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  • yeah read about that, but i just wont feel confident about it until i play it for myself :hurr cause i cant really see what they are going for from descriptions
    PRAISE THE LORD FOR HD COLLECTIONS! Also praise the lord for 40 bucks :hurr its just around my price range
    I'm not gonna trust anything of FF15 until i have it in my PS4 playing.

    Also....Type 0 was a pretty decent game. Not the best game ever, but it was pretty cool, for a PSP handheld title. It looks like they've only balanced the difficulty and updated the graphics to look more like a console title, so i guess it just depends on how you like games that are PSP games tailored to the handheld experience put on console.

    BBS is probably the only PSP game that i'd confuse for a PS2 title. ..once 2.5 comes out you wont be able to probably tell that BBS wasn't made for PS2
    Quite frustrating being an SE fan in general, unless you like mobile and iOS garbage, then your all set :hurr
    Well UE4 wasn't out at the time...but they could have atleast used UE3, as even that's way better than all the engines SE has made anyway. And when UE4 came out, they should have waited and started KH3 on that instead of Luminous, but now its just a big fiasco
    Well yeah, you definitely should. They are trying to cobble together parts of several different engines at once, a lot of those parts way older than the other parts. KH3 is having issues because they are trying to move what they already had done in Luminous into UE4, i don't think you can say that a mess like FF15 is not going to have problems hitting its targets.
    Excellent choice. :quite
    Yeah, all of the cool characters die first...at least the quality of the show itself has been picking up now, animation is gorgeous.
    AGK is probably the best one to start first, it's only about 50 or so chapters, it'll be the easiest to get caught up on. And let me know what you think about Leone (my waifu :winny).
    Feng Shen Ji, Akame ga Kiru (recently got its own show), Hunter x Hunter, Kingdom, King of Thorn, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Tower of God, Magi, Blue Exorcist, and I'll try to list more if/when I can remember. Try and put the first four at the top of your list.
    That's usually people just being hipster for the sake of being hipster. That critique is simply irrational for the most part--the emotion needs to be clear--call it exaggerated or melodramtic if you wish, but it's a necessary component of the show. It reminds the audience that titans are threats and that the characters are actually human.
    I only had the time to play 3 games with it but it was decent, don't really like that ultimate jutsu is it's separate option especially when it can just be blocked, makes it the weakest of the three types in my opinion at least. And I didn't really get to use drive type a lot so not sure about it but it seemed okay and I didn't even try awakening since I had no interest in any of the characters.
    I thought everyone seemed to love it aside from Canute and steve, but steve is always trying to be funny with subpar trolling tactics so he doesn't count. :hurr
    i think streamlining their game teams is the best thing for nintendo. then third parties would only have one system that they need to focus on for nintendo, and all their effort can go there. personally, that's why i was hoping sony would not announce a second portable console after psp. stick to consoles, and focus all your energy on what your best at doing. because the vita is doing poorly, you have split your efforts down the middle for much less returns. its just not worth it
    i think that was almost common sense for their direction. i've thought of them doing that ever since they introduced the tablet.

    It makes sense, their console is doing poorly, their handheld is doing great. they have the tech to make both high end games and secure support for low end games too. what they need to do to get both audiences is make a console you can carry around and either play wherever or plug into a TV and play. the PSP does that and i really like that feature. WHen your ready to retire the wii u just focus all your R&D into a handheld that can also play full high end games on your tv via HDMI output. Going by their 5 year plan, it should not be too hard to stuff something close to approaching xbox one's APU into a handheld in 2017. Especially considering how good they did with the wii U and putting 360 level power with modern shaders into a box much smaller and much more power effecient
    P2 is more like SMT from what I hear, only got so far into it before my disk broke.

    Hopefully P5 doesn't have the bs thing, so EU can import it.
    Seems like it is going back to the darker P2 days but might have the social link stuff :hmm

    Looks interesting

    Winter 2014 better be for all areas :pek:gun
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