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Aizens Plan
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Oct 6, 2013
Sep 17, 2010
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Mindscrewing Yhwach
dictating the plot

Aizens Plan

The Luciferous One, from Mindscrewing Yhwach

Aizens Plan was last seen:
Oct 6, 2013
    1. lihimsidhe
      I like your name. I always thought that there was was no way Aizen was down for the count and what we perceived as him being defeated was somehow part of his plan. Plus his zangpaktou disappearing without ever having revealed his Bankai? Just doesn't add up.

      Oh and thanks for the rep.
    2. †obitobi
      Thank you for the +rep.
    3. Aeiou
      No problem. Very sophisticated gif. :wtf
    4. baconbits
      Yeah it can get frustrating mainly because you're right about the object: they just want to humiliate you. But that works to our advantage sometimes, because they overstate their case so much that it makes it easy to unbalance them. Its almost like fighting somebody who only throws haymakers - yeah, they could knock you out but they'll be so off balance that controlled counter attacks get easier and easier.

      Plus you have a cool style of handling them. I think it bothers some of them when they can't upset us.
    5. baconbits
      Good job in the Christianity thread. You bring some strong arguments.
    6. Hugiboo
      Good grief? Is that a statement about my post?
    7. Sablés

      I can already it's a waste of time. He's dodging the topics that actually matter and making up excuses for the SR's shortcomings.
    8. Tech N9ne
      Tech N9ne
      Hey buddy! Did your sig? You are awesome!
    9. Mizura
      I don't study neuroscience. I'm just very interested in science in general. xD The definition of consciousness is one of those baffling things that have eluded science even until now. I mean, we're stuck at "uh, dude, are you self-aware?"

      It's funny, it's like you really have to study something in-depth before you become aware of its limitations. It's the same as maths. I did study maths, which has some interesting bits such as:
      - it has been demonstrated that there would exist theorems in maths that can't ever be proven (the stuff of nigthmares for mathematicians, really) (edit: found it back, it's G?del's incompleteness theorems)
      - it is impossible to prove that maths of any level can be applied to the real world. The fact that it does seem to work is one of the baffling mysteries of the world. D:
    10. Zaru
      You were foiled.
    11. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      Thanks for the rep.
    12. Sablés
      I'm holding you to that btw. I expect VR wanking. :maybe
    13. Sablés
      Aizen-sama. How exactly would you estimate the RG's individual strength? :hmm
    14. Revolution
      OMG! How long did you have that sig? Directly from tvtropes (I was on that very page today)
    15. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      No problem. Thank you for your kindness, Aizens Plan.
      I have faith in Ayon's resilience and my own tenacity............but I know things look grim.

      I love your avatar, by the way. :quite
    16. SomeIsshinFan
      Can I be your friend? Your signature fits right along with my thoughts...
    17. Zorp
      I see what you mean. If the RG interfere now, then the end of Bleach is nearer than any of us thought. If the Shinigami go underground for a time, it would be strange for the RG not to interfere, though. Would the RG allow the Vandenreich free reign in SS? Or maybe the Quincy don't care about occupying SS at all. Maybe, after defeating Yama, they will simply raze it to the ground and head back to their base. That would give the remaining Shinigami a chance to recover (will Shunsui get his eye back?) and hone their skills a tiny bit with some SS-Renji-like training. But what will happen during that pause where no one is in charge of SS? Will Hollows run free in the real world, will the Quincy throw off the balance of the universe even more, will Aizen make a comeback while the Shinigami forces are scattered? Personally, I feel that the whole "enemy numbers will increase" part has already happened. We thought that the Vandenreich was made up of the few SR we saw at the beginning of the arc, but now a good deal more have been revealed. It's possible that Bach didn't bring his entire force, though. Or that he will recruit more Arrancar and give them Quincy-like powers like Ivan (Ibern). I just don't know! :argh
    18. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep..but Shunsui is the real badass here :winny
    19. Zorp
      Ah, my predictions are always 50-50. Not betting odds, that's for sure. My predictions echo what a lot of others have said: SS will lose, but will be spared complete annihilation, probably by the hands of the Royal Guard. The tone of the recent chapters is one of despair. A few shinigami (like Kenpachi) may beat a few SR, but the outcome is grim. Ichigo doesn't have enough power to take down the remaining SR by himself, not that he is free to act right now anyway. Mayuri cannot come up with an anti-seal device quick enough to release the stolen bankais during the current confrontation, especially since he can't study Ichigo right now, nor communicate with Urahara. Ichigo and crew may help pick up the pieces of SS, but major damage has already been done. I don't think Rukia or Renji is dead, and part of me is skepticle about Byakuya and, to a lesser extent, Kira. Granted, Kira doesn't have Hacchi around to put a preservation barrier around him while he waits for medical treatment, but I still think there is always a chance for survival so long as the body isn't 100% confirmed to be lifeless. I'd say it's more likely than not that Kira is dead, though. Really hoping there won't be a mass resurrection. What do you think will happen?
    20. DemonDragonJ
      Yes, I also, am hoping for that; Aizen has certainly had time to develop a new diabolic scheme during the seventeen-month timeskip. :plot
    21. DemonDragonJ
      I, also, am certain that the Vandenreich's origins and previous whereabouts shall be explained in due time.

      How did you choose that username? What origin story does it hold?
    22. KuzuRyuSen
      I see. That is quite devious of you I must say.
    23. KuzuRyuSen
      You're welcome. You speak Spanish?:amuse
    24. Ace
      You're welcome.
    25. Zorp
      Thank you for the rep. :33 The contrast between Aizen and Ukitake is an interesting one.
    26. Takahashi
      Damn right :brofist
    27. Brox
      i like the idea of aizen orchestrating the hell legion. :hurr
      i have to agree that mothers being attacked by hollows theme sounds like another research project executed by aizen.
      i will rep you for the spoilers as soon as possible.
    28. Brox
      how is aizen going to escape prison?
    29. Magicbullet
      thanks for the rep :awesome
    30. Sajin Komamura
      Sajin Komamura
      Done, thx for reminding me cause I somehow missed that one. :gar
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    dictating the plot
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