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Aug 14, 2017
Jun 1, 2009
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November 14


Diclonius Shinigami, from US

Alexdhamp was last seen:
Aug 14, 2017
    1. Yoona
      Yes SNSD Yoona.
    2. takL
      maddys body scan seems much rougher than byakugans.
    3. takL
      same 点穴 tenketsu in jp . maddy also watched those points in guy while guy was opening 8th gate.
    4. Shiorin
      Taeganger 4 lyfe
    5. Deleted member 23
      Deleted member 23
      Yes, I expressed myself wrong and let the insane leak out. Tried sending letter to owner but no avail. I left after the change, what was RR reactions to hinata and naruto holding hands?
    6. Deleted member 23
      Deleted member 23
      Thanks for rep, I only wish I wasn't banned from the NH FC. I know you from OMF. You still go there?
    7. Deana
      Thanks for the rep! I might just take your advice. lol
    8. Norngpinky
      THank you for the rep <3
    9. Midaru
      Alexdhamp :argh

      It's been a while. :33
    10. Red Raptor
      Red Raptor
      Thanks for the rep. And yeah I just can't stand how Neji and team guy (lee and Tenten) have been treated. It's really a blasphemy
    11. ch1p
      i know actually. deva are "good" guys, ashuras are "bad" guys.
    12. MCTDread
      A big Star Wars fan I am :nod I don't play MMOs cause I can't devote the time into it :X3 Your a fan too I see.
    13. shurei
      Sure, every time you act like a dick.:love
    14. SoulFire!
      Well, if you look at the panel, Sakura is indeed looking back at Naruto's chest as she is applying CPR--she is watching his chest rise, which is accompanied by the sound effect. Yeah, I think it is a part of Japanese fandom trolling in a sick way.
    15. SoulFire!
      I found that post too obtuse to even reply to...:sclap

      About those naughty 'sound effects': Seems that the translation means for a part of the body to rise up, so it could logically be used to suggest the rising of the chest and not--other parts. I really doubt that Kishi would purposely inject a suggestive sound effect into such a serious scene. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
    16. SoulFire!
      Very interesting stuff there!! Anyone in the fandom with enough knowledge of Japanese to be able to confirm or deny this?
    17. SoulFire!
      I think you've found the key to that scene!! There's no doubt in my mind that Naruto was simply attempting to clarify his relationship with Sakura, which he knows full well is not a romantic one. He was not being stupid enough to voice love sick hopes or making a rude joke at Sakura's (and Hinata's) expense. He was just trying to be honest.
    18. SoulFire!
      I don't suppose the 'girlfriend'/'girl friend' term you found means much if it wasn't the wording used in the manga, though. Still, it is good to know that the Know It Alls don't really know it all!
    19. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Thank you! It's okay. =)
    20. BiggsDarklighter
      Hi Alexdhamp. Thanks for the rep. I wasn't exactly thinking about the medicinal cream given to Kiba, but thanks anyway. I was thinking about the scene when Hinata was concerned about Ko Hyuga's well being in chapter 430. Hinata does indeed think about other people (villagers, teammates, clan members) besides herself and Naruto.

      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/93-435-8/naruto/chapter-430.html
    21. Shadow050
      100% agree. i figured it was due to exhaustion or clumsiness given the frantic situation she just saw before they took off.

      i was mad that even kiba is like "wtf gurl!? y u no have on ur byakugan?" lol. since the shroud is on ppl, they should still ALL be FULL (normal) power imo. when naruto used kyuubi chakra (against neji no less) his own chakra went unaffected (as it was "sealed" up).

      byakugan suddenly being oh so taxing is freakin' retarded too. like i mentioend, kakashi's been going strong with the sharingan despite accelerated chakra burn and exhaustion (inclusing eye strain)... and the dude was continuing to tick lol. i get that he 's a war vet but my words to kishi at neji getting exhausted is "c'mon son :geg" same goes for Hinata always happening to not be using it - which i can only assume it part o the reason neji was using his so hard. when she was being attacked and naruto saves the day - byakugan off (NO WONDER YOU'RE BEING OVERWHELMED!!)... everyone notices naruto is back before she does this time because.... no byakugan. there's other times too. kishi is OD'n...

