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Mar 8, 2018
Apr 16, 2007
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Active Member

Akatora was last seen:
Mar 8, 2018
    1. Moka
      I'm not new to this site. I've been a member for quite a while but never an active one.
    2. haegar
      that would be cause it is her. though she was purely chosen for skin color and cleavage, bit of a coincidence. that being said, did she appear in the anime finally? Gotta pick up on Season 2 I guess then :hurr
      the artwork i got there was on the Light Novel translator's blog page. I dont read Gate but checked on other stuff there, that's how i founds her :grin
    3. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep. :zaru
    4. Keino-kun
      Yeah, saw that.

      That Luiz buy looks dumber at the minute, considering the had a $60M net transfer cap.

      But as you said it only affects "new" money. City and PSG are being affected atm. Team like Man Utd, Real, Barca can still spend even if they have huge debt, which to me is a problem.
    5. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      More info on yotanwa's rank

    6. EvilMoogle
      Anyone can take ranks in Linguistics, they learn one new language for each rank invested in the skill.

      Linguistics being a class skill improves the other uses of the ability but has no impact on the number of languages you know.
    7. Mizura
      You're welcome. Just look at it if you're bored. :) As for me, I've lost many hours of sleep the first time I read through it. >_>;;
    8. Mizura
      Hmm... it doesn't seem to, no. And only 5 volumes are out in Japan for now, so there isn't much material to make into an anime yet. That said, the manga has pretty awesome art, so that doesn't hurt at least. :amuse
    9. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      There is some combat now if you are interested
    10. EvilMoogle
      It will vary based on your DM. In general I wouldn't expect any problems dealing with the other players (though you're not RPing the character well if you have any social graces to speak of).

      I would expect that the DM will force some situations where your character has to be involved socially ("you, quiet one, what do you think of this plan?" or even just "I don't do business with a man who won't stand up and introduce himself, who are you?"). He's then justified in using your character's low charisma to penalize the group.

      I wouldn't expect this to come up very frequently however that will vary greatly by DM. Expect it to burn you every once in a while though.

      Not being able to speak common is a major stumbling block as well. It can be fun to RP but realistically it prevents you from being able to trade well or communicate significantly at all. You can mitigate it somewhat assuming there's a few translators in the party but it will be irritating from time to time.

      The Aasasimar character is much easier to explain since he/she's just barely below average strength and constitution.
    11. Lord Valgaav
      Lord Valgaav
      Just because its common doesn't make it a good thing Akatora.
    12. Maffy the Love Doctor
      Maffy the Love Doctor
      I'm pretty sure LAA is dead. Most of us are friends on FB now, but me, Dani, and the Aarons (Member 483 and Del) created our own forum called Accidental Glory Hole where a bunch of the old LAA members joined up afterwards. I haven't been on there in a while but here's the link:


      btw, who is this?
    13. galvao18
      Dat Legacy Of Kain :datass

      thanks for the reps+ :pimp
    14. James
      It's true, he's not really much worse than the shounen average, but that doesn't mean he's not one-dimensional. Just for the record, he's one of my favourite shounen protagonists in spite of his shallowness, probably because it means there's nothing overtly unlikeable about him.

      Anyway, he has "I will protect my friends" and erm...? I think that's pretty much it. The lack of a high goal is quite a problem for me, because it gives us little real reason to get behind Ichigo and get excited about his progress. He's just kind of drifting through the series getting caught up in saving people here and there. When he lost his powers in the Fullbring Arc, he got a bit sad because he didn't have as much power to protect people anymore. It's funny, because that depressed Ichigo is symbolic of the problem - protecting people is all he has in Bleach.

      Characters like Naruto have a decent amount of conflict at least. Becoming Hokage but reconciling that with the fact the village system might be a problem. Saving his friend while protecting the village. It's not well written, but there's at least the illusion of complexity with Naruto's character. It'd be nice if Ichigo had a bit more of that.

      I guess he might soon if the Quincies try to win Ichigo over and turn him against SS. A bit late in the day though.
    15. DaKakz
      Oh so you are saying that you just don't like the way things are going now with the club system wise ? If that's the case then that's your opinion but I can never imagine myself missing RM matches because of the reasons you gave me.

      Also, what is wrong with Mourinho and CR7 ? I like their personality because they are honest like me... and the world hates honesty and prefers people who lie and hide their true self infront of cameras and try to portrait themselves as perfect beings who only do good when in reality there is no such person in the entire universe.
    16. DaKakz
      So you're telling me that one player left and you don't like the team as much as you used to ? If that's the case we could say that you are a fan of certain Spanish players on the RM Team and not of the club itself...
      No offense but unlike you I support the club, the name, the emblem and not only three or four players and when they leave I find myself not liking the club anymore.
    17. Halloween Fanatic
      Halloween Fanatic
      Thank you for the rep.:grin:beer
    18. Utopia Realm
      Utopia Realm
      Had a very sad ending for the series. Seems to me that Jet and Fey may have had a falling out and separated after Spike, Ed and Ein left. Wish we could have had a 30min-1hr special closing all the loose ends the series left open for interpretation.:-(
    19. KaiserWombat
      Couldn't find one matching your description, sorry Aka

      As for people to ask around? No idea: see if there are any video-related sub-forums, that'd be the area I'd look. Failing that, the music section maybe?
    20. KaiserWombat

      ...like this?
    21. ~Howling~
      Thanks for the rep. :brofist
    22. ZeroWolf123
      I was just talking about, what's the point of equalizing speed in a match where theres a guy who has no feats anyway.

      But I get what your saying, plus seeing as speed is usually such heated topic in fights and more or less the main factor to people, I can see why it's just better to ignore them.
    23. Black Mirror
      Black Mirror
      I see, you're somewhat reasonable poster but next time, make sure, you don't misunderstand since people who neg me are mostly trolls and tards :) or in this case they misunderstand^^

      case closed I guess :)
    24. crimsonshade
      you might be able to use young's modulus to get an answer. to find how much the metal caved, find out how much a brick wall will bend before breaking. use that value as the value of the metal part bending. not sure if it will work though.
    25. Sherlōck
      At least provide me with panel from the end of the Sereitei from where I can see Shokyaku hill.
    26. Sherlōck
      Only Seiretei should be good enough.

      But I need manga panel. Anime panel won't cut it. And it would be good to have a description of the last map if there is any.
    27. Sherlōck
      Do you have any scan from where I can scale soul society?

      A top up view which covers whole Soul Society would be great.
    28. thinkingaboutlife
      Yah that is true, never really paid attention to the meaning of his name. And volume releases are better. I think its better that way then weekly. Going to be hard breaking the habit though. lol
    29. Raid3r2010
      You're right.Torikos potential is greater than Luffys.
    30. ChaosTheory123
      He's so full of shit :geg

      1. Mugetsu can in no way shape of form achieve such a volume. It cut a 10 meter gash with a height of the depth of the crater all the way to the horizon at most.

      You will get a volume lower than Aizen's fragor everytime.

      2. Its not vaporization. Pure vaporization is something incredibly difficult for even the most powerful of meteor impacts to achieve. Nukes don't achieve it (for reference, the sedan crater nuke? 100 kiloton blast? Average joule/cc is 69.)

      3. Just pay him no mind. Not to disappoint you or anything, but as I said, his numbers and calc are dog piss.
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