for the same generation at the same time. 2nd generation needs good Megas. Their basic forms are quite bland in that they're all single type. Do you hate the Grass Pokemon too? : O In gen 1, Bulbasaur and Charmander are about equal. In gen 2, the grass one is the worst by far. In gen 3, Sceptile was the worst one in RSE and Bulbasaur was the worst one in FRLG. At the very least, it seems Torterra is quite good in game in Gen 4. STAB Ground attacks is excellent in game and it learns Earthquake naturally. The water ones usually were quite good. Squirtle is the best one in both RBY and FRLG. Totodile is probably the best one in GSC too because it has a good movepool despite the weird stats. Swampert is great too. Charmander is decent in both RBY and FRLG, the fire one in GSC is quite good and Blaziken is great in game. Well, I could give you more details later if you want them. I'm sure you can get them for free if you know where to look. ;D And no, I never brought them off eBay. I wanted to but I was also afraid of fake carts. There are ways to identify them but at the end of the day... there's no way to be one hundred percent sure until you actually get the thing. There's even fake Pokemon DS carts too. :<
    8. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Oh, right. You mentioned that to me before. I forgot about that. Well, Entei isn't that great so it's not like you lost out on that much. I forgot that could happen. I'm still anti-Mega. This isn't Digimon where things can evolve and devolve when necessary. Devolving Pokemon? That's uncool. :giogio I just hope the next gen better at least have 100 new Pokemon. I do not count Megas as a new Pokemon. Well, I think eventually all the starters will get one. It would seem unfair to favor certain starters over others (Who are we kidding though? They hate the grass starters with a passion. I had to use Hidden Power on my Sceptile in Emerald! Hidden Power on my starter on an in-game moveset <luckily it was the extremely useful Water>! And it's not like Venusaur in FRLG was much better. Meganium sucked hard too in GSC. It seems to be awful in HGSS as well. They seem to love the Water ones though. Fire is in the middle. ) Well, you know, I'm sure they aren't that hard to find if you know where to look. ;> And be careful if you buy on ebay. There's so many fake GBA Pokemon carts. @___@
    9. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Well, the duplication glitch is quite safe. I believe the worse that happens if you screw that one up is you simply don't duplicate anything, right? Or does it carry a serious consequence if things go really wrong? I didn't really like it and I kinda still don't. I feel it's just a gimmick to give them an excuse to release older games again and a way to distract the players from noticing that they're running out of ideas for original Pokemon. :sag But it's strange though. Why Slowbro and not Slowking? It seems weird one evolution of a Pokemon gets a Mega evolution but the other evolution does not. But makes Slowbro more worthy of an evolution over Slowking? What made Gardevoir more worthy than Gallade? It all just seems so arbitrary. I mean, why did Blaziken get the first gen 3 starter Mega form? Is it because Blaziken was the only Uber starter so far? There's just no pattern to it and I really think it truly has come down to whether or not they can come up with a good design for potential Mega forms... You never played FRLG? Those games aren't too bad. They're a bit slower than the original games because the AI is far smarter and there is a postgame quest. I wonder if HGSS is worth playing. It looks to be just as much of a grindfest that GSC was. :sag
    10. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Well, I did it when I was younger without any real issues. I think I did it on Red? I tried it on Blue this time. The game is quite old so... the battery probably can't handle as much as it used to. It can be risky though since I hear some Missingno glitches just completely kill any chance of having a normal cartridge even if you delete the game. It's not really worth it since RBY is pretty easy anyways. The Megas seem so arbitrary. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if the real reason is simply what they could come up with good designs for and just go with it... :sag Salamence is OP. :yay I'm a bit shocked Slowbro is getting one... I mean, Slowbro isn't particularly popular. Also, Audino seems random too. They should give Hoenn Pokemon Mega forms since it's a third gen remake. It seems strange that Mega Slowbro is going to happen but not Mega Slowking... I guess at this point of time, I'll play the remakes only if they offer enough to be replayed. :geg I assume you want to play them?
    11. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Has anyone who has walked under heaven and stood above the ground ever been able to? Have they?

