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Aug 21, 2019 at 2:45 PM
Apr 9, 2012
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Oct 24, 1988 (Age: 30)
Some place


The Bored Lolmaster, Male, 30, from Some place

What is, is... Feb 7, 2019

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Aug 21, 2019 at 2:45 PM
    1. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Oh, there's a difference, man. Do you have a fourth gen game? See the difference between the damage a Gyarados does with Waterfall and with Surf on something with a defense and special defense that's about the same value. You will see a difference. Try Surf on a Chansey. Then try a Waterfall. You'll see a real difference there. :hurr Yeah. I mean, I really wanna teach my stuff good moves, but I only have so many TMs to use. EQ is much a great move, but I can only use it once. You don't get more than one unless you have something over level 90 on one single version of a Gen III game with the Pickup ability and even that's rare... :geg Still, it doesn't matter too much in-game if you plan ahead. I didn't with Fire Red. ;_____; Well, I know Mew was a last minute thing and all, but the version exclusives were a money grab. There is no logical reason to not have Ekans in Blue and not have Sandshrew in Red. :mad Yeah, I give Gen II a lot of credit for fixing the annoying things in Gen I. You can only every TM and Key Item in Gen II without worry. Well, have you ever played FR or LG? They're pretty fun. I know I often say that I don't like how commercial getting Pokemon has been with all the special event Pokemon and stuff starting Gen III, but I always have fun playing the games. You can play the same game with a different team each time for a different experience. :>
    2. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Will be playing Gen IV soon hopefully. The special-physical split will change a lot how you play. Like Gyarados became a great sweeper in Gen IV. :hurr I'll be glad to get to Gen 5 though. I'm gonna love how you can use TMs repeatedly in Gen V. I hate that about the first 3 gens. Things don't have great movesets and you can't do much about them... -_-

      Yeah, that's true. Pokemon version exclusives were just a money grab from the start. I mean, Mew was an event only Pokemon. That should tell you what they wanted to do right away. :sag The biggest problem in Gen I is the item space though. You only get so much space and you get too many useless items. Like, most key items you can't get rid of them and they take up space even though you won't even use them again. So I just sold some useless TMs to get space. @___@ All in all, most of Gen I is the same. It's just a good thing my Blue works. Red on a GBC would be an eyesore. @__@
    3. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I still haven't even played Gen IV or V. Those are next for me. @___@ I've played gen 5 competitive battling though. That's still pretty fun.

      GSC has a serious leveling problem. The stuff you face is underleveled more often than not. You need to grind quite a bit sometimes. Also, the time affecting the Pokemon available in the wild is really annoying. Also, some of new Gen 2 Pokemon aren't even catchable until you get to Kanto. Why is Houndour only in Kanto? :mad Yeah, I definitely will try HGSS sooner or later. Gen 1 has very different mechanics than Gen 2. Once you know how the game works, it's pretty easy to play. Hypno is a beast in Gen 1. So is Dugtrio. :hurr
    4. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      No, I haven't. :I I probably won't be playing Gen VI for a while.

      I did just beat Crystal not too long ago. Gen 2 doesn't age well. @___@ Currently playing Gen I. Still fun. :yay
    5. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Also, I decided to get Bagon. @___@ It's at level 35 and my Skarmory was 40 which isn't that much higher and they're both in the 1,250,000 experience group. But it felt strange using Skarmory for the rest of the game since it's Johto Pokemon. Besides, its stats are much lower late game than early. And Steel is a terrible attacking type. There's really nothing Skarmory can do that Sally can't (though I have to keep Skarmory for Fly atm @___@). Anyways, I will miss Skarmory's resistances. :<

      But man, it was so dumb not using Lapras. If I gave it Thunderbolt, it would basically made my Magneton useless. But alas, I'm dumb and didn't think it though. Tbph, I should have just gotten rid of Venusaur. If you have STABed Ice/Water moves, there's really no need for Venusaur on your team. @___@ I should stop talking about this since it's a moot point now.

