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Air D
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May 27, 2013
Aug 21, 2009
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Nov 3, 1996 (Age: 22)
Air Kingdom
Philosiphical Advisor

Air D

Thaw, Frigid Heartbeat, 22, from Air Kingdom

Air D was last seen:
May 27, 2013
    1. YoshiPower
      Maybe you're gonna be back.. :(
    2. LordUchiha
      Hey man I noticed you liked my story from years ago and thought I'd let you know I updated it. Check it out when you get the chance. Its in the literature department.
    3. Undead
      Damn man, it's been forever.
    4. Scizor
      Same to you.

      And thanks for the rep. =)
    5. Sakura52
      I maybe new to this forum, but the poem you commented on was written by me on a forum called www.forums.[Blocked Domain]. That forum is currently down but there is proof I wrote that poem. I can guess you don't believe or don't care, but this poem is extremely important to me.:(
    6. Scizor
      Thank you. Maybe one day we will be able to play smash together online :brofist
    7. Bart
      Oooo awesome :3

      Ah right right I see but hope everythings been alright :WOW
    8. Bart
      Heeey :3

      Nothing much just about to do some revision later haha :3 youu? :WOW
    9. Bart
      Long time no speak, Air :WOW
    10. Aono
      Thanks for adding me
      Hope we can be good friends
    11. Cinthia-chan
      Same but cheer and school work. I miss you though :33
    12. Cinthia-chan
      I know so what have you been up to? :iria
    13. Cinthia-chan
      Hey Adrian :33
    14. Bloo
      Thats cool.
    15. Bloo
      It is, but I chose bloo because blue is my favorite color, and the "I'm with Coco" is something that an admin gives anyone who asks, I just did it for the orange color lol.
    16. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      Merry Christmas to you too!
    17. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      Merry Christmas Bro! :pimp
    18. Judecious
    19. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      More than you know. Look it up. It's very good... in my opinion...
    20. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      Have you heard of the Power of 5 series by Anthony Horowitz?
    21. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      Thanks bro, im gonna do my xmas groceries later and il cook something festive tomorrow night :pimp

      You enjoy xmas as well ok :tomato
    22. Malicious Friday
      Malicious Friday
      I really hope part three comes out soon... :sniff...
      I'll hunt him down if it doesn't...
    23. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      you know, its harder mentally than physically...its my mind that gives up before my body...i know that i can do more but sometimes i tell myself that i cant do more for the day...which is why you need to have a spotter when lifting weights but i go solo :pimp
    24. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      we have a gym in our club house and i lift weights there during the night, i dont like being watched by people in the morning lol :pimp
    25. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      damn, bicycle eh? il do that yeah! thanks bro, that's the only thing that's missing :pimp

      btw, how's winter over there? i haven't experienced snow ever :(
    26. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      no, i meant how to get abs :pimp

      ive been hitting the gym for months and im getting some on my arm but none on my abs :(
    27. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      oh i forgot that you are athletic! im also hitting the gym for at least an hour or so lifting weights bro...i still dont have ribbed abs yet but im losing weight now :pimp

      can you give me some tips?
    28. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      yes it is, it tastes like meat! well almost...ive been trying to cook in in different ways and its awesome...:pimp

      what about you, what's keeping you busy?
    29. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      ive been testing different pasta dishes as i dont have much experience with italian cuisine, have u tried shitake mushroom cream pasta? :druul
    30. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      Driving is easy, what i need to practice on is my confidence wen driving in the streets...i get conscious and uneasy sometimes and i easily get intimidated :hmm
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  • About

    Nov 3, 1996 (Age: 22)
    Air Kingdom
    Philosiphical Advisor
    Favorite Character(s):
    Minato Namikaze
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    I love to read an i play football, basketball and run track

    Reading, writing, hanging out


    Burst From My Heaven

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