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May 31, 2014
Jan 6, 2007
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Banned, from Brooklyn, New York

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May 31, 2014
    1. AlphaReaver
      How you know that??
    2. NW
      But he still wouldn't be the long haired guy because he appeared after Madara died. So it was Obito.
    3. NW
      I didn't understand what you meant by that. Clarify please.
    4. NW
      So how was he able to be LHG is all of LHG's scenes were long after he had died?
    5. Brigade
      That's interesting, I'm gonna have to re-read that/those chapters. Could be, but I'm convinced that's all it was just a simple henge, and since Enma's gone forever I doubt anything else'll be revealed about him. It might not even be a sword and is just a weird ass shark that adapted to living off chakra on land to survive.

      I know that but I was talking about the 3 man team parallel as opposed to the 1 to 1 version of that. But instead we get Sakura in the kitchen :maybe.

      He's gonna swoop right in and protect the ho. I think he will too, there's no way he gon go back to being sprung off Sakura anymore(inb4Sakura becomes the FV for getting friendzoned). Naw what I meant by that was that Kishi used Neji to shape how the manga would turn out with the whole "you can't change your destiny" sum like what you had said prior. I always thought Lee was the strongest genin at that time. Truly was.

      Kishi was listening lol.

      Hate is for the birds, NF squawkin 97% of the time.

      I won't lie when that first episode came on Cartoon Network and they explained that lil ass bit of backstory I was like "YO THE 4TH IS THE SHIT!!!!!". That just goes to show he was on a whole other level then current Konoha shinobi I'm not saying the war would already be over if he was alive, but they'd be a lot closer to winning lol because I still see Naruto ending up partially losing for some reason. It's wild the let that in the game lmfao!!!

      Tobi learned everything from Madara's genjutsu school though lol, so he technically was there(even if it was a projection). 2 niggas and their ride or dies.

      His stamina would be much higher if he wasn't sick though so idk if his supply would take that much of a hit since he used it like he was breathing. I didn't like it either since it made Sasuke look like shit but :Itachi:blinditachi. What I fail to understand is if breaking Kabuto's ET still affected Itachi after he broke the seal thru Kotocrow...why couldn't kabuto just unsummon him? that shit made absolutely no sense. If he was still under his power then he could have done whatever to him. Just a terrible fight in hindsight.

      I don't think J-man is even dead. I think he got saved last minute, but I agree he should be brought back. I don't care if his death was honorable cuz Oro kept getting trollkilled but comes back endlessly. I don't really care for Tsunade lol but it would be iight if all 3 reunited on the living side once more. On the Hokage side I'm predicting those same deaths, but I doubt Kakashi will die.

      When the manga ends I hope he does some alternate reality shit where they're all teamed up for real lmao because that's hilarious as fuck. :rotfl

      Dragonus Nesha solos

      Yeah it was right around that time I think. I can't remember either, but I remember the Library was beautiful back then. Edit threads that were funny, real theories instead of rehashed bullshit. I'm waiting on someone to bring back the tengu uchiha theory all over again like they came up with it.

      I saw those threads and it's lightweight depressing. They gon get this work, once shit gets organized. Lol I was never protobito but I accepted it for what it was when I found out I was wrong(I was on the Tobizuna side of things) and tried to see how it would work out. I think it's sad it's sad watching niggas switch up their statements to support some shit they weren't on. Obito's storytelling potential is high even though his motive is type weak "Rin" :giogio.

      I hated Pre-BM but BM itself is the shit. Lol forreal he did do that... YOOO. We're gonna see his Final Getsuga Tensho soon lmao.
    6. NW
      So that overcomes the fact that he killed himself?
    7. NW
      Still think LHG is Madara? If so, I look forward to your explanation this time. :maybe
    8. Brigade
      I def have to play that then.

      Oh shit, I thought that was just the water itself stealing the chakra lol. Who ever made them things had to be a badass just for coming up with weapons like that. I wouldn?t say Enma was similar since all he really did was transform it was just weird that he was hard as diamond (pause).

      I wonder what would happen if it did become the standard. If one of them ended up evil after the story ended it would fuck up the entire ninja world again. It would be funny to see shit repeat itself. Sakura has always been that one person in the manga I never paid attention to after the other 2 jumped tiers like they were playing double dutch. I really thought there was gonna be an everlasting Sannin parallel, but that got thrown out when it became about the parallel of Brother V Brother.