      Missingno is mostly safe. It did delete my Pokemon Blue though... I guess it's fine since I beat the game already. @__@ I think a pre-evolution Lapras might look nice. Like a baby Loch Ness monster. : O Yeah, she's based off a Japanese folklore character. I guess Gamefreak wants to avoid any negative attention from parents since I'm sure they buy these games for their kids. Still, Jynx formed a trio with Electabuzz and Magmar. Weird to not have her evolve as well. Metagross is awesome. Metagross and Salamence can beat the Elite Four by themselves if you give them good enough movesets. I loved doing that. :hurr Recent? It was over 10 years ago! It didn't even take ten years for them to remake gen 1 during gen 3. IDK. Isn't Gen 4 almost 3D as well? Anyways, with the small differences between FRLG and Gen 4 afterwards, I think it'll happen. There's enough mega evolutions for Gen 1 Pokemon to justify it as well. Besides, I'm thinking Gen 1 stuff is still quite popular. Well, it makes sense from a financial POV, but from a game theory POV, they should try to balance out the power. But hey, Gamefreak is a company. More money trumps better game design.

      Bitches be cray cray. Gotta be really careful of them. :stfu
    12. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      No one ever escapes fate. :(

      I tried the Missingno glitch when I was younger. It's fine for the most part. But I accidentally did it when I was on Seafoam Islands (RB is just that poorly programmed that a Ponyta appeared in the middle of the water)! I just wanted to level up one thing but instead it activated the glitch. Really? That's good. Even RSE is slightly annoying with that part in that you get some of them quite late. Do you get them early at least? I can stand having a few if you don't get them too late (just use them wisely if you only get a few on the Pokemon you really need to evolve). I hope it gets one, but IDK... I think Lapras should get a pre-evolution. I also think Jynx needs an evolution. Magmar and Electabuzz both got one and she's also in that group (all 3 had the elemental punches in Gen 1 which only Hitmonchan could get and all 3 got baby forms in gen 2). Maybe they just don't want any attention on Jynx herself cause some people think Jynx is racist... :geg Metagross is amazing. I know it suffers from four moveset syndrome in competitive battling but it's probably damn powerful in-game. He just smashes things easily at the end of Sapphire. I do think it'll happen sooner or later... They might do it in 7th generation. If there's no DPP remake next generation, I think Gen 1 will be remade again. In fact, I think that's what's gonna happen. There's honestly not enough differences from DPP to justify a remake but there is enough of one from FRLG. I guess that's true too... I suppose Gamefreak decided to just focus on the already popular ones instead of trying to make the less popular ones better. That's probably more profitable... :sag But the biggest problem is that the decisions seem arbitrary more often than not... :defeat
    13. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Fate is vicious, cruel, hollow and fickle. She smiles on you today but drags you to the grave tomorrow. :-(

      I never actually tried the Mew glitch, but it seems easy enough. I don't really like glitching the game though. It feels non-legit. :I The Celebi Egg glitch isn't difficult, just long. @___@ You can only get two of them through mystery gift, but I would imagine it's quite rare. You can get a bunch of Sun Stones (but they evolve two pretty lame Pokemon so who really cares?) and you don't even get a Moon Stone until really late unless your Mom buys you one (once you get to a certain dollar amount saved). So yeah, GSC really screwed you on that department. Just sell the stones. :C You also get them quite late in RSE (but still tolerable). Yeah, Steven is the confirmed champion. I guess that reduces the chance of Mega Milotic. :geg They better have certain Mega Stones pre-elite four. I wanna use them before there's nothing left to do. Of course, Megagross isn't available until late in the originals. I wanna use one. It's one of my faves. I honestly do think there's gonna be another Gen 1 remake. They have two excuses that allow them to make it. The physical/special split and the 20th anniversary of Pokemon is coming soon. And I guess the additional fairy type and slight type chart change. I just always found it funny that most of the already powerful Pokemon mega evolved. Give the weaker Pokemon a chance, Gamefreak. :sag Did the already extremely powerful Garchomp, Tyranitar and Scizor really need one?
    14. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      You think you'll live forever, dude? I doubt it. :ippy

      It looks pretty risky to do. I mean, I didn't even have a N64, so that releasing the glitched Pokemon wasn't even an option for me. Besides... I didn't even know about that glitch until way too late. See what I mean, dude? At least Crystal solved that problem somewhat. Can you get the stones in DP before the Elite Four or are they quite late? I mean, I don't want to wait until really late game to use the final evolutions of certain Pokemon. You couldn't even evolve stone Pokemon in GS until Kanto. @___@ Yeah, I usually just sell the TMs that I'll never use. If you don't, you have no more bag space... :geg Yeah, for the most part, bag space is not a problem usually after Gen II. Yeah, it looks weird but it''s gonna be quite powerful. I wonder how Mega Altaria will play like. I might use it if you can get the Mega Stones quite before the Elite Four. Yeah, I think maybe Mega Milotic might happen. If Wallace was the Champion, he certainly would have gotten it. I'm guessing Steven is the champion. They might just make Steven the final boss like Red this time though. The problem is that you could only fight him once in Emerald. Just make him rematch-able and they're set. I guess we'll just see when it gets released. The designs of the Mega Pokemon don't look all that great more often than not... Ah yes. GSC Gengar was awesome. I don't even think they came up with an excuse to how these things became fairy type... I mean, Magneton was one evolutionary line, so they didn't need to explain much, but like... almost 20 something Pokemon became fairy type. What happened to cause such a change, Gamefreak? How did they lost a type in the process? I mean, what causes Clefable to go from normal to fairy? Why did Wigglytuff turn into Normal/Fairy? :geg
    15. DemonDragonJ
      I see; thank you very much.
    16. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Remember your morality. Alive today and dust tomorrow. :hurr

