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Sep 26, 2011
Sep 11, 2010
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AKmyWaffle was last seen:
Sep 26, 2011
    1. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      Seriously?The same lame arguments already crushed by me and Turrin a billion times already?


      Minato himself admitted inferiority.

      Where?Sorry, i don't have Uchiha fanboy glasses and don't see Minato saying "Tobi was stronger than me" :rotfl

      "No one could ever face him" Well, Minato faced him :zaru

      Minato sacrificed himself so that Naruto would have a chance to defeat Tobi.

      Those Uchihaha fanboy glasses must be good :hmm

      Minato gave very different reasons for his sacrifice.Reasons which i stated a billion times already.He has reasons for sealing The Kyuubi in Naruto specifically, BUT The Kyuubi as Minato flat out stated needed a host either way.Naruto was simply the ideal choice in Minato's opinion.
    2. 321zigzag
      I was reading upon that Raikage the fastest character in the manga thread and quite interesting things. Especially on the whoel Base naruto and Deva's speed thing.
    3. USSR
      Lol, I'm no dupe. Though I understand you may be saying that seeing as I JUST joined and conveniently posted a retort to your claim. I'm merely providing an unbiased opinion. I apologize if I offended you. But if it makes you feel better, I must say that Chidori is much cooler to me.
    4. Skeith
      Well...that was fun.

      Thanks for being a good sport.
    5. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      how do you feel about chicken ?
    6. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      thread was made due to orochibuto.......
    7. izanagi x izanami
    8. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      thanks for answer......
    9. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      this thread was baiting thread or not?

      i just want to hear someones opinion.......
    10. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami

      what do you think
      is mod righ or wrong?
    11. Uchihα Itαchi
      Uchihα Itαchi
      Changing subject again.
      But thanks. :giogio
    12. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      thanks.......i wanted to ask some meaning of word....however used google and found it...
    13. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      hi AKmyWaffle

      can i ask you something
    14. Uchihα Itαchi
      Uchihα Itαchi
      Sad about that the Itachi and Shisui gay thread was closed, even though it was about time.
      'kay, let me finish it off here;
      I never said anything about mammals or any crap, I was talking about living humans. I said that people should be treated equally, and it seems you still don't understand what I'm talking about. I hate having to repeat myself, but I guess I have to do it again. I in my opinion thinks that everyone is as important as another, and everyone should be treated equally. I know that life isn't like that, because you see poor people living on streets, and rich people having fun at parties. But for me, everyone are treated equally. I'm not saying that I'm treating my mother the same as I'm treating someone unknown, but I'm saying that I'm treating everyone as they should be treated. And we're not having a discussion about relationships now. I hope you get it, because I'm not going to repeat it for the tenth time.
    15. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      i'm just trolling.....this thread.......
    16. ATastyMuffin
      People think we're related, AKmyWaffle. :hurr

      I'll admit, our usernames are better than the rest. :zaru
    17. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Chapter 1 is the pilot
    18. Xerces
      Just report them. They are speaking complete nonsense now and are blatantly trolling/flaming and are not hiding it.
    19. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Doesn't matter. And Chapter 0. He was gonna be mentioned during Shanks and WB's meeting, but Oda took it out.
    20. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      yes. he appeared in the most recent one piece movie and has been mentioned in the story a lot.

      Next question- Are you guys one in the same?
    21. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Are you sure.....?
    22. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Hiruzen Sarutobi. Do you know anyone by the name of ATastyMuffin? :LOS
    23. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Who are you?
    24. kisame123
      you might want to check this out :LOS
    25. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      Are you related to ATastyMuffin?
    26. Chaotic Gangsta
    27. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      You can't count can you?

      Pain used 4 jutsu against Naruto, and if you want we can count Chibuku as a jutsu used against Naruto as well for a grand total of 5.

      On the other hand Danzou used 8 techniques directly against Sasuke and one against Sasuke and Madara for a total of 9 techniques used against Sasuke.

      I said 2-3 moves more didnt i?BTW i find it funny that Naru haters like you think is "epic" Danzo using all those wind jutsus although they are all similar to one another yet you are having problem with rasen shuricken.. just another rasengan.. And again why didnt you count the different summons separately?

      Either way.. 3 jutsus more.. BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE :notrust You seem desperate as hell :ho:gun But enjoy you Susano spamming starring contests dont let me stop ya :ho:gun
    28. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      Had to be pretty powerful to save Naruto's ass right?

      Right! :P

      That was fun:rotfl Got a few good laughs from ya.. thanks :kthumb But im off before Shaidar Haran shows up cause i dont know for how much longer we can get away with only our post deleted :ho:gun
    29. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Do you ignore all instances of Naruto displaying intelligence since you view him as an idiot. Stop wanking to Sasuke, troll.
    30. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Now it's becoming clear you are just a troll now.
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