      Sakura ain?t gettin no shine ever, now she?s the type of girl that knocks on your door after she got turned down by your boy, and you turn her down cuz she?s triflin as hell and now she wants to cry about it. Lee could do better than her, real talk lol. Naruto needs to acknowledge and reciprocate Hinata?s feelings forreal because it really makes sense in the end. Neji?s concept of destiny really did shape the manga; too bad not many readers picked up on that.

      Manga already proved us wrong with Madara unlocking the moon to get the body lol. The one thing about it is that it still has power to operate even after RS took all its chakra.

      It?s true, niggas act like their literary scholars about shit they couldn?t do. I know it?s a critic?s job to be critical about things but some of those people really make me wonder why they still even read the shit if it?s so bad. I don?t care if I spent 20 years reading some shit if it turns into garbage ima charge it to the game, drop that shit, keep on pushing and read something else. People are gottdamn retarded.

      There was a time when I legit hated Minato because of his fan base, but I learned to separate the wank from the real shit and started respecting the character for what he is, a gottdamn beast. Lol yo I laughed hard as shit but idk the new Pok?mon like that so I?ll take your word for it.

      A lot of it too.

      Exactly my point. Tobi said it she was there lol.

      Yeah he did, but it would have been crow clones that took the hits if he was alive. I don?t think he was caught off guard once in that fight. He just didn?t care enough to defend or use clones since he?d just regen. Healthy EMS Itachi? Totsuka GG.
      She should have but she had ?duties? and all that bullshit. It was just set up for him to die, even though he could have had a detail of strong ass ninja stashed away in a toad just in case. It?s whatever though at least he died like a dignified warrior. A lot of people say the A>B<C>A shit doesn?t work with this manga but it?s been proven time and time again that certain ninja will fair terribly against someone no matter how powerful they are.
      So much peace, I think other villages that weren?t down with that would have formed their own teams of OP characters just to fight them for some entertainment. Imagine the lack of work other villages would be experiencing if Konoha had the one team that was pretty much omnipotent.

      Threads stay getting derailed for no reason. A thread is about Shikamaru and someone has to bring up Itachi, and even though he?s one of my favs I can?t be down with all the oversaturation the character gets. It?s all semantics, ad hominems, and just plain bullshit. That?s true too, the moment someone finally says something with some thought behind it, it gets drowned underneath 97 posts of ?my character is better than yours?. Fuck that shit.

      This is the truest discussion on this forum since 09 lmao. I?m confident in a few of these thoughts as well. Make a fire as thread that?ll spark the forums for week?s lol. Yo people will try to say ?I?ve been thinking this ever since *insert time period here*? knowing damn well they have nothing inside of their heads besides apple sauce. I used to think he?d actually become Kyuubi like a normal jin, but he?d have a chakra specific form that would have nothing to do with bijuu chakra for the whole RS parallel to play out lol. It happened, but it involved Kurama.
    9. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
    10. Brigade
      He needs that B12 and Zinc. Thats all true about Kabuto, and it's type sad lmao.

      I really should, I know some people with all the games so I'ma hit'em up for their shit. I did peep that shit. Exactly, I never really believed he was about "peace through force" that's that bullshit. ^ (use bro) is all about force.

      That's true, I just hope he gives a good fight like Seph did at the end though (maybe even better). Yeah I think we deserve a little more back story on his activities and what was really going down in the shadows of the clan. It would make things a lot easier.

      It's pretty weird though that it's the only alive weapon with those capabilities. It has got to be related to someone RS or one of his sons because there can't be anyone that could create of seal such an ability into things like that. Yo, he can steal chakra without it too? gottdamn. It could work like that assuming the methods were similar. Someone sealed a portion of their chakra into the weapon like Gaara's mom did for him.

      They'd probably fuck around and end up having Rinnegan kids since both of their clans genes are freakishly dominant. Sakura would kill herself before she tried to function with Lee lmao.

      Yo I wanna know that too. If they(the bijuu and the brothers) were all created together they had to grow up together so I'm looking forward to that too.

      It would be quite the twist if RS really did make the moon but didn't really seal it in there but instead tossed the shit in the ocean, and used the moon to keep it there(gravity/tides and all that bullshit) and lied about it being in the moon. I'm only saying that because it wouldn't be the first time someones "history" was inaccurate.