      It's really annoying to do. I'll show you a video of it. It's probably way harder to do than the Mew glitch. Yeah, the event never came to the USA. You could hack the item into the game though. The GS Ball can be taken to the forest and put into the shrine and a Celebi will appear. In GS, you literally only get one each of the 4 elemental stones. That's it. I think the only other way was Mystery Gift and that's incredibly rare. In Crystal, there are NPC who give you as many as you need if you just do the time change trick (they call you that they have items for you). That's true. Item storage was the biggest problem in Gen 1. You have to keep items that don't do anything anymore for the rest of the game. What do I need this Key Card for now? :geg Yeah, I heard. It's got a recent ability too. Expect to see Mega Salamence a lot when it's released. :yay Mega Altaria is part fairy. : O A lil weird to see Mega Lopunny. It's a Gen IV Pokemon. I guess they're gonna have some later gen Pokemon in ORAS which is a good thing. I just hope they don't take too long with Mega Machamp and Mega Golem. Mega Gengar and Mega Alakazam exist and all 4 were the Gen 1 Pokemon that needed trades to evolve. @___@ Really? What are like your three favorite Pokemons among the first three generations? : O I think that along the first 3 gens, my favorite 5 are probably Metagross, Salamence, Dragonite. It is weird that a Pokemon that have been around since Gen 1 are now a completely different type. I mean, it's one thing to add a type, but it's another thing to be a completely different type. Man, it's so weird seeing Clefable being immune to Dragon attacks and now resisting Fighting attacks. #_____# That Clefable putting in some real work...

    17. DemonDragonJ
      Who is that character in your avatar? It looks like someone from the Digimon television series.
    18. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, that's what Achilles though. That's what Hector thought. That's what Agamemnon thought. That's what Great Ajax thought. They were all wrong. :-(

      It doesn't seem that complicated. The Celebi Egg glitch in GSC looks quite difficult to pull off though. I wouldn't want to risk screwing up my save file. Really? : O The only real problems with GSC were items. They solved some of these problems with Crystal though (esp. the elemental stones). Yeah, that's true too. : O But there's a bunch of Pokemon you can't catch in Yellow though. The item thing never bothered me. It just means there's less to worry about. I hated FRLG for this reason. There weren't enough good items that you could get without going out of your way. I had to get a Twistedspoon for my Mr. Mime in my recent FR playthrough. :ippy Yeah. Good thing I didn't save. I also did. That would have been goodbye Entei for me. :sag It would probably take less time actually running around trying to catch these things than to actually take the time to win that lottery. :sag I think Mega Dragonite, Hydrogien, Salamence and Goodra will all happen. So will Mega Golem and Mega Machamp. It would be weird if they didn't do those considering they belong to the same "groups." I think all of the Hoenn Elite Four will get Mega Pokemon the second time you face them. Mega Salamence will probably be Drake's signature Pokemon. It looks weird but if it plays well, I would still use him. :> Really? You and your "manliness." What did I tell you about that, man? Guys who try to be 100 percent masculine end up gay or they implode. :-(
    19. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I like dead things. He'll like me more than you. In fact, he's probably following you every second he can. The Greeks know that death can come anytime. Ares favors no man in war. :stfu

      Yeah, that one. I never did it. Even if I did that, I still need to trade for all the Pokemon, so I can't really do it these days. It is actually quite easy to finish the RBY Pokedex if you have both Blue and Red (save for Mew). You need at least three save files for all 3 Eevee evolutions and all three starters though. :1 Yeah, I had no idea that fighting certain Pokemon give you certain stats. I thought it was all the same. @__@ I spent a while on that. Yeah, Eevee breeds Eevee. You only have a single Master Ball too... :1 Yeah, they were even worse in FRLG (if they used roar on you, a glitch would make them disappear right away). How many Master Balls do you get in HGSS...? I got lucky with a heavy ball in Crystal but that's unlikely to happen again. Yeah, Pikachu got 20 points in stats. A bunch of other things got a 10 point boost. I have no idea why they decided to do that... Certain moves got nerfed and certain moves got boosted. I want Mega Salamence (I would say it's quite likely since Mega Metagross is here now). Yeah, it's gonna be weird getting used to Fairy Pokemon when I finally play 6th gen. :1 Yeah, GSC only slightly changed the type chart from the original RBY one. Magneton was awful in FRLG. I get EQ'ed all the time. :<
    20. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Dude, the Grim Reaper doesn't tell you when it's gonna happen. He just shows up. And then it's too late. :-(