      Anyways, let's talk about Greek stuff on Skype next time. :>
    6. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, it's in Meteor Falls, but I don't have the patience to wait to get one anymore (I hope we're talking about Salamence). I have 5 of my 6 set. Cacturne, Armaldo, Blaziken, Gardevoir and Skarmory all are pretty useful and they're in their late 30's already. At this point, I rather get a Walrein than a Salamence. Walrein's STABed Water and Ice attacks will be far more useful late game than Sally's Flying/Dragon attacks. It's too bad since if I could have gotten Bagon earlier, I would probably have used it over Skarmory. Oh well. You don't like Garchomp? : O What were your teams in these games? You know, like give me your teams for each game you've played. :> Yeah, I used two Dragonites in GSC. It was overkill. :hurr Skarmory better not get an evolution. It's already OU and very good in Uber. It does not need an evolution. MegaSkarmory, maybe, but not an evolution. @___@ On another note, I'm really dumb for not using Lapras in Fire Red. Three of my six Pokemon had a ground weakness. Man, the 2nd Elite Four used EQ so many times on me. @__@ Lapras also would have given me a much needed Water/Ice STABed attacks. It may have been much better than my Magneton, Venusaur or Nidoking. Oh well. :sag

      Well, what if you find me? : O
    7. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Maybe I might get Sally after all. If my Pokemon after badge 8 is around their mid-40s, I'll get Sally. Still, it's annoying they don't let you get one until late. :giogio I heard Garchomp's first form is catchable quite early in the 4th generation. Thank goodness for that. Garchomp is really powerful. I used two Dragonites (cloned one) in GSC since I got one at the game corner. It was pretty cool. :> Skarmary seems really powerful so far. Can kill most things with just Peck. Once you get to the higher levels though, the Pokemon you face will be higher levels though, so it'll even out then. For now, it's great though.

      See ya soon there. :>
    8. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      OK, I think I'm gonna use a Skarmory on my team. I need a flyer. You need to get to level 45 to get to Flygon. That's way too late for Fly. @___@ Besides, Aggron isn't even a great steel type. It doesn't even get a Rock move in RSE. @___@

      Get on Skype more. Let's talk about that and Greek mythology. :>
    9. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      You clearly don't know how hormones work at all, do you? :ippy

      This is why people have a hard time getting along with anyone who don't agree with them. They see it as a personal offense. :distracted I think it'll be great if this TMNT film was more PG-13. You know, have the violence be a bit worse and have the humor be a bit more sneaky. Have it be like Shrek. Shrek's humor is quite racy if you actually get it. But I don't think TMNT being a kid movie is wrong. It is a kids' show at the end of the day. I don't like it when they tone down sequels to R rated series for more ticket sells though. It's why they have that unrated nonsense DVDs these days. It's just a gimmick. :giogio Dennis the Menace? I'm not even sure what that is. It's not really my thing, I suppose. Superhero movies work usually. But those type of movies usually have huge budgets though. I doubt it. Unless you guys are phoenixes or something. But that's Egyptian, not Greek. :maybe

      Well, if you host it across the country and there's already football stadiums, you don't really need to spend that much money. In fact, I would guess the World Cup actually makes the country money, but I could be wrong. Does that mean I'm 10 since I'm 20?
    10. Xiammes
      Benten from Uchoten Kazoku
    11. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      No, I'm talking about you. Stop trying to be all testosterone, man. Us humans have a good chunk of estrogen too. :ippy

      People aren't open-minded, man. I wish they were, but they aren't. :distracted Yeah, at least we'll know some of the future instead of the past. You live in the past, you die in the past. Well, it makes sense from a financial POV. The best rating for ticket sells is not have it rated R so the younger kids and teens can watch it. I mean, they made some of the sequels to R-rated series into PG-13. All in all, I think PG/PG-13 is best for ticket sells. Man, April with black hair is just weird. She's a redhead. Megan Fox can dye her hair red for one movie. :> I liked the first live action Scooby Doo, but I think the 2nd one is apparently bad. Some things don't translate well into film. Like, running on thin air works in a cartoon, but not live action. Really? Since when do you plan on making your move? :distracted

      I really don't know. I hope it wasn't a bad idea. I do think it's not really fair they got the world cup and the Olympics in a span of 2 years. Spread the wealth, people. :sag Stallone is gonna be like 80 when Creed V comes out. :giogio

      I see. Your great-grandparents had 10 kids? @___@ Man, that must have been tough. Stop hating, start loving. Introduce me to your hot older sister. :kloff