      I remember reading a theory that said maybe GM came out of Hashi when he died or something, but that's kind of stupid considering Konoha would have taken possession of it if that was the case. That shit be on a beach drinkin Mai Tais and whippin towels at bitches.

      As do I. I can't understand why people just don't get that, and want to bash dude like he's some incompetent intern, its whatever though.

      Yeah I get what you mean about that. I'm not a Minato fan per say but one has to admit that his arsenal was impressive, so was his ability to decipher what a jutsu was and know their drawbacks nigh-instantly. That's worthy of respect, but wankers make it very impossible to take the character seriously when his own fans don't with all that extra "He can be everywhere at the same time" shit. I agree he was sorta like RS though.

      "KISHI WTF YOU'RE RUINING YOUR MANGA" and those niggas don't even pay for a goddamn thing.

      It was but you gotta assume that Hashi had some respect/friendship with for & with Madara respectively. Especially since the theme of the manga is all about that shit. Hashi had Mito, etc back him :maybe

      That's just how I see that tier. Kishi hyped those older generation ninja up to monstrous levels for a reason so they should be all be on the same tier directly under the tier of the real top of the top(RS).

      If Itachi wasn't sick he'd be the main character, real talk because he's probably one of the best characters in the manga besides Minato and a few others. His Edo version might have had that infinite chakra but it was a slight glimpse at a unrestricted healthy Itachi. It was beautiful lol (not to mention he made Sasuke look like a noob).

      I try to do the same thing. I can't be catching feeling and stiffing a characters true power because I don't like them, that's bullshit and should have no place in tier lists. Word we should. True. Jiraiya v Pain was probably the most heart-wrenching shit I ever seen, because he was such a good damn character :cry. He should have had more backup hidden somewhere.

      Quality over Quantity, or in this case Quality over Brawn.

      Jiraiya would be poppin bottles if that team was canon, both him and the great sage toad. They'd be all "Yo these ^ (use bro)'s fodderized a country of villains, son they wylin!!!" J-man and all the bitches of Konoha. Jiraiya Presents: "Toady-Style" lmao

      Yo exactly, that's what's missing on these forums. Cat's can't acknowledge that a character is good while still pulling laughs off them. It's like they get so blinded off of their own fandoms. It's retarded.

      You're welcome, and Thank you as well. It's been a while since I've had an in-depth conversation about this manga and it's content. These theories will more or less become fact(hoping on it) as time goes on. and I'll laugh hard as shit if that happens.
    11. Kronin
      Thanks for the rep mate :)
    12. Brigade
      That potent Uchiha chakra does wonders. I don't know what's up with that lightweight but maybe once he wakes up from sleeping he'll be better off lol. Kabuto might be smart, but he's one of those smart dumb niggas. He'd do more than just snap his neck. He?d make ham hocks outta snakeboy.

      The last MG game I played was sons of liberty, and I honestly can't remember anything. I understand the AC parallels though.

      Itachi could have been genetically altered before he was born. ^ (use bro) might be a test tube baby created with Senju DNA (Itachi Senior: http://images.wikia.com/naruto/image...ving_clone.png) and Uchiha DNA. He could have been imperfect/his body couldn't handle the power he had inside, and that's why he got sick and died the way he did. Because he was perfectly healthy at 13 and if I remember my reading correctly, don't the Big Boss clones have a limited/sped up lifetime because of their genome breaking down or something? Sasuke would end up being the successful experiment, and that's why everyone wants him, but that would fuck the manga up though and turn it into some steampunky ninja sci-fi type of thing.

      I wouldn't want those niggas around in the real world; real talk there's enough niggas out here that don't care about the lives of others lol. Yo tbh I never looked at it like that. Now that I think about it really does look like that. I have no doubt that Juugo clan are part of the RS bloodlines, ever since Kabuto said that he was the closest thing to being a Rikudo(even without the Rinnegan) while he could passively absorb that natural shit. Samehada is probably a lost weapon of Rikudo or one of his sons that wasn't documented as well as the others, but it would interesting to learn more about it and the others if not in the manga maybe in the final set of databooks(that's gonna be a big ass book).

