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Oct 11, 2014
Aug 27, 2007
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Jan 8, 1989 (Age: 31)


Active Member, 31

Algol was last seen:
Oct 11, 2014
    1. son_michael
      No, they have finished the filler and are sticking only with cannon from now on.

      At least that's the word going round the internet.
    2. Agmaster
      Yammy was revealed as the Zero Espada. Remember that ...storm?
    3. Sunrider
      The picture certainly isn't me (I'm black), and I really don't know the source, i just swiped it from Google Images.
    4. PlacidSanity
      Apologies for the late reply.:laugh No problem.
    5. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      Its from Kingdom Manga you should read it :D
    6. Ernie
    7. Addy
      thanks :)

      it is really really really good. you WILL LOVE the main characters a lot :)
    8. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Dance of the Vampire Bund
    9. Addy
      it is from a manga called "gangsta"
    10. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Oh hi. I'm still around, just not every day.:beardthing Someone's got to hate on Itachi here.:pek
    11. Okodi
      Thanks for the reps :pimp
    12. rajin
      actually i am also around 100chapters behind
    13. Jon Snow
      Jon Snow
      You're doing the right thing. Leave Nardo behind
    14. Kind of a big deal
      Kind of a big deal
      Naw just one is Askeladd inspired, the rest is some doodles I made a while back.
    15. Revolution
      http://www.history-aztec.com/four-suns.jpg like this
    16. Language of Life
      Language of Life
      It's called the Smiling Man - click on the link and it'll take you to YouTube to show you a film version of the original story. The actually story and picture is on Creepy Pasta or creepy pasta wiki. It's not related to any manga or anime if that is what you were wondering.
    17. Zabuza
      It's just an image I've found :p
    18. Jon Snow
      Jon Snow
      The Hunter x Hunter movie titled Phantom Rouge. The manga/anime is MUCH better though
    19. rajin
      i haven't read past 100 chapters of bleach but now i have picked it again
    20. Amanda
      That thesis. It's my final villain. I'll summon the spirit of heroes and conquer it. :pek:gun
    21. Veja24
      hehe! you're right about my sign! thanks for dropping by and reping me <3
    22. Bontakun
      Thanks for the genius Obito rep!
    23. Arya Stark
      Arya Stark
      She is also adapting a book into a manga "Legend of Arslan". It's historical and it'll probably become action packed as well. But unfortunately it has only 1 chapter so far. :lmao

      I just really love Arakawa's way of humour and her nearly perfect characterization. It's like she's writing a novel instead of manga.

      Well this whole Rin thing quite turned me off. I still appreciate him to a degree, for the sake of old days but I don't enjoy his character as I used to. And I'm not someone who only wanks his favourite characters so...
    24. Arya Stark
      Arya Stark
      Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji). It has a new anime and an ongoing manga (84 chapters if I'm right). It's written by FMA's mangaka. :33 It's not adventure type though. A slice of life with lots of humour. I recommend it.
    25. Deatz
      I don't mind. It's the characters Bert, Reiner, and Annie from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). :nod
    26. Chibason
      All good, bro. Will rep when I can
    27. Chibason
      I'm always amused to see the emote I created in user's sigs
    28. Senkou
      Oh, it's the new ultimate marvel spider man. He takes the place of Peter Parker in the ultimate marvel universe. His name is Miles Morales. A black and latino Spidey. lol
    29. CrazyAries
      But it has everything to do with the conversation. Some guys do not want to have daughters because they do not trust the boys that will be making passes at them. They figure that with a boy, there is only one person they have to worry about. With a girl, they have to worry not just about her. It's a double standard and if more parents taught their children (boys and girls) to respect themselves and other people, there would be less to worry about all around.
    30. CrazyAries
      It referring to "members," if you know what I mean. :hurr
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    Jan 8, 1989 (Age: 31)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Kakashi, Gai, Jiraiya, Obito, Lee, Naruto, Shikamaru, Orochimaru, Hidan, Pain, Bee, Tobirama
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