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Last Activity:
Sep 9, 2019
May 29, 2013
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Oct 3, 1993 (Age: 25)


Starcraft lover, 25

AgentAAA was last seen:
Sep 9, 2019
    1. Kaaant
      Are you dead
      1. AgentAAA
        Only kinda
        Feb 7, 2019
    2. Intus Legere
      Intus Legere

      Are you still playing SC2/SC:RE?

      If so, what league? And do you post on BNet forums?
    3. Hyperion1O1
      Bruh, I'm so torn on picking Dota character or SCP for my omniverse sign up. AHHHHH

      Oh btw, can I start playing in the Underverse? Hell as a starting location seems fun
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Hyperion1O1
        Oh come on, I can't start in hell and make a movement to invade your other verses? LAAAAAME
        Jan 16, 2017
      3. Hyperion1O1
        Oh well, can't start in hell. I'm gonna have to be chaotic neutral now instead of chaotic evil :(
        Jan 16, 2017
      4. AgentAAA
        nah. hell's literally supposed to be the way you lock up other characters. it's been stated a few times that you're not allowed to make a portal up from the underverse en masse.
        That'll happen when and if Diablo decides it to.
        Jan 16, 2017
    4. Emperorofliberty
    5. Kaaant
      What are the stats for chaos gods btw?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Emperorofliberty
        "Here in the Great Ocean, he could be whatever he wanted to be; nothing was forbidden and anything was possible. Worlds flashed past him as he hurtled through the swelling tides of colour, light and dimensions without name.
        Dec 23, 2016
      3. Emperorofliberty
        The roiling chaos of the aether was a playground for titanic forces, where entire universes could be created and destroyed with a random thought. How many trillions of potential lives were birthed and snuffed out just by thinking such things?"
        Dec 23, 2016
      4. Kaaant
        Galaxy level I'm asking for
        Dec 23, 2016
    6. cingetorix
      alright, that's good mang
    7. cingetorix
      not much either
      how are you?
    8. cingetorix
      hey dude, what's up?
    9. Brightsteel
      Oh hey, you're back. :catthinks
    10. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      It's actually getting a surprising amount of traffic, but somehow I doubt the valdity of that too :bookerskully
    11. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier

      Where it says "Join thousands of others in the OBD community at large." you just have to enter your email and Nevermind will send it
    12. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      I see, I should probably post there some time. At any rate, good to hear from you again bro. Did you get the monthly OBD publication? I wrote an article for it :bigboss
    13. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Yo Broseph Brostar, you still post here by any chance? :chainer
    14. Nevermind
      Man it's been a while.

      We should get this thing going don't you think? Do you have some free time due to the season?
    15. Nevermind
      The evenings these weekdays should be good.
    16. Nevermind
      Guess nothing's gonna happen tonight either. :hmm
    17. Nevermind
      Well I'm ready to go if you are.
    18. MAPSK
      Not sure if I have really any great way to quantify that. Without knowing distance or how big the ship is, all values are indeterminable. Plus, like you said, it's a bit feat compared to what I've heard other SC warship weaponry can do.

      You really want me to calc this? :hmm
    19. Hyperion1O1
      Jaedong Flash Archon match <3

    20. Hyperion1O1
      Oh man, shit would hit the fan
    21. Hyperion1O1
      Call him Fenix bot or discount Fenix :LOS

      Not-Tassadar :lmao

      Make a 40k vs SC thread now, see the shitstorm that ensues :maybe
    22. Hyperion1O1
      You can do it ez mode and put Jean Grey Kerrigan above everything :LOS
    23. Hyperion1O1
      Oh yeah, have you seen Behemoth yet? Here it is, in case you haven't (its canon to Text to Speech universe)

    24. Hyperion1O1
      Just bring the fucking Nydus Canal, I don't care even if it looks like a Nydus Worm.

      How much do Hydras cost now in Allied Commanders? I assume Kerrigan can build them.

      We need Defilers and Spawn Broodlings back :catprone
    25. Hyperion1O1
      Oh Zags doesn't have Nydus? Haven't played Zags and kerri so I assumed all Zergs have Nydus.

      Still, remove invulnerable Nydus from the game.
    26. Hyperion1O1
      Why even drop when you Zergs have that invulnerable Nydus bullshit
    27. Hyperion1O1
      Blizz needs to learn that when it comes to micro, less is more most of the time.

      Like BW Zealots have better micro than SC2 Zealots even though SC2 Zealots have Charge. Same shit with Carriers.
    28. Hyperion1O1
      Speaking of the Corruptor, do Corruptors still beat Thors in a straight fight?
    29. Hyperion1O1
      Have you seen the episode 19 of Text to Speech Device? Its glorious
    30. Hyperion1O1
      Blizz tried to make SC2 micro heavy by adding abilities on every single unit :facepalm

      That's not how you add micro, Blizz
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    Oct 3, 1993 (Age: 25)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Shikamaru, Tayuya, Killer Bee, and Hachibi
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:



    "Awaken, my child, and embrace the eternal glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me."

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