      Yeah I recall people saying that she might be, I don't see it but it?s possible. Even if they were beefin with the village, they built half the shit, and not a single one saw the position of hokage. Shit would have been much better if the government alternated between the two every 1 or 2 years just to keep balance (talking about after Madara left). Senju were wild greedy with the power, when they should have considered sharing to prevent another fight for it. The Uchiha did deserve it getting massacred for planning a coup, but the Senju were wrong from the get go so the coup is kind of understandable. That's just how I see it. I do agree with the fact that they should have left though. I really hope Sasuke stops being an overly emo kid his Hebi days were the best in the manga before he went all Taka. Whatever he is now seemed closer to his original self-minus the excess "I'm going to kill Itachi/Destroy" angst.

      It's not just that he better; he has to niggas need to see how the feud kicked off. The back story of the bijuu really was terrible, because nothing deserves that kind of life. It's a good thing they had Jesusuto guide them back down the path of good. I wonder if that'll have any effect once their reunited together. If 8 (Shukaku was a bitch) are good putting them together should produce a mellower Juubi even if it?s a tiny bit malicious, especially since Rikudo was expecting/hoping they'd come together again.

      Perhaps, but I doubt we'll get all that information in depth from the manga. That connection might be revealed in a databook or something. GM could be the juubi body but how did Madara get it if that's the truth? tbh I think it's tied to the Rinnegan as a personal summon since he did want someone to reunite the bijuu and help it or better yet its pieces become "good". It probably goes into the outer path dimension (if that exists). I remember doing some reading about it, and that's where all the depraved shit goes. That could explain its name as it is now. That soul chain connection is very good and it makes perfect sense.

      That thought right there would shut down all the people screaming "plot hole" and "asspull" every week knowing damn well they're reading fiction, and all fictitious shit has some sort of "pull this from thin air" aspect to it. Should Hiraishin and the rods have any connection that truly means that ^ (use bro) Kishi knew what he was doing from Jump Street (like I think he has). Minato wasn't just TV compared to radio. He was High Definition Dish especially because of how versatile and advance his transmission method was. Orochimaru brings a lot of shit to light subtly. Maybe the rods are solid seals lol.

      That's true they rebound the potent chakra to make up for the lack of having large amounts of it even though all the top dog Uchiha are currently chakra monsters lol. I guess he's stingy with his shit, and doesn't want to have to actually focus on pumping his Chakra into the chains like Kushina. The revelation of his family (even though it should be obvious I?m hoping) will crash all the forums.

      Ion't like none of'em. People who were never around are all on these niggas dicks talmbout "omg they're the strongest" and they go about it so stupidly without putting any thought into shit. It's also annoying when people twist manga shit to fit an agenda, but that's how the world works I guess. The fans are cool, I am one, but the wankers are terrible and they need their own section. It gets tiring seeing "______ solos ________"(even if I agree sometimes). Neither can I but going toe to toe with someone who was stronger than the current kage (apparently even though the manga contradicts it with the whole "the new beats the old" shit) he had to be able to do something similar. The Susanoo strain does matter, but judging from Sasuke once you're used to it, it's like breathing in your sleep.

      I get what you're saying, but I still can't help but see them as equals. The VotE monuments speak for themselves that there was a respect of power there. Even though subsequent generations erased some parts of history (which kind of shows a lil bit more evil peeking though in the Senju, it was probably Tobirama).

      I like that tier bracket mine would be like this:

      BMlvl -
      HiruzenPrime, Hashi, EMS Madara, Naruto, Minato Nagato

      KCMlvl -
      EMS Sasuke (close to BMlvl but he has a lack of experience with his new eyes/hasn't mastered all of his powers fully yet), Edo Itachi, Obito

      Your SM Naruto tier I agree with.

      I agree those two would cause some trouble.

      "Team Chosen One" lmao!!.

      Lolol everyone deserves to have their opinions respected. So I respect your views on his character.

      No problem, good sir. That's always a good place for things to come from. Better that than the ass like most posters.
    13. Brigade
      They ain't got shit on the real deal though that's the disappointing part I think Madara is the closest in showing off Hashi's abilities to the maximum. Kabuto was a dumb ass for that, but he probably avoided it because it might've killed him or something.

      That makes sense. It's either genetic memory or research into the Uchiha's powers after seeing it. Because there's no way he had unblocked access to it in part 1. and never revealed it. and AC is the shit.

