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May 31, 2014
Jan 6, 2007
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Brooklyn, New York
Ballin, bitch, catch me! Oh & G. Writin for Lupe ;


Banned, from Brooklyn, New York

AlphaReaver was last seen:
May 31, 2014
    1. butcher50
      The Man with 3 Cocks !
      1. NW likes this.
    2. Kronin
      Like always you made really interesting thoughts about, thanks for your detailed answer! Effectively now I also think that the Kyuubi Chakra Mode could be a candidate for the mysterious jutsu; I have to say that I continue to consider strange that Naruto, knowing what is the jutsu, has not made ​​any reference to it, but maybe this will happen when Minato will give him the last part of Kyuubi's chakra.

      A point in favor of your theory is that the Kyuubi Chakra mode seems really also graphically needs to be completed (the seal in Naruto and Minato when in KCM are exactly the opposite) :)
    3. Amanda
      Nah, sometimes the haters' tears and moaning are entertaining, like it was after 637... enjoyed that to the fullest! But sometimes... I just can't stand stupid people, and NF is truly giving its best atm. It's like yelling at a broken machine, at some point you snap out of it and realize you're talking to something that can't even speak, and that there's better things to waste your time to. :grin
    4. Kronin
      Hi AlphaReaver :)

      About the discussion of what could be "that jutsu" I've read your posts in Dragon Sage Ash: but don't you think that if the Kyuubi Chakra Mode was "that jutsu", like I said then Kishimoto would have explicited shown with some flashback panels, a correlation between the words of Jiraya and Gerotora with the jutsu used by Naruto, sign that they were talking just about it?

      In addition Kyuubi Chakra Mode don't seems me properly a jutsu (also if I know that the Sage mode is defined by the databook like a jutsu).
    5. Amanda
      I have deep respect to all you old Tobi/Obito fans who stuck to him through the years. I'm a very green Naruto fan myself; infact it was the internet turmoil risen by the Tobito reveal that got me interested. Obito was the immediate favorite.

      No, I don't own the Obito FC - though the owner is very inactive and just recently we discussed about the possibility of an owner change; my name was then brought up too. But we still run with the old owner.

      Anyway, the FC is very active, and kind of a safe haven for us. I made the mistake of setting foot in Telegrams yesterday, and let's just say the air reeked so bad it won't happen again for a while...
    6. Amanda
      Great post in the Telegrams, you speak the truth, and made the low minded posts of the haters (pedophilia! sad obsession!) look exactly like the trash they are. We wouldn't mind if you occasionally joined us in the Obito FC, too.
    7. CuteJuubi
      Super Theory:
      http://[Blocked Domain]/forums/showthread.php?t=333535
      http://[Blocked Domain]/forums/showthread.php?t=372819
      http://[Blocked Domain]/forums/showthread.php?t=411230
    8. CuteJuubi
      Read my reply:
    9. Ernie
      Join and 5 stars please! :gun :maybe
    10. Ernie
      You noticed in the Telegrams already probably, since I trolled all haters with my army. :LOS :rotfl
    11. Ernie
      Sup bro? I am back :LOS
    12. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      Yeah yeah but America Gangster was better.
    13. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      Yeah I got the album when it was released. Some pretty nice tracks on it
    14. Ernie
      Manga needs more Teuchi! :datass
    15. Freechoice
      Let's fight to the death.
    16. Freechoice
      If you like my post, throw me some green!

    17. Algol
      Ha, your Faildara sense keeps living on hhaha.
    18. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
    19. StuckInADaze
      Fuck Lupe it's all about GBE 3hunna lol
    20. StuckInADaze
      Ugh that shit makes me sick. Rocafella was the shit back in the day I rocked with damn near everybody on the label. Hov used to be my favorite rapper but I can't fuck with his new shit at all, he became a completely different person. Hov for me is Reasonable Doubt-Black Album, everything after that is some new ^ (use bro) that I don't fuck with.
    21. Csdabest
      Word. So are you SakuraxSasuke or sakuraxnaruto my homie-dizzle?
    22. Csdabest
      Alright Curtis Jackson. What ever you say.
    23. StuckInADaze
      Lmao nah he not the goat but he deadass my favorite rapper ever, it's probably just a Harlem ^ (use bro) thing tho lol. His old shit was fire, SDE is a classic.
    24. StuckInADaze
      I came at him cause he's a lame that's always crying like a hoe and you trippin, Cam is the GOAT lol
    25. Halloween Fanatic
      Halloween Fanatic
      Thanks for the rep.:beer:grin
    26. galvao18
      whatever the case, i'm certain kubo will deliver :gar
    27. galvao18
      Thats one guy i just cant read no matter what, no ideia whats going on his head
    28. galvao18
      Its not far fetched at all, i can see something like this happening...

      EDIT: Thanks for the reps once again :amuse
    29. galvao18
      ohhhh, now i see it :pimp
    30. galvao18
      i dont really understood the rep you gave me, but thanks :datass
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    Brooklyn, New York
    Ballin, bitch, catch me! Oh & G. Writin for Lupe ;
    Favorite Character(s):
    Bijuus & Su
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    Da ones where Naruto uses his Kyuubi to fuck shit up. Dat Cloak & Dat Clone. 8) Good Game
    I'm from the city where they spit best, best city in the whole wide wide world! :)

    ^ (use bro) I'm Gonna Be The Greatest Rapper Of All Time!


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