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Almesiva Moonshadow
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Oct 23, 2017
Apr 23, 2011
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Nov 30, 1994 (Age: 24)
Apedemak's FC ♚
(spreading joy, happiness and faggotry all around

Almesiva Moonshadow

Banned, 24, from Apedemak's FC ♚

Almesiva Moonshadow was last seen:
Oct 23, 2017
    1. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Happy New Year's. :occa

    2. Whirlpool
      Maturing sadly. :(
    3. Whirlpool
      I'm in a six-month relationship and I live on my own now.

      Can't remember my last hangover, don't drink much anymore.

      My life is shit.
    4. 8Apedemak8
      Yeah that's too bad:lmao
    5. 8Apedemak8
      Well I've been having some fun with Juubi at least:lmao
    6. 8Apedemak8
      Why helloo:LOS
    7. CuteJuubi
    8. CuteJuubi
      This is hilarious, you really think I am Ernie :lmao
      HAHAHA :lmao

      Enjoy! :yay
    9. CuteJuubi
      I never lied to you? Are you on drugs! :lmao
    10. CuteJuubi
      no but you are annoying by calling everyon ernie's dupe :giogio

      last warning before tears
    11. CuteJuubi
      yet here you are...

      i do not know what ernie has done to you, but don't blame me :giogio
    12. CuteJuubi
      You have issues, people already got banned by calling me Ernie's or Homestock's dupe... I warn you, stop doing it or I need to report you.
    13. CuteJuubi
      I don't understand the ironic comments so suddenly? :oh
    14. CuteJuubi
      Thank you for the rep, but just that you know, Ernie and I are currently 'not the best friends' :(
    15. 8Apedemak8
      Love your posts:lmao
    16. Freechoice
    17. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Really? : O Well, a lot of the stuff I watched as a kid I just can't watch now... :D: Still, I guess it's fine. A lot of animated stuff is truly quite crappy if you watch them when you're older. I never seen Conan tbph. Hey, watching bad movies now and then can be fun. I used to think about quality. But I think fun factor is more important now. :noworries Hey, Rush Hour is a funny movie. It might be my favorite movie. I'm not saying it's the best movie ever by any stretch, but it's the movie I can just pop in and watch anytime without being bored and being aware of what exactly is going on. True story: when I was younger, I thought the blonde Chinese dude was Juntao. I know he's Sang now though. XD

      Eh, I think it's not abnormal. Happens to me when I watch 2 Broke Girls. Caroline is really yummy to me. I think the real life Lawrence was far nicer than the one they portrayed on film. At least, that's what I remember reading. But what do you mean by dying in the first two minutes... : O Is the movie a series of flashbacks? :eek:

      Eh, it's a film meant for entertainment, not a documentary, so I'm fine with it. I didn't know what when I was a kid and thought most historical fiction movies were based on true events. So embarrassing. :haha And even most documentaries are biased. DX So never take anything you see on screen about historic subjects as 100 percent irrefutable fact is what I think is best.

      You like hugs too? ;o I'm a big fan of hug time. :hug
    18. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Pretty much. In a way, that's cool. You turn that hatred into love. :skysun On the other hand, the opposite is worse. Some things you love as a child don't hold up well. That love turns into indifference. That's worse. Rush Hour 2 was my favorite movie when I was younger. But it's only an average movie now that I saw it again not too long ago... :catcry Rush Hour is a great movie though and full of quotable lines. :yay

      Oh right. It's like 220 minutes or something, right? Maybe that's why I didn't like it. It was long and had lots of boring parts. I liked the match part. That's the only part I remember. The trick isn't that it doesn't hurt, it's that you don't care that it hurts. Kind of a douchey moment but he looked cool the entire time. :haha I thought Brad Pitt was pretty cool as Achilles. : O The movie was far too different from the Iliad (a great piece of literature all should read :>) but I think the actors did a nice job overall. I don't think there was anyone who I thought was just awful. But I remember the Director's Cut and not the theatrical version though. : O I do remember liking the theatrical version when I saw it around 2005. Ah, that's alright. Younger people can't be expected to know which movies are historical or not. I think I knew it was based on history but I did some research beforehand. I usually research movies before I watch them. :lmao I think it's alright though. O'Toole did a good job. I mean, actors don't have to be mirror images of the historical characters they portrayed. For example, I watched this adaptation of a classical Chinese novel a while back. There was no way they could actually get someone who was really Lu Junyi's described height. He was almost 10 feet tall in the novel. :haha

      I see. Well, I guess it's not important now. But at the very least, it didn't seem to be a negative moment between us. :catblush
    19. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I have. I didn't like it actually. I was really young though. I didn't like Godfather when I was younger either. Or Lord of the Rings either. :lmao Plan to watch the entire extended versions of the entire original trilogy soon though. I think I'll like LOTR now. :catblush

      Maybe I'll watch it again. But uh, I don't think it'll happen anytime soon though. :I You should watch Troy Director's Cut. Far better than the theatrical version. :yay His role as Priam was quite nice. :> I heard O'Toole was actually considered too tall to play T.E. Lawrence who is far shorter... : O He's like Sean Connery who was considered too tall to be James Bond. :haha

      What did you thank me for in the past...? : O
    20. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Peter O'Toole as Lawrence of Arabia. : O

      I know him mostly as King Priam. :catblush
    21. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      Well when do you want him to do it ? :nod
    22. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      Oh hey there love :LOS
    23. Zsönk
      that happened to me today
    24. Zsönk
      hello how's it hanging m'lady
    25. I Am Who I Am
      I Am Who I Am
      Hungarians fought well in Romanda Gypsy land 2 days ago! :brolmes

      Nazi scum! :brolmes
    26. I Am Who I Am
      I Am Who I Am
      You don't hate me so you are just lying! :brolmes
    27. I Am Who I Am
      I Am Who I Am

      I am really interesting in NF's opinion here, please comment and let me know! :hmm It's for an investigation. :brolmes
    28. Tatijana Moonchan
    29. Zsönk
      *yawn* .
    30. Bravecock
      Don't ask here. Ask in thread. Pagan.
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    Nov 30, 1994 (Age: 24)
    Apedemak's FC ♚
    (spreading joy, happiness and faggotry all around
    Favorite Character(s):
    (the entire Uchiha clan)
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    (any with the Uchiha appearing in it)
    (the self-proclaimed queen of the HOU convo)

    (reading, writing, drawing and high\medieval fantasy)


    ~"All men dream, but not equally.
    Those who dream by night in the dusty
    recesses of their minds, wake in the day to
    find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of
    the day are dangerous men, for they may
    act on their dreams with open eyes,
    to make them possible. This I did."~


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