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Feb 26, 2011
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Well-Known Member, from nyc

Agent9149 was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Dec 14, 2017 at 2:32 PM
    1. Shiba Miyuki
      Shiba Miyuki
      Has anyone chimes in at your Sailor Moon calculation yet? I’ll provide a response.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Agent9149
        I also have this mess:


        It's my attempt to calculate destroying the galaxy cauldron
        Nov 24, 2017
      3. Shiba Miyuki
        Shiba Miyuki
        You made an excellent thread regarding speed of electricity, and how said bursts of electricity should be calculated.

        Do you think you can make a blog for your thread, seeing that it may be extremely helpful to use that exact equation for future calculations regarding speed of electricity?
        Dec 3, 2017
      4. Agent9149
        Sure. I will transcribe it as soon as I can into a blog post.
        Dec 3, 2017
    2. Ashi
      Nice sig
      1. Agent9149
        Thanks! It's from that Cartoon Network Anniversary Promo they did.
        Oct 9, 2017
    3. Shiba Miyuki
      Shiba Miyuki
      So for Sailor Moon feats, why do we go for official translations over fan translations again, considering we don't do this for any other verse like Saint Seiya and HST stuff?
      1. Agent9149
        I personally think the fan version from Miss Dream is sufficient enough. It's only that there are a few translations discrepancies that the Kodansha version (the official version) explains better. Also, I do come across quite opposition from people when I try to use the fan translation as evidence, so having some scans from the official version can keep that at bay.
        Sep 3, 2017
      2. Shiba Miyuki
        Shiba Miyuki
        Just want to re-do all the calcs for Sailor Moon since DMCA has been busting it here on the forums and busting relevant scaling images (for various calcs), so I just want to make sure.

        I have no idea why we have Large Star level Sailor Moon in the first arc when (Jaedite or whatever his name is) threatened to bust Tokyo with one of his attacks and the Sailor Scouts were getting scared.
        Sep 3, 2017
      3. Agent9149
        That comes from Luna stating that the silver crystal can destroy stars. And when the silver crystal finally materialized, it released an entire bunch of light and one character described it as a super nova.

        Personally, I don't think that constitutes to give everyone in the first Arc star level.
        Sep 3, 2017
    4. Ikaani
      So, I am unable to reply to the thread for a reason unknown to me. I have contacted a mod though to ask why.

      What do you suggest we do though?
      1. Agent9149
        I think it's because of a post limit for new accounts. You should wait to see what the mod says.
        Jul 28, 2017
      2. Ikaani
        Oh, okay.
        Jul 28, 2017
    5. KuramaSSJ
      You say that Sailor moon's universe is static but can you prove it to us?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Agent9149
        it helps to use a calculator that can do the log function for you.
        Jun 22, 2017
      3. KuramaSSJ
        And this calc Really the bottom line because the space time has no end, so that a light reaches its end, the speed must be infinite
        Jun 29, 2017
      4. KuramaSSJ
        And the galaxy Cauldron is the sources of All in the Universe or Galaxy???
        Jul 1, 2017
    6. Imperator100
      Do you have the new translation?If so I can indicate where it is.
    7. Imperator100
      I thought you might want to see my latest blog about the haxes of the other Sol Senshi Pre-Lambda.
    8. Imperator100
      Oh. Why, thank you.
    9. Imperator100
      Hi, thanks for answering my blog post. I am sorry that I didn't answer at the time, I was super busy with school.
    10. Nevermind
      Good to see you here but don't necro old threads. OBD'ers don't take too kindly to that. :S

      On a brighter note I am about finished with Galaxia's episode. Should be released tonight.
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