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May 31, 2014
Jan 6, 2007
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Brooklyn, New York
Ballin, bitch, catch me! Oh & G. Writin for Lupe ;


Banned, from Brooklyn, New York

AlphaReaver was last seen:
May 31, 2014
    1. Naruto
      I'm not chastising you, I'm telling you not to break the rules of conduct that everyone agrees to follow when they register in the website. That you believe because you got away with it so far makes it okay not my problem, and that you think arguing with me will somehow change anything is not an idea I'm willing to entertain.

      Listen dude, I handed you the warning. If you want to ignore it, it's up to you. Next time it will end in a one day ban, with subsequent bans scaling in length.
    2. Naruto
      I'm going to go ahead and tell you I didn't read all that.

      If your justification for not changing is "I've always been this way" then I guess you better hope nobody else reports you in the future.
    3. Lucaniel
      'U Mad Bro?'

    4. Naruto
      Stop calling fellow members "retards".

      This is the only warning you get.
    5. Ricky Sen
      Ricky Sen
      Danke for the rep hombre
    6. Shadow050
      thanks for the rep mang!
    7. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Ok. Personally, i don't believe Kishi had planned that far ahead.
    8. Shadow050
      lol yup... he's been on some major trolling shit...

      with Kubo, I knew Byakuya was still alive lol. ppl were like "he's done" and i was telling them... nope. cuz he actually matters and actually gets treated well more often than not.

      if neji held the same standing in the manga, i'd have more faith, but kishi has made his stance on neji and hyuuga quite clear. he doesn't really give a shit.

      the "shit" that he does give, is to keep them out more often than not, so that shit is interesting.

      just look at some of the answers the hyuuga gave juubi... NEji and Hiashi kaiten'd a "tail" away...

      hiashi kuusho'd one as well...

      yeah, hiashi and neji are top of the food chain within the hyuuga, but this is still some crazy shit that they did... lesser members still can do a lot against other characters, at least unnamed ones (you know being named gives you extra power/strength lol).

      but with their abilities things could get really boring.

      i understand that, but nevertheless, the way kishi handles them is like.. :geg... to me lol.

      if that wasn't bad enough, he tops it off with killing the prodigy of the clan :geg -> :argh

      and does so in a nonsensically shitty circumstances :argh -> :arg

      i'm like... Naruto is THAT tired becuz of sage mode!?!?!?
      *remembers naruto vs deva realm shenanigans*
      :yell GTFOH!!

      Hinata gonna some giant spikes with her body, and do so while about a foot from Naruto?
      :zaru no way will it pierce her and still hit him...

      lol, that whole scenario is ridiculous lol.

      the few things i can feel good about:
      -Neji still didn't lose a fight, as he aspired to do after fighting naruto
      -neji still has never been cleanly "hit" by an attack he could see coming (and that he didn't willingly get "hit" by)
      -it should be much harder to shit on him while he's dead.... and he might actually look stronger/cooler in death lol (happened with jiraiya and itachi at least...)
    9. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      I hope Oro gets some spotlight like that but Kishi has dissed him bad before.
    10. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep in turn, and agreed, Orochimaru with Sasuke's body would shit on the Uchiha "geniuses".:pek
    11. Shadow050
      son... I can't believe kishi did me so dirty... i'm hurt man.

      that was some bullshit mang...
    12. Talis
      hey spam neg that Yuna tard until he changed his sign into Tobito, remember his bet thread?
    13. Talis
      yes i did a name change. :hurr
      That was TheBasedGod speakin- Lil B
      Wow Lil B is posting on your page! Very rare must collect- Lil B
    16. Algol
      What happened to your "Greatness" thread in the telegrams for this chapter? I'm finally able to rep you again (the whole "gotta srpead more rep around before you rep Alpha again blah blah blah" haha) and I wanted to find your Greatness post to rep... but I can't anymore.
    17. Ninian
      For some reason, your insightful post, gave me a great idea for a theory. Just thought I thank you for it.
    18. Dolohov27
      Thanks for the rep, add me to your friendlist so we keep styling on Uchihatards lol.
    19. Kaim
      Ahaha ^ (use bro) i KNOOOWWW you aint talkin LOL. You the type of ^ (use bro) that still wear du rags in public ahaha. Check out that 4x plain color tee you still wear like its still fuckin in AHAHAHA. ^ (use bro) u are THE lamest haha probably take pics smokin loud to gettin low end bitches.... Come on Midget Mack you aint tryna go
    20. Sorin
      Madara is so kewl and boss for dropping some rocks. *proceeds to suck Hashirama's cock* Madara is omfg powerful. *pants dropped waiting for some Hashirama juice*

      Yeah, the Naruto w/o Kurama argument never gets old. And they are "fans" of the asspull clan. Which brings me back to my last post with the double standards. Them calling other people on this shit is the exact definition of double standard and hypocrisy.

      I've put some of these scrubs on ignore. I don't have the patience to read all the bull and stupidity anymore. Left some visible just for laughs. :hoho
    21. Sorin
      No problem bro. :brofist

      Agreed on all accounts. Bitches cry double standards but they don't see theirs.
    22. Kyu
      Finally back online.:psyduck

      Dunno prolly check the FC directory later.

      Sad Nardo is still a genin then again if someone tries to pull rank on my kid they either get bitchslapped by a chakra arm or their brains scrambled by a rasengan. Their choice.:distracted

      DC>25 MC canon.http://imageftw.com/uploads/20121125/blindminato.png
    23. NW
      Revenge negging... :apathy

      I just made it to Ascendant too. :cry
    24. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
      Btw it's a pleasure to give you rep!I really like your theories!
    25. Kyu

      The strongest clone that has ever lived has nothing to fear.:winny Datclone also made Temari cream her panties when he busted out FRS.:LOS

      DC needs his own Fanclub he's accomplished alot this arc.:noworries
    26. Kyu
      Datclone taking out Madara's mokuton was extremely impressive not surprised he got some recognition. Hell DatClone's mere presence was the cause of well over half of Konoha's female population getting wet. Kinda scary to think how they'd react if DC wasn't hundreds of miles away from the village.:datass

      Mads gets a boot to da face courtesy of Datclone's clone.:del
    27. Kyu

      Yea Mads might find something in common with Sakura lol. As long as that smug grin is wiped off that cunt's mug I'm satisfied. If it shuts Madara's fanfaggots up for a while heh then that's just a bonus.
    28. Kyu
      An ass.:maybe

      Seriously though I don't despise him as much as I use to. I find his obsession with Hashirama amusing. Was hoping Juubi bitchslaps the little fucker with his tail but meh.:distracted
    29. Kyu
      Nothing much was lurking the KL & saw some your posts on Naruto. Glad the section has quality Naruto(and datclone) fans like yourself.:noworries
    30. SacredX
      Sorry about that, forgot that thread was moved out of the telegrams. I won't revenge neg if it ruined a bit for you.
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    Brooklyn, New York
    Ballin, bitch, catch me! Oh & G. Writin for Lupe ;
    Favorite Character(s):
    Bijuus & Su
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Da ones where Naruto uses his Kyuubi to fuck shit up. Dat Cloak & Dat Clone. 8) Good Game
    I'm from the city where they spit best, best city in the whole wide wide world! :)

    ^ (use bro) I'm Gonna Be The Greatest Rapper Of All Time!


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