      Also, did you never get any of my Skype messages? I think I've sent you two. :hmm
    12. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Always trying to be something you're not, man. :ippy Yeah, but that rarely happens. You see this a lot with people actually. Once they form an opinion, it's hard to change it. They just focus on what confirms it and ignore what disproves it quite often. IDK if you would agree with that or not though, but I think it's true. Ah, OK. But I doubt Luke is gonna have children in the sequels. At least not adult children. IDK what they're gonna do tbph. I'm just curious to see it that this point of film. Megan Fox is gonna have to dye her hair if she wants to have the same exact color as April though. I do think they wanted her to have some sex appeal for the film. I do want the film to be more teen orientated than kid orientated. You know, for the older fans of the series. It is true that live action cartons can be quite weird. What are some particularly bad ones you've seen? : O When did you guys start becoming part of the background though? :distracted

      I guess it's something that I can't do anything about. I just hope future countries are smarter before placing bids. It's usually not worth it unfortunately. :< Remember when I told you that they're gonna make Rocky Balboa a trainer? Well, that movie isn't Rocky VII but Creed. Rocky is gonna train Apollo Creed's grandson. And I'm afraid that if Creed is successful, we're gonna see Creed 2, 3, 4, etc. :sag

      Hmm, do Greeks usually have that many children? :hmm Also, don't hate the player, hate the game. :kloff
    13. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Man, the lightbulb trying to surpass the sun. It's a funny sight. :maybe

      Stop trying to be a manly man, bro. Only a select few can handle it. Those who can't start loving other men. ;> It's also true that people wear rose colored glasses to things that they enjoy as well though. Like, they'll ignore the bad and only focus on the good. The only thing we really know is that it's a sequel and it does involve the original trilogy characters. That's about it. So yeah, get used to the Skywalkers. :> Seems like you're a bigger TMNT than me. I played a few of the games (first two Game Boy TMNT and Turtles in Time on SNES). Fun stuff. New cartoon looks fine for the most part. She might pull it off. TMNT is a fun series at the end of the day. If the movie makes take it too seriously, it won't be the same thing we all know and love. I'll give them a chance. I don't like the Splinter actor's voice at all though. This guy. Homer wrote two of the three greatest Greek works ever. The other one is easily the New Testament. I gotta hand it to the Greeks. They certainly have made an enormous impact on our world.

      I just think it's better to do an entire country. It prevents you from having to build stadiums you won't use again. Yeah, I'm afraid that the Creed film will do so well that they're gonna make a spin-off series on him. It's how these things work. :sag

      Oh, I see. Are you the fourth child? :hmm Are any of your older sisters, if you have any, hot? :hurr
    14. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      What poor logic you have, my brother. :ippy

      I think the most famous one is City Lights by Charlie Chaplin. It's alright. Dude, stop trying to be something you're not. Killing the inner women kills a part of you. :-( It'll be fun. It's Star Wars. Only the pretty nit-picky people despise the prequels completely. There's good stuff in them but people like to only focus on the bad. I'm a TMNT fan but I haven't seen many episodes. There's too many episodes and stuff. It's up to its third cartoon incarnation. Well, it is a comedy movie somewhat. Megan Fox is probably better at comedy than drama. That should help. But I don't like how Mickey from Seinfeld is gonna be Splinter. :giogio Homer was a prophet, man. :>

      Yeah, if you spread it over a country, it's probably fine since there's gotta be usable stadiums somewhere. I get why they use only one city and all, but it's not using resources wisely for the most part. Tucker can be a bit annoying, that's true. I could see why some people like Lee better. Yeah, but I'm afraid they're gonna do Creed II to V if it's successful. :sag

      You got three siblings? :hmm (You don't have to answer that if you don't want to)
    15. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      People accept fake things all the time. Fake breasts are the number one fake things that people accept. I certainly don't mind them. ;>

      Well, it's not for everyone. It's certainly an unusual experience. They have to rely on music and it's strange not hearing anything. Get in touch with your inner woman, dude. We all started as girls, right? Let's try and embrace it. :hurr I suppose that's true. But it doesn't contradict that much for the most part. I didn't really like how they explained the force in the prequels. It seemed mystical in the beginning, but it's actually just a rare biological accident in the prequels if you really think about it. Anakin's birth in the EU is usually attributed to Darth Plagueis or something. The EU has some interesting ideas such as Jedi Leia, Leia's fraternal twins being Jedis and then one becoming a Sith, etc. I'm gonna watch it no matter what, since I'm kinda a TMNT fan, but man, I'm not going in with high expectations. Maybe that's the best idea for stuff like this. Megan Fox in April's costume should be interesting if nothing else. Man, the Greek men sound less manly every passing day. Perhaps Homer was right. The quality of Greek men just decreases over time. :ippy

      World Cup. Sorry about the abbreviation. I just like doing that since I get what I'm saying. I mean, I kinda have to... Even though I'm Asian, I thought Tucker was more important to the humor than Chan. I mean, Chan is funny, but I feel Tucker is just perfect in his role. Yep. At least 70 year old Rocky won't be boxing himself. No reason why he can't be a trainer though. The future generation will always surpass the previous, right? :noworries

      Oh, I got it now. : O I thought you were the younger sibling for some reason. You had the younger sibling vibe, per se.
    16. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      The truth shall set you free! Just accept it and you shall be able to move forward!

