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Jul 18, 2016
Sep 9, 2006
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Master of Silver, from In a self made maze

how turn off avatar display Apr 24, 2016

Agmaster was last seen:
Jul 18, 2016
    1. Agmaster
      how turn off avatar display
    2. Agmaster
      Certainly unexpected.
    3. SAFFF
      Did the JoJo give you a confused boner? lol :maybe
    4. Roronoa Zoro
    5. Alwaysmind
      Yes that one, lol.
    6. Alwaysmind
      This far after the matter? The neg was two days ago.:lmao
    7. Alwaysmind
      You asked me to find out why you neg me, and I think the best way to find out is to ask your directly. Why did you neg me?
    8. DemonDragonJ
      I am very fond of your avatar; I knew that I could not be the only user here who had thoughts about Bolin receiving private lessons from Lin. :evil
    9. rocconorth
      Thanks for the rep. Don't know why I really deserved it, but I'll take it.:p That BabaGreerr...whatever always makes me laugh.:laugh
    10. Patchouli
      Sorry for the delayed response. Wanted to listen to the newest podcast before replying. :ano

      I watched the enire Ranma anime series...I think it was 2 years ago. Maybe 3.

      Still need to read through the manga. Only made it up the point where the anime ended.

      As for Monster, that is strange. But the entire Monster series is strange in that way. :hurr
    11. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      James joined like a full 2 years before me...smh at you forgetting who I am.:smh
    12. Patchouli
    13. Palm Siberia
      Palm Siberia
      I find the Bellas okay :l
    14. Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta
      Yeah i know.

      Thanks for the rep + :pleased
    15. Gibbs
    16. Muk
      i know the feeling on mmos :argh

      but i just can't leave guild wars 2 xD ... cause you know, i can take breaks and come back whenever i want
    17. Muk

      that was the post xD and you did green rep me :pek:gun
    18. Muk
      what did you mean? as in you understood me, or didn't understand me xD
    19. Algol
      Yeah, yeah... sigh. Yeah I do. Funny times.
    20. Algol
      Hey, what happened that date in your sig that has to do with Kubo lol?
    21. Kenneth
      I downloaded the raw from nyaa, no cable or anything since it's a torrent
    22. Sarry
      "prove the former"

      It?s been 12 days since the break up. I?ve gone out, had meals, watched movies, drank, sang KTV with all sorts of guys, and any one of them is more handsome than he is, richer than he is. I say this only to prove that it isn?t that I can?t find guys better than him, much less me thinking him so good looking, so rich. There are a bunch of men with good circumstances around me, as friends who know me all know. It?s just that my heart is unable to accept anyone else.
      Simple: He's a douchebag(from the way the article makes it out to be), that breaks up with her; she spends the next two weeks with her friends; but she gets to obsessed about him that she jumps off a building.

      Yeah, I do know everything is shit after a breakup, and depression is likely. But to jump off a building is something else.

      Either way, the story doesn't cover all the details, as there might be more.

      Also, thanks for the neg.
    23. Gibbs
      Thanks for the rep.

      I asked Angelina if She will "Let the Pigeons Loose Tonight" & She did.
    24. LordPerucho
      Thanks for the Rep Hogan and Prichard were sent to TNA by Vince in order to kill it, and they have done it ratings speaking...
    25. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep. :LOS
    26. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      what is your avatar from?
    27. Vladimir Lenin
      Vladimir Lenin
      Your pimply arse is 'tactless', mate.
    28. Huey Freeman
      Huey Freeman
      If you are going to lecture me on what to know and not to know post reasoning.
    29. Whirlpool
      It's weird because people down my way don't like WASPs. :psyduck
    30. SAFFF
      ^ (use bro) go watch that Mike Awesome match!
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    In a self made maze
    Favorite Character(s):
    Shino Neji Kabuto Anko.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    I cannot believe this is still here.
    Maybe not so much better than you.


    Wer besch?tzt die Schwachen vor dem Mann, der die Schwachen besch?tzt?

    9/15/1995 - A movie called Hackers came out. Ha, prolly older than most of you. Guess I'm the old man in the place.

    4/14/2009 - Teeth gnashed, kids cried, mouths pounded the dirt with the sheer force of falling. Those who knew of Kubo regarded as the greatest or worst day of their lives. For me, it was Tuesday.
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