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Jan 22, 2020 at 9:01 AM
Apr 6, 2010
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Alita>You, Male, from America

Alita54 was last seen:
Viewing thread Dai Funka vs chidori, Jan 22, 2020 at 9:01 AM
    1. SuperSaiyaMan12
      I have a feeling that guy won't last much longer here.
    2. SuperSaiyaMan12
      And from Battle of Gods!
    3. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Not to mention that Hammer is really far behind in DBZ scaling too, with the Z Fighters being Mach 10,000-31,000 to relativistic to FTL now!
    4. SuperSaiyaMan12
      But then he's hit by normal human level fighters on a daily basis too. Inconsistency is the name of the day in Marvel yet apparently feats like this are supposedly legit, even if they aren't feats.
    5. SuperSaiyaMan12

      'Since Captain America can turn his head...' uh even though that might have just been an art flare, and no one else seriously took it as an outlier?
    6. SuperSaiyaMan12
      When they began claiming Street Levelers are MHS in speed thanks to Cap 'reacting' to a ship crashing into a Star Station during Infinity...they really should have started reevaluating their calcing methods since that doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Not to mention giving feats that have extenuating circumstances to characters to face Naruto's or in hammer's case, being so far behind in Naruto he believes that everyone in Marvel could defeat the Narutoverse I believe.

      I posted that Thing and Hulk's movement speed isn't so special, its just their reactions or arm speed, yet...they act like its blasphemy and laugh at it.
    7. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Any comment on what I said?
    8. SuperSaiyaMan12
      I never realized how...ridiculous Marvel overestimation is on this site. I mean...there probably will be people arguing that Spider-Man defeats Juubi Jin Madara at this rate.
    9. Lortastic
      Just wanted to say, added! :D
    10. Illairen
      Thank you, i wish you a happy new year as well ^^
    11. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Happy New Year :datass
    12. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      no problem..
    13. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Go to this thread to request a name change:

      Read the first post before you request. :)
    14. Unknown
      When I have more time.
    15. Unknown
      Is there any other way to post in the blog?
    16. Illairen
      Hi. Sorry I never created a blog entry.
      You should probably ask Unknown, Fluttershy or Darthgrim.

    17. Markness
      Sup? Just caught the latest BAA chapter. Seen it yet?
    18. Illairen

      answer the survey please. perhaps it helps to change the OBD a bit in our favour
    19. Illairen
      Hi alita.
      Admiral Shujin, Lichtkrieger and I are forming a FC in order to collect more reliable calcs (OBD wiki is not that reliable) and to counter biased OP wanking. Would you have interest of joining us?
    20. Wolfgang Grimmer
      Wolfgang Grimmer
      you can ask an admin to disable your rep but you won't be able to receive neg and pos reps
    21. Amari
      Yawn. Are you gonna give up now brah?
    22. Amari
      Nice wall of text.

      Anyways, Kirabi isn't faster than Minato or Raikage.

      Minato was stated to be even faster than Raikage.

      The only thing Kirabi done against Raikage was charge head first to him, which doesn't demonstrate keeping up with him. If you suggest that it does, then hop off Kirabi's meat.

      Naruto demonstrated more speed feats than Kirabi, and Naruto was claimed to be even faster than Raikage.

      Are you gonna give up now?
    23. ChaosTheory123


      Perhaps preskip Naruto and Sasuke could be powerscaled to Sakon's speed anyway...


      I don't really follow Naruto.
    24. ChaosTheory123
      EDIT - I'll probably just put this in a blog.

      Just start making threads that are relevant to the character in question.

      I'll be sure to link the calc... though it isn't that fast a number anyway.

      Actually... it slightly decreased >.>

      I noticed 2 punches landed on Kiba's clone.
    25. ChaosTheory123
      I'll post your calc in 2-3 hours.

      Sorry if it gets delayed further.
    26. Amari
      Intercepting a punch from Raikage doesn't prove that Kirabi is somehow as fast as Raikage.

      If so, then I'd like for you to calculate said punch, please.

      RM Naruto was faster than Raikage.

      Raikage is faster than Kirabi.

      It's simple logic, it ain't Rocket Science.
    27. Amari
      Wrong again.

      Neither of the scans you've provided me shows Kirabi keeping up with Raikage my friend. It shows Kirabi and Raikage charging at each other, both of whom using Lariat against each other.

      For instance, if you and I were charging at one another, it doesn't mean I was keeping up with you. No, keeping up with someone is either trading blows with a character repeatedly or matching/keeping up with one's speed.

      The fact that you obviously don't know what "keeping up" means, this proves to me that your intellect is mediocre at best.
    28. Naruko
      Heya - your sig was waaaay over the size limits allowed so I had to spoiler tag it. If you can get someone to size it to fit you can take the tag off (or leave the tag on, people will always click a tag :zaru)
    29. Amari
      Wrong again.

      Again, reacting to someone=/=Keeping up with someone.

      You fail.

      And none of the Scans you've provided me shows Kirabi keeping up with Raikage of any kind.

      The only thing I've seen was Kirabi and Raikage charging at one another. That isn't keeping up with someone.

      If you want an example of a character keeping up with another character, then let me know.
    30. Amari
      Well, to make this short, sweet and to the point, I'd like to stomp you in a few posts.

      The scan you've provided me of Gaara's Sand blocking the explosion, you are wrong. Again, Gaara's Sand intercepted the bomb, not the explosion itself. Read the scans again before you open your mouth.

      Scans of Kirabi keeping up and/or matching Raikage's speed, Minato and Naruto.

      Sasuke's speed is nowhere near Mach 5.8, what the hell are you talking about?

      Again, Kisame didn't react to shit, he absorbed Kirabi's chakra, that doesn't demonstrate reaction speed. Try again.

      I shouldn't even explain how the last claim you've made is just ridiculous.
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    Favorite Character(s):
    Kakuzu, Hidan, Sasori, tayuya, ino, madara, 3rd raikage, anko, temari, sumire, and Sarada.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: The ones with hidan and kakuzu
    Chapter: The ones with hidan and kakuzu


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