      You ever seen silent movies? That would be considered overreacting these days. Granted, they need to do physical stuff since they had no sound back then. It's funny although the main character can be quite tough to watch sometimes. Get in touch with your feminine side, bro. It's in there somewhere just waiting to come out. :yay Some of the things said in the prequels do seem to contradict some of what happened in the original trilogy. Examples include Leia remembering her mother, Owen Lars being Anakin's half-brother, Anakin's paternity being really out there and Anakin being too emotional when he was nearly emotionless when he was Vader. The EU is just another way to milk as much money as possible from Star Wars. Don't worry, man. I'm willing to bet you'll like it more than you hate it. It's Star Wars. It'll break us down sooner or later. :hurr The dude who's gonna be Splinter seems even worse. :< Was it the Greek males' way of getting in touch with their feminine side. ;]

      Man, the Olympics usually just causes more issues than not. It's too bad they don't do it like the WC where it's an entire country hosting. RH3 still had a lot of funny parts. Always like seeing Tucker and Chan on screen. :> I heard they might have Roger's son as the new protagonist or something. They're gonna do it in Rocky. Rocky is gonna train Apollo's grandson in a seventh movie. @___@

      Wait, why? : O
    17. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I am two tiers above you. Yes, you're not even the cool Agent Lee. You're the one who had to choose the other Olivia cause you couldn't get the original Olivia. Agent Lee is beta. So is Captain Lee too now that I think about it. :hurr

      Yeah, it looks pretty humorous in the Cantonese version of Journey to the West. It works because it's a based on a classic humorous novel. Hey, sometimes it's fun to watch people overreacting. It can be quite funny at times. Maybe you should watch chick flicks now and then. Check out Bridesmaids. It's pretty fun. :yay The prequels are fun though. The music is still pretty good. I really enjoyed Anakin's Betrayal, Duel of the Fates, Across the Stars, Battle of Heroes, etc. I did enjoy seeing all that eye candy. Great visuals. Really? : O Are you a fan of the expanded universe? I don't really follow it, but some of the ideas seem fine. I'm fine you'll break down. Fanboyish will win you over. ;> Yeah, I'm not too thrilled she's going to be in the next live action TMNT movie. April O'Neil played by Megan Fox. IDK... Why? What was the point of that?

      Is it at least better than it was in 2004? I mean, the Olympics was not a good investment. It usually never is. Well, that's good. I will probably watch more Bond movies later. They were fun stuff. Rush Hour 3 is weak compared to the first two. Lethal Weapon 4 was a bit weaker too. I hear Rush Hour is probably gonna get a fourth movie but Lethal Weapon 5 won't have Glover or Gibson if it happens. Ugh...

      EDIT: You never told me if your sister was hot or not. :hurr Also, is your dad hot? :maybe
    18. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      In terms of intelligence, I'm two tiers above you. I'm like William Bell and you're like Agent Lee. :hurr

      It looks really interesting if done right. Old fashioned show with old fashioned special effects. It's fun. I like dramatic movies. Sometimes it's just the way to get in touch with your feminine side. :> Melodramatic shows often have a happy ending. You know, the loves triumphs over all thing. Virgil wrote that. :> The prequels had some great action scenes. The lightsaber fights are always interesting. They're not as fun as the originals but they're still good movies. IDK how in the world the sequels are gonna work. But I'm definitely watching them all. Always nice to hear the Star Wars theme and watch the opening crawl. I haven't seen any of those. It's too bad Lucy is a bit old now. I wonder who they're gonna get. In terms of looks, Megan Fox is good, but she can't act that well. The Greeks wear skirts too? Manly. lulz