      i too hope neji comes back in some capacity. it wouldn't surprise me for his spirit to make an appearance and encourage and thereby empower naruto... along with giving some perspective like he did in the sasuke retrieval mission, and shortly before he was killed shielding naruto and hinata. kishi dangled that shit in my face with having obito attempt rinne tensi, only to have madara intervene.

      speaking of rinne tensei... i think it's rather weird that RT is supposedly a death sentence.... one where it doesn't matter how many lives you bring back lol... 1.... or a villages worth... which makes me wonder... how come Nagato didn't resurrect Yahiko at least after he sacrificed himself... or jiraiya for that matter... since apparently the soul doesn't have to be sealed in the hell realm's ability (since Madara was rinne tensei'd obviously without being in there).

      smh :ippy
    22. Shadow050
      Alex.... as i just posted, and you might have seen.... your girl hinata is slowly beginning to piss me off. rather, the way they have her performing has been.

      i've noticed MANY times that they have her NOT using her byakugan while shit is going down.... like, wtf!?

      this fact contributed to the time when neji was made a fool of, and overused his eyes (even though kakashi hasn't suffered his USUSAL effect of using sharingan for long periods lol).

      this bullshit from kishi and co. is way out of hand man
    23. -JT-
      I just hope others didn't see it as non sarcastic :p
    24. -JT-
      I hope you know I was being sarcastic. That guy just thinks I hate Hinata because, as a Neji fan, I'm 'jealous' of her.
    25. alcoholmixture
      Thanks for the reps:)!
    26. Kanga
      Idk. The Japanese have been known to be epic in many of their exploits. >_> As for games, you're definitely right. This may have something to do with having a larger budget. So, they are able to hire the best of the best.

      I can't seem to understand why they don't do what you just said. Gaming VAs should totally take up the role and put an end to this nonsense. Or at least require more schooling for the mediocre English VAs.

      You know what, I also find that singers make really good VAs. For instance, Jesse McCartney.
    27. Kanga
      Thanks for the rep!

      But seriously, you hit the nail on the head. The voices are overdone. In certain situations, they just add too much emotion, when its not required. Sometimes I feel the need to tell them to tone it down. Like please, you're embarrassing yourselves.
    28. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Oh you do. :quite

      Despite not seeing the first 3 films with Matt Damon I am sure they are good, plus I enjoyed the Legacy one last year. :noworry
    29. Thimbleberry
      Thank you for the rep!
    30. Shadow050
      thanks for the rep.

      for the madara shenanigans... i'd say "the power of retcon" or just take it as the manga saying "the one being called Madara" without actually saying it. the databook is only revealing up to a certain point in the manga so it doesn't spoil too much, y'know?

      aside from sometimes recapping events in the manga, the info the DB gives us is simply information that's allowed to be shared up to that moment.
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    November 14
    Favorite Character(s):
    Lucy!! Oh..wait..that's not Naruto. Well, that's easy; Naruto, Hinata, Neji, and Kakashi. ^_^
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Kyuubi-Naruto vs Oro and 166 of Shippuuden. Valley of the End and Naruto/Lee/Gaara vs Kimim
    Way too many to list. Manga, reading, Martial Arts, Archeology, Games, and Atlantis tops list, tho



    "When you're miserable, you need someone...
    ...that's even more miserable than yourself..."
    Eternal KoutaxKaede(Lucy) shipper
    Spoiler: Hinata; unfashionably cute
    -Hinata: "Hinata is cute-but-uncool"
    "Hinata has to look simple, so I tried to cover all of her body and to give her a "provincial" feel. She's not interested in fashion... so I do want her to look cute, but in an unfashionable way. ...Cute-but-uncool "
    Hinata doesn't get a pass...
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