      For Itachi I'd rather see him as an unspliced Uchiha, it would damage him character-wise if he wasn't imo, lol Kimi was feenin to serve Oro however he could. Those people could have been exterminating clans, and collecting DNA just to further their goals I don't doubt that at all. I think Kishi gave Juugo and his clan a terrible ability, nature enhanced strength at the cost of sanity is stupid, I'm finally not the only one that thinks he's related to RS that's wassup. :LOS

      I don't know either, but either guess is valid taking what we know into account until proven otherwise. The way the ninja world has been shown to want to retrieve enemy bodies and learn secrets from them I wouldn't doubt eugenics in the slightest. Some of them do marry for love and all that good shit, but there are a lot of ninja that seem to marry or have kids purely to create some sort of super ninja like Fugaku and Mikoto their kids were insanely strong and in the panels they were in I never got the feeling that he cared for her all that much besides whats normal for when you know someone for a long time(if they did have love for each other and I'm wrong, my memory might be a little foggy). Them getting traded around could have been controlled by the clans themselves because really who is stopping them if they want to go somewhere they aren't invested in? I understand the Uchiha staying in Konoha instead of building their own shit, because they did help build the village in the first place. It's a shame what happened to them tbh. It would be so funny if Kishi reveals nothing about them besides names in a minor flashback of them chillin before they fight. Considering the effects it had on the world, being the progenitor of chakra and all that stuff I wouldn't doubt that either. A Geiger counter would blow up around that thing.

      I don't have any theories about where they come from yet, but I would find it interesting if they existed in Obito's dimension. That would further tie the Dojutsu together the only difference would be that with the Rinnegan you can't directly go to it(maybe you can and the wielders so far never tried or they aren't strong enough to use that aspect and only bring those rods from there.(well I think I just developed a theory :lmao) I thought Naruto's use of them to be suspect too, maybe if natural energy is applied to them they respond to it exactly as if it was receiving chakra from a Rinnegan user.

      ^ (use bro) I want to know where he got the chains from in the first place he didn't have them before and I don't think he was even around to copy them if that's even possible. How ever he got those it's weird as fuck. Her seal used spikes and chains but they(the spikes) weren't black if they were I'd have some understanding of what Obito did. Like maybe son tried to use seal Hachibi. I'm waiting on an explaination too.

      I hate when people do that shit like they were in on shit, when they were stumped.

      I was just asking how you felt about them period. Obito during his "I'm Madara" acid trip, and Madara himself from what we know.(and you already answered all that lol).

      I fucks with the way you look at the character, But seeing how I'm sort of biased, not to the extent of the tards because I can still see flaws without hyping up a character nonsensically while trying to hand him feats that he wouldn't be capable of back in his natural prime(I think he could have pulled off the 25 susanoo but with shadow clones instead since the principal is similar). That shit sickens me to no end. I feel like smacking the shit outta some niggas sometimes. I believe Hashi and Madara were equals but Hashi just got the better of Madara in their last fight(they did fight something like a couple million times before that, and I doubt the win/loss wasn't an equal ratio sort of like Kakashi and Gai except a lot cooler and full of hax bullshit).

      I think if time travel was possible in their world and you brought those two in their natural states while their bloodlusted they could take out 95-98% of the verse aside from the current top tiers, together and maybe 80-90% solo before getting tired. Those niggas could reshape the globe. That's some Juubi shit right there.

      That team of yours though would be a problem no one is fuckin with that at all.

      His weapons are nice as hell. Kishi gave him all that power but won't let him go all out because he doesn't want anyone that has a name to die(permanently). Which is bullshit he absolutely should have ripped the kages heads off and stuffed them in their asses. Instead niggas get little leaks of blood, probably some broken bones, and other lacerations. Even if it was impressive of him to stomp 5 people by himself when the Kages almost stopped him until he took them a little more serious, fuck that whole part of the war.

      Lol that analogy was funny as fuck.
    14. Brigade
      Too bad Hashirama's powers didn't get passed down to any his descendants or appear in another person from his clan. A non-heroic Senju would have been the shit.

      True, it's all there, but experience makes the usage better overall. That rikudo blood could explain the whole Kakashi MS thing :maybe

      It makes sense but I don't think those two would let themselves get experimented on freely. Especially not if they were old enough to defend themselves if that happened.

      Kekkei Toutas to me were just modified ninjutsu that required you to quickly mold each element one after another, since I don't think there really isn't a familial connection between Muu and Oonoki like Oonoki and Kurotsuchi and she doesn't have it(yet). Double KG's could imply that KG's in general are dominant traits and if two people with them have a kid, that kid will have them both. Idk though, the science experiment theory is a lot more interesting tbh.