      Hey, Greece needs some saving too. Aren't you guys still neck deep in debt? Bond movies are fun though, so I give them a pass. That's good since Bond should be winning, but it shouldn't be an easy win. Rush Hour is great. Although Lethal Weapon might have overtaken it as my favorite buddy cop series. You do what you gotta do.
    19. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Look buddy boy, it seems that I'm obviously the smart one hurr. :hurr

      But it's like stop motion. Outdated special effects could give it a retro feel. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it could be interesting. Well, I think that's mostly the wuxia ones. The dramas just tend to be melodramatic more often than not. lulz I guess the Chinese studios like going for extremes. I really liked the Star Wars prequels tbph. Of course, episode 1 was the first Star Wars I ever saw and episode 2 was the 2nd one I ever saw. But I think overall, all of the movies are well worth watching, especially if you like space operas. What are some good comedies with them? Because I don't really know their famous comedy movies. I know Stallone was a voice actor in Antz, but that's it. It's too bad Lucy isn't younger. She would have been a great Wonder Woman. : O You wear them? Do you shave your legs too? :hehee

      Hey, Mr. Bauer is trying to save America's butt. :mad What's funnier is that he can convince them to turn good by sleeping with them. lulz It just seems unrealistic he goes head to head with SPECTRE (almost wrote SPUTNIK here since I thought that was it) and come out unharmed. It should be more of an even fight. I see. I guess only Connery never got caught. Buddy cop movies are very hit or miss. My other favorite buddy cop series is Rush Hour. Those were pretty fun movies. :> Well, Psycho isn't too creepy imo. Give it a try if you want something that's non-gory horror.
    20. DemonDragonJ
      Yes, I felt that the ending was mostly satisfactory, but there were still too many loose ends that I wish it had resolve; for example, why did Agent Jessup disappear after only two episodes (did the story writers simply not like her character, or did she die?), what became of Rachel and Ella, what happened to William Bell after he disappeared at the end of the fourth season, and what became of the red universe's Charlie Francis?
    21. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Like Mr. Kenobi once said, "who is more foolish: the fool or the fool who follows him?" :hurr

      Yeah, I mean, bad special effects cwould actually be a good idea if you're going for a retro feel. Like, if it's a series about something really old, outdated looking special effects could actually be an advantage. But I think some Chinese shows just try to do too much special effects and it looks way too fake way too often. Better to not overdo it, I think. Star Wars prequels are one of the few films that managed to have great special effects without anything looking too flashy. The Terminator trying to be funny. That should not happen. Mr. Stallone and Arnold should not be in comedies. It ruins their action hero aura. I just saw Rambo III, that should be what types of movies he should do! Typecasting is good, not bad! :high Lucy is pretty and all. She's not bad with comedy (she was decent in 2.5 Men). Yeah, I remember the dudes in Troy wore similar stuff. It's for easier horse riding, right? I mean, it leaves their legs vulnerable. The Scottish do it for fashion. The Ancient Greeks did it for war. It seems fairly obvious who were the cooler individuals. :maybe

      Look, I'll put it this way: even when Mr. Bauer tries to commit suicide to save America's butt, he survives. And it's happened many times. That's how great he is. :> I see. Is there a lot of espionage in the later films? In the earlier films, things just seem to fall into place. It's like... Bond just walks into where he needs to go without doing anything. I've only seen in the first 3 films though. Yeah, Bond is alpha as heck. He sleeps with crazy women who wants to kill him and manages to get away easily. And he manages to get captured but leave unscathed. Actually, does Bond get injured in the later movies? He seems to barely get any scratches in the first three. Rappers get shot and die. They need to learn from action heroes who just don't die. : O The toilet bomb thing was in the 2nd one. It was kinda lulzy. The building bomb was in the third film and it was a hilarious way to start the movie. The bombed building in the end was funny too. The third film upped the comedy and managed to do well with it. Most films just do gore for gore. Well, if you like creepy atmosphere, I'm sure you would probably really enjoy Psycho and Rosemary's Baby. The second one is a bit... creepier with the ideas.
    22. DemonDragonJ
      Hilarious signature: Fringe was such an awesome series.
    23. Violent by Design
      Violent by Design
      What's your sig a reference too?
    24. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Who else, fool? You!

      I will agree that if you want to use a lot of special effects, they better at least be good ones. If not, just don't use much. Better to do the simple things well than the complex things poorly. You liked the Terminator as a comedy star? The TERMINATOR? How dare you utter such nonsense? I'll be back for you! :mad Stallone? I don't even remember him in any action movies. I just see him as Rocky or Rambo. Well, Lucy Lawless was a good looking woman, so I can't blame them for showing off her body. It certainly looked nice in that intro. :hurr I thought the skirt was a way to sexualize her at first, but don't the guys in ancient art wear the same thing?