      Legal Mewtwo is easy enough. But legal Mew is tricky. I would say Mew Glitch Mew is... semi-legit. Well, I can see that. I duplicated Tyrogue and Eevee. I wasn't an expert on breeding so I wasn't aware that if you breed an Eevee, you would get another Eevee. I thought only the Pokemon with baby forms could breed when I was younger. @___@ Wasn't until I did some research did I realize that wasn't the case. That's how I managed to get a Kabuto since I only had a traded Kabutops. I did it for Master Balls as well to catch the three beasts. The first time I ran into one... I was like... what just happned? #____# Yeah, think about it. You have Vulpix/Growlithe as fire types you can use in GSC early in the game but you can't get Houndour until Kanto. WTF were they thinking? Let the players use the new Pokemon guys. Lock up Vulpix/Growlithe in Kanto and let Houndour be a part of Johto. :sag Slugma (it's awful but it's still a Johto pokemon) is also Kanto exclusive. There's a few more Johto pokemon only in Kanto as well, I think. :sag Instead your best fire Pokemon if you didn't pick Cyndaquil was Magmar in GS. I don't even think you can catch Magmars in Crystal... :giogio Mega Evolutions... still don't like it, but it's here to stay, so that's that. Yep, they nerfed dragons but I can't help but feel Fairy types are too powerful now... Steels also got nerfed a little bit. I guess it's to balance out the fact they resist fairy and are immune to poison (poison will be used more to combat fairy types now). I found it weird they decided to change the stats of some Pokemon, but whatever, I guess...
    21. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      It's never on anyone's schedule. But it always happens. :stfu You just have to embrace it. :sniff

      Well, the OT for the Mew and Mewtwo were both SILVER. That raised a few red flags... I'm not even sure how my cousin even got it in the first place. He must have traded with a hacker. Also, we used the cloning glitch non-stop... Yeah, I lost a really high level Houndoom too. :I My friend was suppose to trade me a Celebi but it never happened. Either way, I couldn't call it "totally legit" now that I think about it. Well, I just hope the newer games at least let you use the new Pokemon first and then introduce the older ones. I hated this about GSC. Certain Johto Pokemon are only catchable in Kanto (ex. Houndour) while Johto has mostly Kanto Pokemon. @___@ As long as they introduce at least around... 100 each generation, I think they'll be fine. Really? : O But fire/fighting is such a useful dual stab. It hits most things for at least neutral damage in the game. D: Sceptile's grass is resisted by a good number of Pokemon. At least it'll get dragon STAB this time around.
    22. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hey, when you're dead, I'll just let your body rot then. :ippy

      I almost did it in Gold but looking back... now some the Pokemon I got traded were hacked. I also did use the duplicate item glitch to get extra elemental stones to use. So it's not really legit in that sense... :I Crystal fixed this problem somewhat by having people over the phone give you items. How did you manage to get Celebi? Celebi egg trick? That was the only one I was missing. Yeah, once you complete it, you'll have to redo it in the next generation. ;33 Swampert is probably the best one overall for in game purposes since he's only weak to the rare Grass. He's the one that's always used in speed runs. I think Blaziken is the best one to use since there's only so many fire types in-game and fire/fighting is quite useful. : O
    23. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hey, I'm wide awake and it's still true. You need to realize I'm the one in charge. I'm the Achilles in this relationship and you're the Patroclus. Also, I've added two more friends to spite you, jerkface. :angry

      Ah, I see. Well, I can understand that. Completing the Pokedex isn't worth it to me anymore. It takes too long. You have global WiFi now though so it's easier now. I just want to "beat the main game" these days. Well, I haven't even played 4th gen yet so... Yeah, speed boost Blaziken isn't bad. You don't really need it in game though... Either way, I think Mega Sceptile is probably still the worst ones. Dragon/Grass STABs aren't nearly as useful as Water/Ground and Fire/Fighting offensively.
    24. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hey, I'm the one in power here. Men with power have earned certain rights that those without haven't. :hurr

