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Last Activity:
Dec 22, 2009
May 28, 2006
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No strong feelings whatsoever

Amaretti was last seen:
Dec 22, 2009
    1. Pilaf
      Hey, I was thinking the other day that it's not been the same as it used to be around here, and you're part of that. If you ever wanna come hang out at NF for a little while again, even I might be nice. Sort of.
    2. pounlork
      Hey Amaretti, big fan of your art work, are you ever going to come back?
    3. Suigetsu
      Hey Amaretti, why dont you make manga colorings no more?
      On top of that do you still color or make illustrations of some sort?
      You could consider me a fan of your works, just looking up at what your next work is lol.
    4. Buskuv
      WHERE U GO
    5. Klue
      Return to us, damn you. :cry
    6. Gustavolaw
      where are you amaretti-sama? :'(
    7. Hothien
      Last Activity: 12-22-2009 10:49 AM

      This makes me so sad.
    8. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Hello, hello. Hope lyfe is treating you well wherever you are. Take care. :maybe
    9. Jello Biafra
      Jello Biafra
      Amaretti, we miss you :(
    10. impersonal
    11. Pilaf
      Still miss you.
    12. Buskuv
      Somewhere a Polish gentleman is watching his goat porn, thinking of you.
    13. Circe
      i remember your biscotti obsession. :(
    14. Pilaf
      I miss you.
    15. Jαmes
      where are you? :(
    16. Outlandish
      Hey Amaretti, not seen you around in ages, not sure why i even thought about it but you were always a great mod in the cafe.

      You on temp or perm haitus ?
    17. Jαmes
    18. Drawk
      Hi amaretti, i am a big fan of your man, your paints is beautiful, i want someday paint like you, i dont speak english very good, because i'm brazilian =D, but i wish learn how you do this, i see your gallery and is great!.
      if it is possible to teach me, please reply to my e-mail drawk182@hotmail.com

      thank you for all
    19. Giilshark
      Hello Amaretti, although you do not paint more pictures of Naruto, I'm a big fan of your. : D
      I would follow you here.
    20. Bart
      Happy holidays, Amaretti :)
    21. Animeblue
      Hi there Amaretti I would like to ask you a question if you don't mind

      What to you think about the structure of Naruto as whole
    22. impersonal
      NF forums around me screamed.
      Flat, hairy, gorilla-shaped, in majestic grief,
      A woman passed, a moderator,
      Swinging, swaying her ample clothes;

      Agile and noble, legs of a statue.
      Me, I drank, tense like a marginal,
      In her eyes, pale skies sustaining storms,
      The fascinating sweetness and fatal pleasure.

      A lightning flash... Then night! -Fleeting beauty
      The contact of whose eyes gave me life,
      Will I see you no more before eternity?

      Elsewhere, far from here! Too late! Never maybe !
      For I know not where you fled, you know not where I go,
      O you whom I'd have loved, ? you who knew it !

      How are you, English country-ape?
    23. impersonal
      foreign body> I just hate talking about myself.

      Well, that makes it impossible for me to find the antibodies fitting your antigens.

    24. impersonal
      You're a very secret person, aren't you?
    25. Lezard Valeth
    26. impersonal
      Sorry about your aunt. And cousins. And myalgic encephalomyelitis (sounds cool though). And grandmother leukemia, grandfather dementia, housemarket crash, father, armpit-country life, alcoholics, landscape, old people, slow internet. (Woah).

      I assume the indigenous youth are amazed by the style and culture (and looks) of someone who lived in such a privileged bourgeois area... Or perhaps they only like women that look like themselves (what a shame that'd be, but what an opportunity for the rest of the world).

      But all that still leaves me curious about your current occupation: since you are rarely seen on NF, I assume you do not spend all of your days on the internet. And that's what I really wanted to know: how do you occupy yourself?

      I hope the intercousinal meeting went well. If they are now more accomplished, perhaps they could appreciate you better?
    27. Camille
      They're ridiculously cute, I must say :iria
    28. Camille
      What are them cute things in your sig? :ano
    29. Belgianrofl
      Those things in your signature, they look ridiculously fuzzy and adorable, yet I have no clue what they could be. Could you perhaps share what this wonderful fluff-balls are?
    30. impersonal
      You're sane as long as long as you can safely pretend that you are. That's how it works, right? The more you know about someone, the most likely you are to find out that he's a) boringly superficial or b) deeply troubled. You're not really insane as long as you're keeping yourself in control.

      Since the last time we spoke, I had to get emergency care, a date that worked out okay and another that didn't work out so well, I've met interesting lesbians and a friend I hadn't seen in 3 years. How about you?

      Let's get this chatting session going on, because I don't have Internet at my place, and the week end starts soon. You didn't quite answer the questions raised in my last message.
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