      Mr. Bauer is just that much superior over them. Like Zeus said, Mr. Bauer just far surpasses other men. :para Ah, I imagine the later movies are far more action packed than the earlier ones. Connery Bond snuck around a lot. And he slept with women who were trying to kill him. lulz And even when they get shot, they survive. Rappers wish they could be as cool. :ippy Lethal Weapon 3 was awesome though. It had more comedy, but it did it very well. The beginning of the movie had the two screw up diffusing a bomb in a building and they had to run out of there fast. :lmao Well, as long as you don't mind gore, you'll be fine with Friday the 13th. With Rosemary's Baby, the atmosphere and idea are what's really creepy. I can't really comment on the Exorcist though. :I
    25. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      You don't get it, man. I had trouble finding the poem because I couldn't remember her name, fool. :ippy

      Yeah, I do think that the popular Asian movies tend to have great visuals. Perhaps that's what appeals to the international audience. I mean, visuals are universal and don't really require any previous knowledge. Yeah, that one was pretty alright. Arnold truly was a hero of the 90s action films. :datass I personally think Mr. Farrell should just retire for everyone's benefit. :ippy Well, you can't deny the intro of Xena showed off Xena's bodily curves in that armor. :> I still think Xena is a pretty cool heroine overall though. Uh, is that realistic ancient Greek armor btw? I suppose female warriors were quite rare at that time too though, right?

      Seriously, in the course of one season, Bauer saves America's butt at least twice. That's how good he is. Even an entire army couldn't stop Bauer! :yay Yep, that's him. The first Bonds. That Scottish dude. You would think the bad guys have highly trained men with great weapons, but they always miss the main characters. Lethal Weapon was pretty funny with this. They literally had short conversations while safely dodging bullets. lulz I mean, only Lethal Weapon 4 had a villain in which they had to team up to beat. (Jet Li) The other movies, they were always vastly outnumbered but always won anyways. Well, most horror franchises just made sequel after sequel. I mean, did we really need 10 Friday the 13th movies? :sag Um, I find Rosemary's Baby pretty creepy. To this day, I'm still too afraid to watch the Exorcist. :<
    26. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I thought it was an Anne Sexton or something. I mean, at least use your a fake last name or something. Who does this chick think she is? You ain't all that so it's not like people will remember you for your initials... :sag

      I think it was the first really big wuxia movie in the Western world. Maybe that's why people like it so much. The visuals were excellent, I think, but the story was really weird. I think it was worth watching at the very least. I know I'm Chinese and all, but most the really popular Chinese movies in the international world aren't all that interesting... @___@ It was awesome! The action was really good. As for the remake, Colin Farrell... :ippy Well, she did have a lot of lovers in flashbacks from what I understand and you can't say the armor/intro didn't show off her body and stuff. lulz

      You do know how many times Jack Bauer has saved America's butt? If he was real, he should have like... 50 Medal of Honors. So yeah, he has no equal. :datass Uh, 24 isn't really about spying though it could be considered part mystery. I guess James Bond is an action movie series with a spy. I've only seen the first three, but it doesn't have that much action but they are older movies, so give it a pass. Yeah, they used the stormtrooper from Star Wars for the name. It's basically when the bad guys have significantly better weapons but they somehow always miss the main protagonists and stuff, but the main protagonists have basic weapons and still manage to kill hoards of bad guys despite the inferior weaponry. I hear Scream reinvented the horror genre. I suppose I'm thankful for that since I really like horror movies for the most part. :> Too bad it's mostly remakes now. I think it's time to explore the mythologies of other places to look for some inspiration. I also really like religious horror movies. I mean, the fear of God is usually why I find them so scary at times... :I
    27. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Found the thing. Couldn't remember the poet for a while. It wasn't until I searched the "laid" part that I managed to find it. What kinda name is H.D.? :sag

      It's not a terrible movie, but I think it's really overrated. I don't think I would have given it an Academy Award. Total Recall which I saw just before that one was far better. Arnold as a secret agent on Mars. lulz Oh, Xena. Yeah, she's definitely one. I believe she and Buffy were very popular because they represented girl power. They were the individuals who didn't choose love as their ultimate goal. I wonder who else could be considered a modern day heroine. At least, you know, not sexualized. I feel Xena is a bit sexualized.