      Oh then we pretty much agree on that.

      I think that's a possibility too, and it's pretty much supported by the manga. It just needs to be shown firsthand.

      Most definitely this theory fits well even though there is a little bit of speculation every thing else is manga fact.

      I know you think that Tobi's version of Madara was a piece of shit(maybe both) but how do you feel about the real version?
    15. Brigade
      Hashirama the Wood Demon

      I had the same belief originally until seeing them used again with Madara. Maybe there will be a flashback sequence of some sort, but I think that all of the information regarding eye powers just gets downloaded to the users head at activation.
      When it comes to the black rods I think that they're physical manifestations of Juubi chakra. Because of how they can effectively restrain and control beings that utilize chakra whether they want to be controlled or not.

      I don't really believe in the equation because I still don't see what Senju have to do with getting upgraded eyes. I think It makes it happen much faster, but I don't think it's required at all. It wouldn't be the first time a Senju DNA requirement was proven wrong, ie: Izanagi was abused by damn near the whole clan and Senju DNA isn't required it just makes the jutsu better that's how I interpreted Itachi's words.

      That's actually an interesting way to look at it, and I pretty much agree with all of that. Although I think the Sharinnegan is exclusive to the Juubi jin, and only appears when he uses it's chakra.
    16. Brigade
      I remember saying something like that in a thread once. I don't remember what happened to it but it wouldn't be far-fetched to think that. True, but it would be funny if they(the people back then) didn't start calling him that until after he sealed Juubi. I agree it wasn't a sharingan.

      Sage mode makes sense since Kabuto felt he was the closest thing to Rikudo in terms of power, although he could have been feeling himself a lil bit too much. Definitely.

      Yeah Sharingan did sort of turn into some evil mage a.o.e type pf shit, but it's still my favorite of the 3 dojutsu. I still think both clans got a piece of that evil though
    17. Brigade
      I assume that's what'll happen too. I don't know how well it'll fit but it should make sense, even if it takes another 100 chapters to explain fully.

      When it comes to Rikudo, I think he was an Uzumaki that somehow gained the ability to feel/see/use chakra(another unknown dojutsu besides rinnegan that was unique to him or whatever hax shit kishi comes up with). He fought Juubi sealed it with the seals he created after his discovery of chakra, then his dojutsu mutated into the Rinnegan. That right there explains how the senju of Hashirama's time period are distant related, and Naruto's involvement in the whole feud.
    18. Brigade
      To be honest I'm not entirely sure myself. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to Madara's involvement in regards to certain things in this manga lol. However, I do think Danzo had a part to play in the whole mist thing too.
    19. Brigade
      In my opinion it's the only theory that made sense, before and after 605. Even if it wasn't him that was controlling Yagura personally and nothing but construct he brought to life and gave his secondary eye to (which would explain his missing left eye) He's most definitely involved in the mix somehow.
    20. Brigade
      No problem son.
    21. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep.:)
    22. vegeta2002
      Slight difference of opinion then. I think that the eyes came from the Juubi. Naruto's eyes change now when he goes Kyuubi.
    23. vegeta2002
      Thanks for the rep. You may have misunderstood me. Uzumaki's traits > Uchiha + Senju traits becuase Uzumaki traits defeated the Juubi.

      Without jinchuuriki ancestors you have to fight Juubi chakra with just your own chakra. That's what Rikudo did and that's Naruto's KG.
    24. oprisco
      Thanks dude. Either way, I'm responding to the rep. You are 100 percent right, especially with the first part. Couldn't agree more. I wonder if kishi is really that awaken though :hmm
    25. PikaCheeka
      Google translate and bing translate are your friends. :hurr
    26. PikaCheeka
      But there are clues to help your cause. :distracted
    27. Scizor
      Thanks for the rep.
    28. PikaCheeka

      It's half a dozen clues indicating how LHMM could be Madara.
    29. DraconianMithril
      I will. With reverence. :datass
    30. Belette
      I said this because you're too fast for me.
      I spend hours to type a proper post (english is not my first languague, you know).
      And then BAM! you answered to it in 10 or 15 minutes.
      And now I must do it again.
      You're going to kill me at this rate! :laugh
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