      Seviper is awful IIRC so that was probably a good thing. It's also in the slowest experience group. :iik You know how these games always have an event exclusive Pokemon or something? Well, the GBA games took it one step further. If you wanted certain items, you had to buy an e-reader for the GBA and then certain items you would scan on the e-reader to get unlockable items. It's the only way to catch Mew, Deoxys, and some other stuff. :sag If I really like it, I wanna play both OR and AS, but it'll still leave out one starter. It might just be Swampert since his Mega ability probably won't be used much in game. Hoenn also has plenty of water Pokemon. Also, Mega Sceptile at least has a new type. Mega Swampert doesn't.
    25. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Uh, no, asshole. I went on vacation and you showed up with someone else. This is as bad as cheating on your pregnant wife! :angry

      Well, it would make more sense tbph. You'll get to use some of the Sapphire exclusives. IIRC, the exclusives quality was about equal for both. Sapphire's best exclusive was Ludicolo IIRC and Ruby's best was Zangoose. It's been a while so I could be totally wrong about this... Neither did I. It wasn't anything great though so it doesn't matter. I never got any of the "unlockables" you had to pay for either. ;33 Well, I guess I would probably use Swampert or Blaziken. Once again, Sceptile ends up being the worst one by far. I don't think the dragon type helps it that much and I don't think lightningrod will either. :ippy
    26. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hey, I already had that many before. Adding you wasn't even an extra 1 percent. On the other hand, you doubled since last time. Who is the worst backstabber, huh? :angry

      I wanted to replay Sapphire a bit but decided not to since they're releasing these remakes and all. As long as they make the water routes near the end game more bearable, I'll play the remakes eventually. The water routes all look the same and it's a maze. @___@ I'll finally use a Ludicolo and Slaking in the remakes!
    27. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      You have two friends now? You backstabber. :ippy

      Also, you were right about 3rd gen remakes. I guess they had enough excuses to make one with the special/physical split and mega evolutions to try and milk some money out of this.
    28. Xeogran
      So you're a Ryuusei no Rockman fan, I guess? :33
    29. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Oh man. I'm a bit surprised you never noticed a difference. I suppose if you're causal, it might not be that noticeable. But like, try Aqua Tail/Waterfall on a Rhydon with Soild Rock and try a Surf. Make sure you're much lower level. You will see a major difference more often than not. Yeah, I didn't really play it but from my research, I get why now. Persian gets STAB on Slash and it's always a critical hit. Normal and Psychic were actually the two dominant types in Gen 1. The changes in gen 2 changed everything. Psychic attacks aren't too useful anymore.

      I dig the boosted experience. Now that I got 8 badges, I'm gonna have to grind quite a bit before the Elite Four. None of them were traded. @___@ I really liked the ability introduction. It adds another element to gameplay. I do admit that RS do have limited options for Pokemon. Without trading, your options are kinda limited tbph. Still, I really liked my team in Sapphire. I do admit that making a decent team again in a Ruby or Emerald would be difficult without trading or using the same Pokemon again though. There wasn't much to do in Kanto in GSC though. If you know what you're doing, it shouldn't take more than 5 hours-ish. Then it's grinding time before you fight Red. @___@ Well, I think it'll happen too. I don't think there's enough difference between Gen 3 and Gen 6 from what I've seen to warrant a remake, but money is king. So, we'll see.
    30. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I'm really shocked you never realized there was a difference. There are some things with such high defense and some things with such high special defense that it would be far smarter to just use a weaker base power of the other variety than take forever. Gen 1 and Gen 2 have the special stat split which tripped me up when I was playing Gen 1 just recently. Also, the critical hit system works completely different in Gen 1. It's based on the Speed stat in Gen 1. It's why Razor Leaf/Slash is nearly always a critical hit when you're in higher levels in Gen 1. Hence, why Persian is heavily used in competitive battling for Gen 1. Also, sorry. It means Earthquake. I forget that your first language isn't English so English abbreviations won't be as obvious to you as it would to me.
      Well, I do like the trading aspect of the game. I really like the boosted experience. It makes things go much faster. I didn't think too highly of Gen III when I was younger, but I think it's the best generation of the first three now. Gen 2 doesn't age well. Gen 1 is unique for the most part so it stands out. Ah, I see. Well, it's up to you. I don't think I wanna play HG or SS until I play one of the DDP games first. Johto is really small actually. If it wasn't for Kanto, gen 2 would look really small. It probably will. But I hear one of the reasons why the first two generations were remade were for Pokedex reasons. I think we all know money is the main reason, but it seems unnecessary for RSE remakes atm. Still, I guess we'll see.
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