      Bauer is a force of nature. An entire country against him and he still manages to win. I have seen no one greater than Bauer so far. He is bullet one with a bullet. :datass What didn't you like about 24? :uwah Yeah, I just saw Lethal Weapon. Nothing too flashy happens there. Just some old school action scenes. Of course, every action movie has the stormtrooper effect. Nope. I did a quick google search and the deformed guy does look familiar though. Yeah, that's true. I do believe that overall, the Scream movies were pretty well done. For the most part, the killers were never that obvious and it kept you guessing. I mean, for Scream 4, I certainly wasn't sure who the killer was. I couldn't figure out exactly who the killer in Scream 2 was either. They were pretty good at that.
    28. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Well, it's just a poem based on a fairy tale. I thought the poem wasn't bad. I always like allusions to famous stories and stuff. There is a Helen of Troy poem I really like. I'll show it to you if I could just remember who wrote it... But yeah, I like epic poetry so it's only natural I would like poetry with allusions to epic events.

      That's true. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is about something similar, I think. SPOILER ALERT: Apparently, Jen commits suicide in the end because as a woman, she will never to be able to ever get the same level of freedom that the men get that she so desperately wants. IDK if you've seen that movie or not though. END Well, Twilight is probably most feminists' worst nightmare. The entire time, Bella just wants to be with Edward and is willing to give up everything else to be with him. lulz There are some funny moments in the movie. "You're asking me about the weather?" Always cracks me up. I suppose if someone wanted to make some female heroines, I'll be all for it. I think Buffy would be considered a good female heroine, don't you?

      Yeah, but I consider McClane to be the 2nd greatest action hero ever. The only one superior is Jack Bauer. He truly has no equal. :datass They probably used old cars that likely would have been scrap metal. It certainly would be a bad idea to use newer cars. IDK too much about this so I guess I can't really comment much more about it. IDK really know what Goonies is. Well, that's true. These guys gotta deal with Ghostface like you deal with zombies: aim for the head! I don't blame you. Scream 5 probably won't come out if it makes you feel better. I believe the fourth one didn't make enough money to justify making another one.
    29. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yeah, that's true, but it's the idea that the witch is a person too. Grethel should realize that if she didn't kill the witch, the witch would have eaten them both. :B And maybe the stepmother really is the witch. She died when they came back and the witch was burned in the oven. :maybe
      Well, I guess that's true. I would guess that most women consider love to be the most important thing in the world. I'm guessing more guys do too. I think the only real problem with fairy tales is that the pursuit of a person is the main focus. If it were a sidequest per se, it would be a much better idea. You know, getting the guy is a bonus, but not the main objective. But I think I get why feminist get a bit upset. The main goal of most women in stories is getting the guy. The main goal of most guys is to find themselves or do something heroic.

      That's true. McClane was a tough guy who relied on his fists and wits. But he's not technologically skilled so he has to adapt. He manages to still win though. :> They blew up actual cars? : O Isn't that really expensive? @__@ I mean, I know they did it, but man, what a waste of a car. :I Of course, that trend is not over. It's still working. We'll be seeing more sequels until it stops making money. :ippy The problem with slasher movies is that with a simple gun, the killer is down for the count. No one realizes to just buy a gun. Yep, but it won't have most of the movie cast though. I'm not sure who is in it though.
    30. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Well, of course. Hansel and Grethel could not be a happy ending. Grethel had to kill somebody. :(
      There is an interesting interpretation that the stepmother and the witch are one and the same. Maybe it really is. lulz And I know most women don't like the fairy tales where the guy is the main objective. I could see why since it means you're a success if you get the guy but a failure if you don't. The feminists, man.

      I really liked three as well. Samuel L. Jackson was really interesting. And being all over New York City was great too. The fifth one? I haven't seen it either. I remember I didn't think 2 and 4 were all that great. :I I told you, man. This whole sequel after 20 things thing is all Rocky Balboa's fault. Once people saw that a sixth Rocky after fifteen years could make money, every studio started doing it. :ippy I had a problem with Jill for one reason. The killers should be physically intimating and be able to overpower their victims. I can't see either Jill or Charlie being all that threatening. Granted, they didn't go after anybody really physically dominant either since most of their victims were high school girls/guys. I heard there's gonna be a Scream TV series. I'm sure that music to your ears, bro. :hehee
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